Our Purpose is to collect any Users manual, User Guides, Owner Manual, Service Manuals available in the net, and sharing with you with a little short review explanation. At this time, we are currently discussed and shared the UM/UG, GSG/QSG for tablet and mobile phone / smartphone only. I due to our lack of personnel in which we only able to focus in these subject only. The point on focusing the subject is for the deep elaboration and also got the best review with special images (we manually edited each image with GIMP Open Source Image Editor at this time) for you.

There are five 5 sections that we wrote on each of the post:

  • The Overview: This is an introduction for the tablet/phone that we gonna review. Sometime it also include the different or the relation between other devices series (same/different manufacturer). Usually, we added an image or a video on this section
  • Resume: This is the first “tab section” consist of short review / resume about the PDF User Manual or Quick Start Guide of the gadget. Usually we added a tutorial how to do master reset aka factory reset — one of the most useful and most wanted tutorial to be known — and also one image about the keys and part of the layout body of the device(s).
  • Specifications: This section consists more elaboration about the specification of the device. It’s including the processor, RAM, form factor, Operating System, camera, data networks technology, applications, and more
  • Contents: The PDF User Guide of the phone table of content can be found at here. We listed in short. Sometime we shortened the table of contents for the better.
  • PDF Download: As you can guess. It is the section in which you can download the User Guide of the gadgets. Sometime it’s available in multiple language and also provided the Quick Start Guide PDF too. We also added an image tutorial for getting started (sometime named as Let’s go chapter): Such as opening the back cover, how to charge and assemble the battery, or insert and remove the SIM / microSD card.

One big thing that you must know is that WE AREN’T AFFILIATE or HAD ANY CONNECTION with Smartphone or Tablet Vendor that we share and wrote it review of UG/GSG here. WE are not affiliate with Samsung, Apple, Acer, HTC, Nokia, LG, HP, Asus, Dell, RIM or others.

Update: We also included a rating and review for some of the User Manual in 5 scale stars point. This’s personal rating, means that the rating judgement base on our subjective point a view. You might had different opinion.

We hope that this would help you to find, read and get the latest download of the manual of your products. If you need any direct questions, please type a comment or contact us. You can also ask us thru our Facebook Fans Page‘s Messages or write on it’s Timeline.