Acer ICONIA Tab W500 W501 User Manual & Quick Start Guide

Tablet, Tablet and Tablet. That was the product that seems to be the “trending gadget” at this day. Almost every manufacturer / vendor of Gadget Device, take a pace to create and launch their Tablet Product with its Series. And this also happen at Acer. Acer already announced one of his Tablet Series called as Acer Iconia Tab W500/W501, and we wanna talk and share about its specs, looks and it’s User Manual. For connectivity the W500 only has Wi-Fi, and for W501 included with Wi-Fi plus 3G Data Networks Technology (has a SIM Card Slot)

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Manual User Guide Quick Start Keyboard Dock Specs Overview

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Manual User Guide Quick Start Keyboard Dock - Specs Overview

Acer Iconia Tab W500 powered with Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. Coming with Windows 7 would takes a difference steps to others Vendor Tablet that usually used Android Platform for Table: The Android 3.0 a.k.a Android Honeycomb. Samsung with it’s Galaxy Tab and also Motorola with it’s Xoom uses Android Honeycomb as its’ Tablet OS. Of course there is an advantage on using Windows 7, especially if the users is already familiar with Windows. They don’t need to learn how to use it again because they use to be skilled on working with Win 7. Although Iconia Tab A Series is using Android 3.0 (Read about this at here: Acer Iconia Tab A500/A501).

Acer ICONIA Tab W500 W501 User Manual Quick Start Guide Resume

The Keys Parts of Iconia Tab W500 by Acer below we provided in the term of “slim and resume”. That means we already made an adjusment therefore ti comes just like the picture that we shared below. In the real picture on PDF Manual of Acer Iconia Tab W500/501, you will find a deeper instruction and elaboration about the keys and parts with its functions. Such as using Windows keys as sleep mode, USB 2.0 ports location and its function and more. If you wanna know deeper about this go to page 20 to page 23 of its Manual PDF.

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Manual User Guide Quick Start Keys Parts Overview Resume

Acer Iconia Tab W500 W501 Manual: User Guide and Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts Overview - Resume

The Image tutorial provided by PDF User Guide of this Acer Tablet is quite clear and easy to read and learn, and this make this Manual rather huge in size due to this condition. Do you know Acer Ring? Acer Ring is like a widget or intergrated shortcut that been designed to make you able to access it in elegant, beauty UI navigation. Whenever you wanna use Webcam (usese Acer CrytalEye Webcam), playing Game in Acer GameZone, Perform Disk Clean, you can start to use it from Acer Ring. Read page 28 and 29 to make sure about this.

On page 33 and 34 you can also learn how to use My Journal Application. For example the tool Web clip would allows you to make a screen shot of a web page or blog page thatn you can store and save it in to My Journal, You can also Edited the Page, captured and more.

In the case you wanna use Virtual Qwerty Keyboard instead of Physical Keyboard (for example you don’t wanna carry the Keyboard Dock), you can learn how to do that on page 41.

There are a lot of more tutorial and step by step instruction, from how you can access Facebook to update or make comment to your status or made a tweet on Twitter using SocialJogger, How to back up the Iconia Tab W500, how to setting it up, Recovering it, Troubleshooting and many more.

Acer ICONIA Tab W500 Tablet Specifications

Acer Iconia Tab W500 W501 armored with 10.1 inches Diagonal Diameter Display Touchscreen that has about 1280 x 800 pixels for its Resolution. It supports Auto Rotation with the availability Accelerometer Sensor on it. The Touchscreen use WXGA screen. Because the 10.1 inches is the screen size that usually uses on Netbook, Iconia Tab W500 also planned to be used as Netbook by using Keyboard Dock (see the image below). It especially if you like to type in fast typing with Physical Qwerty Keyboard such as type a proposal, creating Presentation and else.

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Manual User Guide Quick Start Keyboard Dock Specifications Details

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Manual User Guide Quick Start - Keyboard Dock - Specifications Details

For the Hardware in responsible for the Processing Unit, Iconia Tab W500/W501 installed with Dual Core AMD C50 pat 1GHz Processor Speed along side with 1GB of RAM and Integrated Graphics Card GPU of Radeon HD6250. For the Storage it included with 32GB of SSD Storage that also supported with 2 in 1 card reader for microSD card and MMC (MultiMediaCard) Card

It has Two Camera that installed on the back side of the body and front side of Acer Iconia Tab W500. Of course the front side purposely to be used on Video Calling (uses 1.3MP Camera).

Another Features: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Version 3.0, USB Port supports (2 ports side left and right), HDMI ports connector ( if you wanna uses with projector or HDTV), 3G HSDPA supported, Acer, Adobe Flash Player, Preloaded Internet Games, SocialJagger for Integration Application Facebook and Twitter, TouchBrowser, Acer Ring, Dolby Technology for Speaker Sound experience and more.

Table of Contents of Acer ICONIA Tab W500 W501 User Manual Guide

First things first
Information Safety and Comfort
You Acer Tablet PC Tour
Acer Ring
My Journal
Device Control
Using the Virtual Keyboard
Acer Backup Manager
Power Management
Recovering Your system
Battery Pack
Expanding Trough Options
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
Regulations and Safety Notices

Acer ICONIA Tab W500 W501 User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF Download

Before you download the User Guide PDF Manual of Acer ICONIA Tab W500 / W501, we would gave you a short explanation about the image that we uploaded below. It is a guideline about the keys and parts which were available in the Keyboard Dock of the Tablet. Actually you don’t need this if you don’t want to use Keyboard Dock. The Tutorial in PDF Manual can be found and read on page 25 and 26. It would show you how you can assembling the Iconia Tab W500 body with it’s Keyboard Dock properly, and also some of part that available in the Keyboard Dock (for example the Ethernet Port that can connect to an Ethernet 10/100/100-based network or the USB 2.0 port to connect to USB mouse or USB Camera or USB external storage device – removable).

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Manual User Guide Quick Start - Keys Parts Keyboard Dock PDF Download

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Manual User Guide & Quick Start Guid - Keys Parts Keyboard Dock - PDF Download

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  1. joseph says

    please could you help me out in adjusting my language setting,been trying to change from Italian to English.for acer iconia tab w500.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  2. Sherah says

    PLEASE HELP!!! I can’t remember my PIN to open my screen to my acer500 tablet. I don’t know how to retrieve it. Can you help me retrieve my PIN or show me how to change my PIN so I can open my screen and use my tablet PLEASE. I look forward to hear from you.
    Thank you so much.

  3. duverioux says

    hi i am having trouble getting my accer tablet to show the digital keyboard when i am not using the docking system..please let me know what i can do to get this problem solved and start using my digital keyboard

  4. Graham says

    Some how my wife’s w500 is now operating using the web cam on the reverse side, I can’t find anything in the “quick Guide” referring to switching web cams, can you please advise

  5. Aileryn says

    hi – the touchscreen functionality doesn’t work on my Iconia tab w500, and it appears the system doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that it IS, in fact, touch-capable – which of course i know it should be. I’m spectacularly ignorant of anything computer-oriented, so anyone kind enough to advise me (ie list of necessary drivers…?) may want to do so in such terms as one might employ to explain quantum theory to a preschooler (; thx in advance!

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