BlackBerry Storm 9530 User Manual

The missing “feature” in the BlackBerry Storm 9530 that should be available is the WiFi and 3G supports. The Storm 9530 do really didn’t had a WiFi and 3G. The Storm 9530 used Touch Tablet form factor with 3.25 inch Display Touchscreen 480 x 360 pixel Resolution with onscreen Qwerty Virtual Keyboards. For the Camera and Video Recording specs, the 9530 equipped with 3.2 Megapixel Camera, 2x Digital Zoom, Image Stabilization for creating good picture even the object were moving, Automatic Focus for easy handle, Flash Light for creating artificial light in Poor Source of Sun light, and also Video Recording (Camcorder) ability.

For Comparative purpose, you can learn the differences to other Storm version such as BlackBerry Storm2 9550.

This Smartphone had also included with 128 internal onboard memory and supports for microSD card (1GB included). For the Audio Player, the 9530 can plays these following formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA ProPlus, and WMA. What about the Video Players? The Video that supports by the Phone are MPEG4, Simple Profile, WMV, H.264 and H.263.

Blackberry Storm 9530 Manual User Guide PDF Download

Blackberry Storm 9530 Manual User Guide

The BlackBerry Storm 9530 also attached with Bluetooth Wireless Technology Version 2.0 (v2.0), it can be used as Wireless Stereo Headsets (A2DP Profile), Dial up Networking connection through Modem, and others Profiles. Of course, because it BlackBerry, you’ll got the BB Services, such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Maps with GPS for Navigation, Facebook Application, Preinstalled Games: Brickbreaker and Mole, and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Manual User Guide English PDF Download

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Start Here Manual PDF Download

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Start Here Manual PDF Download

BlackBerry Storm 9530 Manual User Guide English Summary
The Figured that you can see above, you can find only in Start Here Manual and couldn’t be found at the User Guide of BlackBerry Storm 9530. That why we strongly
recommend to download both the start here manual and also User Guide / User Manual of the SmartPhone to achieve full and complete understanding how to use the Phone.

Quick Resume abouth the User Guide of the BB Strom 9530: at page 204 you can learn how to use Bluetooth Technology including how to turning on / off and Pairing it with others Bluetooth Devices. To get the direction using Blackberry maps and also GPS you can read the instruction manual at page 214.

How about how to use the 3.2 MP Camera to create video Recording and also Picture Capture? Just open at page 108 for the Camera usage and also read at page 106 for the Camera usage as Camcorder Video Recording. For complete tutorial guidance just download the PDF File of User Guide at the link that we provided above. Enjoy!

Table of Contents of BlackBerry Storm 9530 Manual: User Guide

Welcome to BlackBerry!
Voice Commands
Files and Attachments
Date, time and alarm
Personal Organizer
Ring tones, sounds, and Alerts
Display and Keyboard
Bluetooth Technology
GPS Technology
BlackBerry Device Software,
Wireless Network Coverage
Power, Battery and memory
SIM Card
Service books Diagnostic Reports
Accessibility Options
Word Mole Game
Legal Notice

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  1. yummy says

    i have problem with my blackberry storm 9530 the touch pad and the botton on the menu is not working and every time i switch it alway appear on the screen \uncaught exception:java.lang.nullpointerException\,what must i do?can help me with this kind of problem? thank you very much

  2. vicky newar says

    my blackberry strom 9530 touch screen do not working properly.when i use mobile back cover my face side and screen my down side then it work.i want its facial from wheare? please help. thank u.

    • user manual says

      Go To Service Center of BlackBerry. Ask to fix your Storm 9530. It might due to the “connection” between touchscreen display and “bb machine” didn’t attached properly (just guessing)

  3. ivan gutierrez says

    consulta, mi pantalla de mi blackberry 9530, esta en color sepia y no se como regresara a los colores normales? como puede realizar esto

  4. Jimoh ologun' says

    I usually have problems with my blackBerry 9530 Storm , it always hanging and the back of the BB is always hot and the battery is always dropping within few minutes.

  5. Nwaogu Chimaobi says

    I have prblm on my bb 9530. I have etisalat internet bb plan on my phone but anytime i try to go to bb broswer’ it will write, u don’t have any internet configuration on ur phone and too internet book entry is empty. If i go to run, it will stop at bb registration>no and others abort shows another person cell phone no.the person i bought it from. Pls what can i do to enable my bb 9530 broswer work. Also i want my no to be showing in run view. Thanks.

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