LG Nitro HD P930 MUser Manual & Specifications for AT&T

Reading the specs of LG Nitro HD aka LG P930 on lg.com, I learn something new regarding with the display screen manufactured in this LG Nitro. It been said that the Nitro uses Color TFT AH IPS LCD with True HD IPS Display. Did you ever heard about AH-IPS technology? Personally, this is the first time I encounter this term. Although after searching to make further understanding about this AH-IPS, we found the fact that this display technology developed by LG is one of the best challenger for the Samsung Display, the Super AMOLED.

I got an info that the AH-IPS is better than the Super AMOLED, but it just one side of claim, another info said that AMOLED is better, especially in energy consumption in which the AMOLED doesn’t use backlight, the AH-IPS does. See the detail about this at this page.

LG Nitro P930 Manual User Guide AT&T Specs Overview

LG Nitro P930 Manual User Guide AT&T - Specs Overview

So what exactly the AH-IPS is? OK, how about discussing a little bit about this.

By term, AH-IPS is shorten from Advanced High Performance-In Plane Switching. It’s LG Display technology. The details about this AH-IPS would be quite “hard to understand” due to its really technical. It just been claimed that by using AH-IPS the display would got better color accuracy and color uniformity, including naturalness. According to wikipedia, AH-IPS would also increase the resolution and PPI and had greater light transmission for lower power consumption. Furthermore, the AH-IPS actually developed at the first time base on Hitachi Super-IPS (In-Plane Switching was developed by Hitachi Ltd)

About the “Nitro” name. It seems the nitro dedicated in term that the P930 would be perform like “nitro” in which it usually uses in Mobile Car race, in term of boosting the power, increase the speed, in order to gain the number 1 position or overtaking the others. HD refer to the High Definition of Touchscreen Display for HD 720 x 1280 pixels resolution (326 ppi).
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