Acer beTouch E400 User Manual & Specifications

Every time it goes with Acer Smartphone, we had to warn you that the User Guide / User Manual of any Phone by Acer are only available in compressed zip file, therefore we can’t give you the Online Reading version for this Device. And this condition also applied for the product that we wanna discuss at this post: The Acer beTouch E400. You will not see any Online Reading version for beTouch E400, though still you able to get the User Manual of Acer beTouch E400 for zip compressed format and pdf format on File shared hosting that we uploaded just for you.

Acer beTouch E400 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Acer beTouch E400 Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

beTouch name actually refer to the Display used by this Smartphone that has an ability as Touch O/I. Yes it absolutely uses Touchscreen Display screen. It seems that beTouch E400 currently not released yet in US Region, but in UK or Europe it already available by April 2010 (1 years ago). Coming with touch bar / candy bar form factor at 3.2 inches diameter diagonal of the screen, and has 320 x 480 pixels resolution with TFT Resistive Touchscreen (256K colors) the Acer beTouch E400 also equipped with Amart LED Notifications and use Acer UI with Digital Compass and also Accelerometer Sensor for Auto Rotate Orientation User Interface. See the details at “Specification” Section.
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