HTC Vivid User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Tech Specs for AT&T

Sometime I thought that is it really necessary to gave you a brief information about the specs and hardware of Smartphone or phone that we discuss it at this blog or just pass it and directly wrote about the Manual of the phone and give you to download pdf links? After quite while thinking about this, I still “feel” that by serving you a little bit information and also my personal point a view on this blog might be got a little help on understanding your gadget. Furthermore, by knowing the tech specs would also means that it is the first step to familiarizing with your phone or we can say it is also a kind of “User Manual”. Yet, some of Manual that we been read also included the specs of the device such as the OS version, the cam specs, hardware CPU, RAM, and memory. So, let continue to discuss about the tech spec of HTC Vivid for AT&T, the one that we gonna share to you this time.

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start Specs Overview

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start - Specs Overview

In some case, the Vivid name uses by this gadget might refer to the display screen in which it uses 4.5 inches large screen with almost 254 ppi at 540 x 960 pixel resolution and manufactured by using Super LCD / S-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen. This would make you able to see the display “vividly” aka “lifely”, that why it called HTC Vivid (just a guess though). It is available Black and White color (see the image)

Ordinary additional features for this S-LCD screen such as accelerometer sensor for automatic rotation orientation and proximity sensor for auto turn off the screen also available alongside with LED backlight, ecompass, light sensor and else.
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