Apple iPad 2 Manual for iOS 5.0 iOS 4.3 Software 3G + Wi-Fi Verizon AT&T

Waiting for the new iPad, the iPad 2? If you do, before you get it in your hand on March 11, 2011 through AT&T or Verizon Carrier (for 3G + WiFi), it is better that you know what the iPad 2 can do or what the iPad can not do. It is not enough if you just know the Specifications or Features detail of iPad 2 but, you had to know exactly how to use it.

Apple iPad 2 Manual User Guide iOS 4.3 Software Specs Overview

Apple iPad 2 Manual User Guide iOS 4.3 Software Specs Overview

As it been Officially said, the iPad 2 arrived with the newest Operating System by Apple version: The iOS 4.3 Software, the iPad 2 User Guide / User Manual (in PDF File, currently now available) also follow the iOS Series. It supposed to be known as iPad 2 User Guide for iOS 4.3 Software. Before we can finally share the User Guide of iPad 2 , let start with talking about the Features and Specification brought by the new iPad Tablet.

The Newest Features (Hardware) that make iPad 2 differ from the iPad (the first Generations, iPad 1), is the dual Camera that attached in the body of the iPad: Front and Rear. It can be used to create Video Calling through Apple Video Webcam and Calling named as FaceTime. The others good news is even it been arrived in price that almost the same with the first iPad, the iPad 2, exclusively, used 1GHz Dual Core Apple A5 CPU (Processor Speed). It been claimed will gave you high performance system with lower consumption powers.

iPad 2 Manual User Guide iOS 4.3 Software Resume

If you like to know how to use the Camera such as to take a Photo Shot or to recording the Video, sharing and vieving the photo and video with your friends, trimming the video or even uploading the photo or video to your desktop computer, you can start to know how to do that by reading “Chapter 6: Camera” that available on the page 60 to page 62 (60,61,and 62) on the User Guide of iPad 2 for iOS 4.3 Software. It definitely the same process whether you had iPad 2 from Verizon or iPad 2 from AT&T.

Apple iPad 2 Manual User Guide iOS 4.3 Software Resume

Apple iPad 2 Manual User Guide iOS 4.3 Software Resume

The existence of Front Camera that in iPad 2 was also made the precondition on Using the FaceTime Application. FaceTime is a Video Call (using Webcam of iPad front or rear Cam and also voice) Applications that specially designed by Apple. The Tutorial details and step by step on using the FaceTime can be found at Chapter 7 and start on page 63 to page 65

Another Tutorial that you might interest to know and read migh be the Tips and Troubleshooting that place on the page 179 and 180. It would help you to overcome any trouble of the iPad 2 such as on the issues of Low battery or not charging messages, iPad didn’t respond, or other problem such as the Onscreen Qwerty keyboard doesn’t appears.

iPad 2 Specification Details

The Newest idea that make this Apple Tablet come in differently with others Tablet is the unique “Smart Cover” which available in multi colors (for Polyurethane covers type or Leather covers type). It can be used to protect the iPad 2 Screen or even to use as a stand hold tools if it been folded. For better understanding just see the image that we gave you below.

Apple iPad 2 Manual User Guide iOS 4.3 Software Specifications

Apple iPad 2 Manual User Guide iOS 4.3 Software Specifications

Just like the first iPad, the iPad 2 also comes with two type in the matters of Data Networks and Internet Connection. It available for 3G (that need SIM Card, in US it available with Verizon (UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA at 850/900/1900/2100 MHz and GSM/EDGE at 850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and AT&T ( CDMA EV-DO Rev. A at 800/1900 MHz) plus Wi-FI, or just only Wi-Fi feature. The different between those two was indicated by the black edge bar color on the side edge top of the iPad 2.

Although it used Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n and also has Bluetooth Version 2.1 plus EDR, the iPad 2 did not has USB Slot. For the battery lifetime, it been said that it can be used up to 10 hours for WiFi connection and up to 9 hours for using 3G Data Networks.

Table of Contents of iPad 2 Manual User Guide iOS 5.0 / iOS 4.3 Software English

At a Glance
Getting Started
Photo Booth
iTunes Store
App Store
Game Center
iPad in the Enterprise
International Keyboards
Tips and Troubleshooting

Apple iPad 2 Manual User Guide iOS 5.0/ iOS 4.3 Software PDF Download

The screenshot image below, it the part and keys figure that would help you to understand the keys available in the iPad 2. For example the volume button, sleep button, camera rear and front place and also a tutorial how you can assembling or inserting the micro SIM Card (for 3G + Wi-Fi). It can be found under “Chapter 1: At a Glance” on page 9 and 10 of the User Guide of iPad 2 for iOS 4.3 Software

Apple iPad 2 User Guide Manual iOS 4.3 Software Keys Part micro-SIM Insert PDF Download

Apple iPad 2 User Guide Manual iOS 4.3 Software - Keys Part micro-SIM Card Insert - PDF Download

Other Language: iPad 2 Manual Spanish | iPad 2 Manual German | iPad 2 Manual French | iPad 2 Manual Spanish Latin America | iPad 2 Manual Portuguese | iPad 2 Manual Italiano | iPad 2 Manual Chinese | iPad 2 Manual Nederland | iPad 2 Manual Russian

If you having any trouble / problem on download the PDF Manual of iPad 2 for iOS 43 Software above, such as the file broken or could not be read, we suggest you to download using Free Download Manager (see the widget for the Application Software FDM). Right click the Download Link above and copy paste to Free Download Manager. It usually happened because the File is rather huge (about 16MB).

iPad 2 3G + WiFi Important Product Information Guide for Verizon Download
iPad 2 3G + WiFi Important Product Information Guide for AT&T Download

If you like to download the User Guide of Apple iPad for iOS 4.2 and for iOS 3.2 Software you can download from the following links below.

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  1. says

    Received my ipad2 yesterday, with no users guide ormanual. Went to the Apple site and unable to download from Apple’s servers the 181 page user’s guide. What a joke! Apple fell on their butt’s on this aspect of their new product.

  2. Jack says

    just wait until you try to delte a photo. The unobtainable user’s guide will not even be helpful because you can’t delete photos! Ha!
    You cannot use Microsoft Outlook either.

  3. ken says

    Apple has stated and like all of their products you need to download the manual, This is to be more gene and save YOU money.

    On the Card that is included with your ipad 2 in big BOLD TYPE, Apple directs you on how to download the User Guide, it takes 10 seconds.

    Now to delete you photos or images, Just place you finger on the Image and in 3 sec a dialog will come up so you can copy paste move or delete.

    And Microsoft Outlook is a garbage product, But it is due to Microsoft NOT making a App for the iPad, Since it is a Copyrighted Application Don’t Blame Apple Blame Microsoft, And if you would read a little you will find out the iPad will except anything that Microsoft has developed, Exchange servers are supported.

    The iPad is simple and easy to use a Child can use it, I cant take anything in these postings as truth, and if they are you should not be using ANY device at all.

  4. maroo says

    hi, today i’ve got my ipad2 and i’m using it for the first time.. when i click the power the only thing i have on the screen is a usb cable and a flash toward itunes.. so plz can u help me what i have to do and how to use it and what this means..

  5. Joseph Wise says

    In case you haven’t discovered yet:

    When you get your new iPad 2 you must download the operating system and applications from Apple.

    Connect the iPad to the PC via the supplied USB cable.
    Turn on the PC and start iTunes.
    Turn on the iPad. The operating system download will occur, but iTunes will list as “syncing”.

  6. camille says

    hi, how to download music thru ipad2? or do i have to download it thru computer via itunes?

  7. Camille A. says

    hi, how to download music/movies thru ipad2 directly? aside from using itune via computer.

  8. Wowzers says

    Wow. You newbies are lame. Do you read up on things before you purchase them or do you but it because it’s the “IT” item?

  9. Mike says

    Just got the ipad 2 out of the box. I am at work and dont have itunes on my workstation. Is there any way to get up and running without itunes? Can the ipad synch somewhere else?

  10. says

    My iPad2 32gb, WiFi+3G arrived this morning with NO INSTRUCTIONS, and ABSOLUTELY NO SYMPATHY!. This apple crowd is behaving like an orchard of rotten fruit. YOU CAN DIE WITH YOUR SECRET, APPLE. AND THE SOONER THE BETTER.

  11. Apple rules says

    A lot of people are fucking dumb. Yes, you HAVE to have iTunes , You have the best tablet . So you have to use the best music software , f*ck your “winamp” . This is 2011 ,paper manuals are a joke, the user guide is saved as a bookmark in safari. If you are not smart enough to figure out an iPad then you should be nowhere near modern tech, which obviously includes nothing made by or for windows.

    • aromasammy says

      I am computer literate, work with Mac and PC and I bought an Ipad 2 this week, after sitting on and damaging the screen of my wonderful Archos 101 android tablet. I was lost without it and wanted another, but thought I would try the ipad. I am so frustrated with it as nothing is simple! It is like entering one of those click and find games as there are no instructions and even though I am familiar with Mac and did research and knew that itunes would be the major source for uploading/downloading with it, but when you open the box for the first time and switch it on, no one tells you that you have to firstly sync it to your mac or pc to even fire the damn thing up! I am now 4 days into the pad and I am so frustrated with it, as ITUNES is so complicated. I cant buy apps as I live in a different country to where my credit card is registered with no option of using paypal and a freind sent me a voucher which I can’t redeem in the country I am in or even buy one in the country I am in. I really do feel for the people who have no or little experience with computers who buy one of these as it will end up in the bin or give someone a stroke through the unesarsary frustration of a device that doesn’t make sense. With my android tablet it was up and running in a jiffy with no problems at all and was incredibly useful for eveything I wantyed for work, the ipad for me only works as far as my calender, music and silly games. A freind will be giving tuition on it next week, that’s if I don’t end up chucking out the window before I get them. On a high note, it is very sleek, the touch screen is better than the archos but apple really should invent something that is more user freindsly for everybody instead of the odd person who reads up everything and knows how everything works before getting hold of one!

  12. Darryl K. says

    Received my Ipad-2. have not synched it yet. My PC is a slow older Dell. My question is would it be best to not synch with my old pc are upgrade to a new pc/mac before synching the first time?

  13. Richard Mathews says

    Hogwash to all you computer nerds. NOTHING was packed in my package from Apple about the Ipad 2. NO BOLD TYPE, NO NOTHING.Go pound your modem, you jerks, and try to visualize what normal people try to find in their computers. LESS HEAT AND MORE LIGHT OR KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELVES.

  14. nox says

    I just got my ipad 2 yesterday. Before you jump my ass about purchasing something simply for the “cool” factor, let it be known that had it been up to me, I wouldn’t have ordered it. But I’m a camgirl and it came as a gift and I’m not gonna just toss it because I don’t know how the hell to use it. I have a mac, but this… this is something completely outside my range of tech knowledge. I have itunes on my mac already and I assumed it would automatically start syncing itself, but my mac isn’t recognizing the device.

    Any ideas?

  15. nox says

    Nevermind, found it.

    If you go to the apple page (, click on support, then choose the option for the ipad and it will give you a wide range of manuals and instructions. In my case, I just needed to upgrade my OS and safari. Hope this helps other people!

  16. Xanthum says

    Just got my Ipad2 today. When I run itunes, the message “Ipad cannot be started because the mobile device has not been started”. What do I do next?

  17. Nicole says

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to the guide since the iPad2 is my first real gadget and I’m still a newbie. I’ve mostly been using mine as a TV now that I have a Sling Adapter and I’m still trying to figure out my iPad2. So far the picture is great and the design is so sleek and fits nicely in my book bag. I work for DISH Network so I was really excited when they started offering new and old subscribers free Slings so that mobile devices could be used to watch TV as it airs live. Truly winding down while waiting for the light rail has never been so relaxing now that I can watch my favorite TV shows that I normally miss because I’m not at home. DISH is still offering free Slings to new and old subscribers and it works on both the iPad and iPad2.

  18. Dr. Lamboy says

    This “S*CKS”! I just paid $826.00 for an iPad 2 64GB 3G and it does not have a users guide or manual. I went on line and they have the “COJONES” of me having to pay a guy to answer one question.
    Dr. Lamboy

  19. meryta says

    hello brothers&sisters – when you turn on the ipad2, tap the fourth symbol at top left [the open book] – inside is the ipad user guide [last entry].
    This seems to contain info on ipad which I learned intuitively as I travelled thru Europe in the last few weeks.
    Bookmark with the fifth symbol [arrow].

  20. Vonnie says

    my email wont work any more on ipad so went to refresh the settings, now my ipad has crashed cant turn it off just has the refresh symbol on it? what can i do

  21. Sylvester Deane says

    Hello guy’s! My real frustration with the IPad is the inability to watch Flash videos. Why can’t Apple devices convert the videos automatically to Apple standards? It is very annoying to know that you can’t watch a clip that is publicly available to everyone except Apple users.

    Please send loads of pétition to Apple on this subject so that we can one day enjoy our ipads, ipods and iphones!

  22. Chuck Huskinson says

    Just bought an IPOD2 3G version. It is configured for AT&T. What settings do we establish for Network in order for it to work 3G?

  23. rahmat hidayat says

    for INDONESIA POLICE no manual book in Indonesia = welcome to jail. hahahahahha Indonesia POLICE is crocodile.

  24. shailesh says

    sir , i m using i pad 2 with wi fi ( without 3 g) and i want to make videocall through internet , how can i do that ? please guide me . Thanks

  25. ADITYA says

    Greceived my I-PAd2+ wi-fi + 3g…. no user guide or manual inside… bought it 4rm US… and i’m residing in INDIA. so not ale to download it 4rm apple website…. plz any one email me user guide / manual book…. at ….. thank u…

  26. Oye says

    I have been dreaming of having IPad2, now I have it,but can’t operate it properly cos I dnt have the manual ,what do I do?

  27. aadesh says

    plzz some one help mee….i bought an ipad 2 but im not able to call any one using my sim ……..plzz some one tell me the reason

    • ChiaraG says

      You have to download I-tunes on you pc first, then connect your Ipad to your pc and everything will start…it took a while for me too!

  28. Kathy says

    I just boght my Ipad2 and it was an opened box. Warranty is still the same and can return within 14 days. Best Buy. When I got home, it worked fine for about 1 hr and then came a line across the front and apple. That is all it is doing. Does anyone know what to do? Will probably be returning it. Thanks

    • Wayne says

      I downloaded the manual from Apple, put it of a CD, took it to Staples and had it printed. Cost me about $20.00
      The manual is a 197 pgaes and you really need it to get full use from your iPad2

  29. suresh kk says

    Purchased my I-PAd2+ wi-fi + 3g…. no user guide or manual inside… bought it 7pm Doha,Qatar… and not able from apple website…. plz any one email me user guide / manual book…. at……….

    • roxanne blake says

      the user guide is free…just download the ibook app…click on Store in upper left corner of app….find the user guide and dowload it to you book collection…easy peasy

      • Glenn says

        Hi Roxanne.

        Can you enlighten a technical moron such as I, as to how I can transfer photos stored on my ipad2 to my facebook page?

  30. roxanne blake says

    the user guide is free from the itunes bookstore….download ibooks app….click on Store in upper left corner….it willbe added to your book collection…easy peasy

  31. Sandy Smith says

    I have an iPad2, and love it. BUT….how do you delete an email address on your contact list? This is just an email address, added from sending an email one time. It is now forever on my contact list, that I see when selecting an email recipient. grrrrr


    I have ipad2 and I would like to know how to turn it on. When I push turn on button, a my screen shows is the I tune emblum and the apple power cord?ri

  33. nilssan says

    I am really surprised that a company like Apple did not include information about where to find Ipad2 operating manual on the web. Now many of their customers need to waste time searching a great number of hard to understand web sites

  34. James o says

    I can’t get power point documents on my iPad.
    Can I purchase professional books from apple stores. They seem not to have any on strategic management.

  35. Kurt Harris says

    The ipad2 does have some frustrating asspects to it; and alot of the aps are not user friendly. I would like to see an easier text or phone ap. availible for it.

  36. gwen says

    I have a Ipad 2 and am using ios5. My picture folders show up but when I click to see pictures in folder they won’t come up.

  37. JPFLACO says

    Can a kind soul out there tell me how to lock my mail icon on the 1st page of the ipad2? What i mean is, how can i keep other users who borrow my ipad2 from simply tapping the mail icon and reading my mail. I was unable to find in Users Guide!!! thanks a bunch…

  38. mirna says

    me regalaron un ipad 2 d inglaterra y vivo en argentina. como hago para conectarme a internet o navegar ya que no tiene puertos, lleva un micro chip en el interior? quien o como se

  39. ipadguide says

    i get ipad 2 and i paid very less guy i can’t understand why pepole don’t think like me, so ipad 2 is so fantastic guy 😉

  40. mike says

    Can some one tell me how to clear the read list on ipad2 i can clear the history and book marks but not the read list

  41. mike says

    can someone tell me how to clear the read list figured out how to clear book marks and history but not the read and unread list

  42. Joyce says

    iPad keeps going out to home page whether watching a tv show reading something on google or playing a game. It justs goes back to home page.

  43. Carol says

    Is it a bad thing to let my iPad stay plugged in over night to power up. I was told it is not good for the battery and would wear it out quicker. Is that correct or not.

  44. Sally says

    My ipad locked up. I powered off and now it won’t come back. Nothing is showing but a
    starburst * in the middle. What is wrong? Tried to reload all of iTunes. But, it keeps giving errors and stopping.

  45. Sherios says

    This message is for “ipadguide” who wondered why everyone didn’t buy from his guy for ‘very less’. Perhaps your guy can sell an ipad2 for very less money because he didn’t pay for it. Did it occur to you the ipad2 might be stolen? How would you feel if your ipad2 was stolen?
    Karma = you buy stolen goods, your goods are stolen.

  46. Keith says

    My mail app will not unlock its self . It stuck on one email and I can not move it . Keith iPad 2

  47. Vera saaon says

    My applications are frenzy expect the ones that come with the iPad 2 like the camera and setting

  48. says

    After downloading the exellent user guide on this page, information and step by step instruction on the advanced features of the iPad is available within two offers on our website.

  49. apple ipad 3 review and unboxing says

    thanks for that hint it worked for me, but will wait and see how long it lasts

  50. Kathy Cook says

    Trying to use facetime but others cannot hear me. I think the mic is on mute. How do I take it off mute so they can hear. Thank you

  51. Bajak nich says

    Dijawab mas itu komentar2 nya … hihihi … udah pernah punya Ipad 2 blm ? …. hayo dijawab’i komentare …

  52. Yusuf Daz. Momoh says

    I have an iPAD 2. I need a user’s manual to optimally utilize it. For instance, how do I increase font size, download and store music, print typed materials etc. please help out quickly.

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