Dell Latitude ST Service Manual, User Guide & Specifications

As far as I know, this Latitude ST is the first Tablet by Dell. Running on Windows 7 Operating System means that this phone is targeted to anyone who can’t step out on using this Microsoft OS, especially any Professional or an Enterprise that do not want to learn from the scratch if it use other OS (Android for Example). By having this Latitude ST with Windows 7, working with Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint Presentation is much more easier for anyone who already familiar with it.

Dell Latitude ST Manual Tablet User Guide Specs Overview

Dell Latitude ST Manual Tablet User Guide - Specs Overview

Of course, having Windows 7 also has a few lacks. One of the common issue on using Windows 7 is that it must consume more power than using others (Android for example). It would be made the battery is a little bit profuse. For the Windows 7 version, there are available for Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate Editions. All for 32-Bit version. For the processor it uses Intel Atom Processor Z60 1.5Ghz Single Core with 2GB DDR2 SDRAM (800 Mhaz) integrated. Please go to “Specifications” section to find out more.
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Dell Streak 7 Tablet User Manual & Quick Start Guide for T-Mobile

The Dell Streak Series Tablet Phone comes with two difference version according to the Display Screen Side (and it been named according to the Display size Diameter!): The Dell Streak 5 that using 5 inch Display Diameter (click the links to find out more about this including the download link of User Manual and Quick start Guide) and also the Dell Streak 7 that come with 7 inch Display Screen Diagonal Diameter. Because we already discuss for the Streak 5 ones, herein we will share and discuss the Dell Streak 7 that come along with T-Mobile Carrier (in US) including both the Detail Specs and the Manual. The

Dell Streak 7 T Mobile User Manual Quick Start Guide Specs Overview

Dell Streak 7 T-Mobile - User Manual and Quick Start Guide -Specs Overview

As a Tablet that only use Capacitive Touchscreen UI (7″ Display with Corning Gorilla Glass for scratch resistant and has Resolution 800 x 480 pixels with Proximity Sensor and Light Sensor. Supports Multi Touch wit TFT Technology), the Dell Streak 7 can be called using Touch Tablet form factor as their main design body. We tought that almost Tablet at this day, including Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and also Apple iPad, only equipped with Touchscreen without any Physical Keyboard attached (except external keyboard dock) and used Touch tablet form factor. The design almost the same in all aspect except for the Detail of Specifications, such as iPad don’t have Camera, otherwise Xoom and galaxy tab has ones and so do the Dell Streak 7.

Yes, Dell Streak 7 embedded with 5 Megapixel Camera on the rear body of the casing (back side, see the image above) and even has Dual LED Flash for better shot on poor light source. It also has come with Auto Focus, Digital Zoom, Geo Tagging, Effecs, Withe Balance, Night Mode, Image Editor, Video Recording Ability (Camcorder Mode) and one more thing, on the front body, it equipped with Secondary camera at 1.3 Megapixel (Fixed Focus) that can be used for Video Calling.
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Dell Aero User Manual & Quick Start Guide for AT&T

This is the fourth article that we wrote from Dell Manufacturer (after Dell Streak, Dell Venue, and Dell Venue Pro). At this time we will guide you to understand the Features and Specification and also share Download link of User’s Manual / User Guide and Quick Start Guide of Dell Aero. Why it been called as Dell Aero? We searching the reason behind it, and we couldn’t find the answer, so just forget it. Just wanna let you know that the Aero is the first Android Phone Platform (used cupcake Android 1.5 on the first release, though it upgradable to higher Android Version) by Dell.
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Dell Streak 5 Tablet User Manual & Quick Start Guide (Android 2.2 Froyo)

[For Dell Streak 7 Review and Manual Download click here] You had already knew about Tablet Device likes Apple iPad (10 inch) and also Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 inch), now, how about another Tablet from Dell Manufacture that has 5 inch Display Touch Screen Diameter: The Dell Streak Pocket Tablet! It also know as Dell Streak 5 or Dell Mini 5. Let elaborate more about the Feature and Specification of this Dell Streak 5.

The Hardware Features: For the Core of the Processor attached in the Streak bonnet is the 2GHz Speed of Snapdragon ARM base from Qualcomm. As you can see at that figure below, the Streak used 5 inch Display Diagonal Diameter in touch tablet form factor (full used touch O/I UI). Memory? Dell Streak equipped with 512 MB ROM and 512 MB SDRAM, with 2GB non user accessible memory microSD for applications and system file only and supports (user accessible) microSD expandable up to 32GB (older streak version only supports 16GB).
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Dell Venue Pro User Manual & Getting Started Guide for T-Mobile

Unlike the others version on “Pro / Professional” Edition that used just difference design “in the matter of UI – Physical Keyboard”, The Dell Venue Pro has difference approach. Beside the Dell Venue Pro do had an Physical Slide Out Qwerty keyboard, it also used difference Mobile Operating System. Usually the difference between “Pro” and “normal” version only applied in term of “Keyboard” but the Venue Pro was also occurred in the matter of OS. If the Dell Venue used Android 2.2 Froyo, the Dell Venue Pro instead used Windows Phone 7.

Still used 4.1 inch Display Touchscreen with WVGA AMOLED capacitive in tablet form factore, the Pro was also equipped with slide Physical Qwerty Keybord (slide out portrait form factor). This portrait Qwerty keyboard make this phone also make little differences between others Phone Device manufacturer in “Pro” version. For example the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini Pro that also used slide out Physical Qwerty but in landscape direction (Slide out landscape).
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Dell Venue User Manual & Getting Started Guide with Android 2.2 Froyo

This is the first time we wrote a SmartPhone Manual and Specification from Dell manufacturer, and we though this Dell Venue is the best way to start with. As you might familiarized with, the Dell well know for Laptop / Notebook manufacturer, not for Mobile Phone / SmartPhone, but recently company decided to join in the world of Mobile Device and Tablet.

The Design: The Body design of Dell Venue almost look alike the design of Sony Ericsson Vivaz, except the sleek and slim body and the “manly-touch” of the corner of the Phone. Let say, the Dell Venue used Touch Tablet in Bar form factor. The Phone equipped with Touch Screen 4.1 inch WVGA AMOLED Display at 800 x 480 pixels Resolution and has 16M colors. It used onscreen virtual Qwerty Keyboard as Text UI input (supports Swype Technology for fast typing text message).
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