Acer Stream S110 User Manual & Specifications

Even though it also known as Liquid Series that been named as Acer Liquid Stream, this Smartphone by Acer usually called by only this name: Acer Stream. It has S100 Series, that why it also can be called as Acer Stream S110. As you can see at the screen shot of Stream S110 image below, this Smartphone had Touch Bar / Candy Bar form factor with Onscreen Virtual Qwerty Keyboard. It uses 3.7 inches Display Diameter with AMOLED Technology Capacitive Touchscreen.

Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

The Display Screen has 480 x 800 pixels Resolution that would allows you to watch HD video or captured Photo image in quite larger screen clear and smoothly sustained with 16M colors. As an Acer Smartphone, it uses Acer Touch 3D User Interface UI version 4.0 which also attached some Touchscreen features such as Proximity Sensor fo Auto turn of the screen if you use to make a call or receive a call (when the screen close to your face it would turn off automatically) and also Accelerometer sensor for automatic orientation rotation with Multi Touch Input method supported.

Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide English Resume

Actually we already gave you a short review by providing the Table of Content (click the Table of Content Tab). In there you can find information regarding with the tutorial of the phone in section name. Of course it only a review not the real manual. You still need to download the PDF Manual if you wanna know the full and detail explanation of each section of chapter.

For example the picture that we gave you below represent the Keys and Parts of the Acer Stream S110 body. You will find the exact location of each function of parts and keys, especially the the buttons location. For example the microUSB connector slot or HDMI connector slot, the Menu button, the Camera, the power button, and more. Actually it these picture below also provided the the function description. To read the description you can go to page 8 and 9 of the Acer Stream User Manual / User Guide. For example the Power Button has a description like this one: Press to turn the screen on/off or enter sleep mode; press and hold to turn the smartphone off.

Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide Keys Parts Getting Know Your Smart Phone Resume

Acer Stream S110 User Guide Manual - Keys Parts Getting Know Your Smart Phone - Resume

You face any error or problem with the Stream that you need to fast fixing or resolved, for example your stream fail to response any touch on screen or button. You can use this trick: Press the Reset keys under the battery cover ( you can use the battery cover / casing to press the recessed reset keys).

But if you wanna go back to the factory setting (all the applications that you been installed would be deleted), you can do like this steps: Touch Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. This steps sometime also known as Master Reset aka Hard Reset. Go to page 46 on the PDF Manual to read it by your self.

If you face that your audio produce no sound or your multimedia file can not be viewed, or the phone get heat up when charging or make a call in long duration, or your acer stream cannot be turn on, you can find the answer on page 50 under FAQ and Troubleshooting section.

How about instruction manual on how to Pairing the Bluetooth or connecting the Bluetooth to the headset, how about tutorial and help on getting the Internet connection with Wi-Fi, how about learning to set the Alarm Clock? All you had to do just read the Manual that we already provided under “Manuals Download Tab”.

Acer Stream S110 Specifications

How about the Operating System installed inside the Acer Stream S110? How about the Hardware such as the Memory RAM and ROM, the Processor Speed and Chipset Series used in this Liquid Stream? What the frequency band capable to be used on this Gadget? What the Photography Camera details? Is the Stream supports Wi-Fi and GPS or not? Here we will discuss the detail all of them including the Applications / Software that been installed in the Acer Stream S110.

Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide Specifications Detail

Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide - Specifications Detail

It said that it available for upgrade version of android to Froyo aka Android 2.2, but it officially been released under Android 2.1 Eclair OS Platform. Working together with Android are the 512MB RAM and 512ROM with 2GB internal storage memory and processed with 1GHz Scropion Processor Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon Chipset with Adreno 200 GPU (graphic process).

Acer Stream currently uses GSM Data Networks Technology support both 2G (GPRS, EDGE, GSM) and also 3G (UMTS HSDPA HSUPA). for HSDPA 3G technology, it can be used up to 7.2 Mbps and for HSUPA up to 2.0 Mbps (DL). This Gadget also attached with Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b, g, n type that supports DLNA certificate and UPnP technology. Bluetooth version 2.1 and microUSB version 2.0 also embedded (supports).

Practically, the Acer Stream also support for microSD card slot up to 32GB, even though it only included with 8GB microSD card (in the box package). If you wanna make a Photo shot, this phone also equipped in the rear side of the phone (no secondary camera for Video Call) with 5 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus, Image Stabilizer, Geo Tagging and also Video Recording up to 720p@24fps like the ways you can use Camcorder.

Of course as an Android Powered, Stream also preloaded with Google Search, Google Maps, Google Maps Navigation (need to use AGPS and Digital Compass), Google Talk, Picasa, YouTube, Google Calendar, Android Market, GMail, and Google Web Browser. For others Applications you can read as follows: Facebook Flickr Integration, Word excel PowerPoint Document Viewer, PDF Reader, Alarm Clock, Games, Java MIDP emulator, and more. You can also use the Stream to listen your favorite radio channel via Stereo FM Radio with RDS.

Table of Contents of Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide

Features and Functions
Product Registration
Unpacking Your Smartphone
Getting to Know Your Smartphone
Installing SIM or microSD Card
Installing Removing battery
Turning on for the First Time
Locking YOur Smartphone
Using the Touchscreen
The Onscreen Keyboard
The Widget Screen
The Home Screen
Managing Your Contacts
Before Making a Call
Making a Call
The Voice Call Screen
Voice Call Options
Creating a New Message
Replying to a Message
MMS Messages
Browsing the Internet
Setting up Your Google Email
Composing an Email
Setting up Email
Online Applications
Camera Icons and Indicators
Taking a Photo
Shooting a Video
Putting Your Smartphone in Airplane Mode
Activating or Deactivating Connections
Adjusting Connection Settings
Phone Settings
Dolby Mobile
Connecting to a PC
FM Radio
Multimedia Playback
Resetting Your Smartphone
Using the Headset
Using a Bluetooth Headset
HDMI and 720P Output
Inserting a microSD Card
FAQ and Troubleshooting
Other Source of Help
Warnings an Precautions
Emergency Calls
Disposal and Recycling Information
Taking care of Your Smartphone
Regulatory Information

Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide English Spanish/Español German/Deutsch French PDF Download

This is the picture that we gave you in “shortcut” ways how you can get the help on opening and closing the cover of the battery aka casing, thus you can insert the SIM card or microSD Card storage. It also has a picture instruction how you can assembling the battery or remove it. For full elaboration about this with text tutorial you can find at page 10 and page 11 of the Acer Stream S100 User Guide / Manual PDF.

Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide Open Close Cover Casing Insert Remove SIM microSD Card Install Assembling Battery PDF Download

Acer Stream S110 Manual User Guide - Open Close Cover Casing Insert Remove SIM microSD Card Install Assembling Battery - PDF Download

We gave you four version of Acer Stream S100 PDF Download links with four of them we also provided the Mirror Download link via 2Share Web File Sharing. The 4 version of the Manual that we means here are the Version of Language: English, Spanish, French, and German. The Direct download link (the bottom version) available in Zip Compressed file but in mirror it available in PDF File Type. Enjoy

Direct Download Zip File (Compressed):

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