Acer ICONIA Tab W500 W501 User Manual & Quick Start Guide

Tablet, Tablet and Tablet. That was the product that seems to be the “trending gadget” at this day. Almost every manufacturer / vendor of Gadget Device, take a pace to create and launch their Tablet Product with its Series. And this also happen at Acer. Acer already announced one of his Tablet Series called as Acer Iconia Tab W500/W501, and we wanna talk and share about its specs, looks and it’s User Manual. For connectivity the W500 only has Wi-Fi, and for W501 included with Wi-Fi plus 3G Data Networks Technology (has a SIM Card Slot)

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Manual User Guide Quick Start Keyboard Dock Specs Overview

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Manual User Guide Quick Start Keyboard Dock - Specs Overview

Acer Iconia Tab W500 powered with Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. Coming with Windows 7 would takes a difference steps to others Vendor Tablet that usually used Android Platform for Table: The Android 3.0 a.k.a Android Honeycomb. Samsung with it’s Galaxy Tab and also Motorola with it’s Xoom uses Android Honeycomb as its’ Tablet OS. Of course there is an advantage on using Windows 7, especially if the users is already familiar with Windows. They don’t need to learn how to use it again because they use to be skilled on working with Win 7. Although Iconia Tab A Series is using Android 3.0 (Read about this at here: Acer Iconia Tab A500/A501).
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Acer Liquid MT S120 User Manual (Liquid Metal) Zip File

Although, there were not much Smartphone / Mobile Phone which manufactured by Acer, we still wanna share and discuss some of them. After starting with Acer Liquid E, now we try to talk about the others version of Liquid Series by Acer: The Liquid MT (S120). After making a little study, we found that, previously, Acer Liquid MT also been called as Acer Liquid Metal. And for S120, it seems that this code it the series number of this Gadget. Exactly the same with Liquid E, Liquid MT also comes with Touchscreen User Interface in Candy Bar form factor. We can named as Touch Bar with curvy desing Body. We noticed that only Silver is the available color body of this device (correction: it available in Silver and Brown colors).

Acer Liquid MT S120 Metal Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Acer Liquid MT S120 Metal Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Equipped with Acer UI 4.0 Breeze with Accelerometer Sensor Auto Rotate UI and Touch Sensitive Control, the 3.6 inches Display that has 480 x 800 Pixel Resolution, is using TFT Capacitive Touchscreen with 16 Colors. Officially, this Acer Liquid MT was released in the middle of November 2010 and uses GSM Data Networks Technology that can handle HSDPA up to 14.4 Mbps and HSUPA 2 Mbps at 850 /1900 /2100 Mhz Frequency. Of course GMS GPRS and EDGE also supported (using 850 /900/ 1800 and 1900 Mhz).
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Acer Liquid E User Guide & Specifications

This is the first time we wrote and discussed a Smartphone that manufactured by Acer. Although Acer is well-known on Notebook / Laptop assembler, it seems that Acer also interesting in developing a product for Mobile Phone or Smartphone device. Especially when iPad— a Tablet–that can be categorize as Smartphone and also Small Computer. And we decided at this post to talk about Liquid E – one of famous Smartphone by Acer that already in released in the market by August 2010.

Acer Liquid E Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Acer Liquid E Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Liquid E uses touch tablet form factor or you can called also as touch bar form factor. By having only Touchscreen O/I and a few physical button, you will only get one option in the ways you can type a message or create a note or any other text inside this Phone: Using Virtual Onboard Qwerty Keyboard. It uses TFT Capacitive Touchscreen with 256K color and has 3.5 inches Diagonal Diameter in Size. For the Resolution Screen the Liquid E accompanied by 480 x 800 pixels along with Auto Rotate, Acer User Interface Application aka Acer UI 3.0 and also Proximity Sensor for Auto turn-off.

Acer Liquid E available in four color body design: Black, Reda and White. One additional design is the exclusive Ferrari Edition or usually known as Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition.
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