Apple Stylus Patent: iPen for Future iPad?

iPen Patent - Apple Stylus

iPen Patent – Apple Stylus

Until this day, iPad still consistent with the way it designed without Stylus Pen even though its strongest competitor, Samsung, had already release so many version of Galaxy Note with its Stylus Pen. But, Apple patent that recently claimed so-called iPen stylus might change the tablet with stylus competition.

On Tuesday, January 27, 2014, The US Patent and Trademark Office, announced that Apple won a patent called as Stylus orientation detection which patent related to the orientation of a stylus relative to a contacting surface (pictured). With this patent, the future iPen on every iPad or even iPhone with larger display will have a Pen stylush that can perform almost the same as manual Pen in creating line and side depend on the handling of the Pen such as writing smaller or bigger lines.

As a person who actually developed and created Apple, Steve Job is someone who hate on using a stylus for touchscreen devices. He said that the stylus is a thing that would not give any touchscreen user the best experience with his device.

Future iPad with Stylus (Ilustration)

Future iPad with Stylus (Ilustration)

According to Cnet, Wednesday, January 29, 2014, this kind of stylus patent is no a brand new thing. Apple has already been working on this iPen designs for years. In fact, the patent has been submitted from 2011. Let’s wait till the time the Apple Product will come along with this iPen thing. Can it challenge the Galaxy Note by Samsung that already gain top popularity for its tablet and stylus pen? Time will answer.

Source: CNet, Image Edited by BoeBoer.Com

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