Samsung Admire SCH-R720 User Manual for MetroPCS & Unlocked CDMA (Generic Version)

As we mentioned before when we discussing Samsung Vitality that we gonna write the “things” (User Guide / User Manual and Specifications / Features) of Samsung Admire, now we are ready to follow our promised. At this article we are going to focus on two version of Samsung Admire. One dedicated for MetroPCS Carrier (the picture of Samsung Admire SCH R720 for MetroPCS can be seen at the picture below), and the second on Samsung Admire that can be inserted for all CDMA Provider, Samsung Admire SCH R720 CDMA Generic Unlocked.

Samsung Admire SCH R720 Manual User Guide Metro PCS Specs Overview

Samsung Admire SCH R720 Manual User Guide Metro PCS - Specs Overview

Because Samsung Admire is just an alias name for Samsung Vitality (for Cricket Carrier), the design, features and specifications would be exactly the same as Samsung Vitality. Although you may had already read and understand the specs and features of Vitality, we still gonna re-inform about Samsung Admire Specs and Features at this post.

The design. Using touch candy bar form factor with four dedicated keys in front and stylish with rounded four corners. Here some of the key features of Admire: Android Powered Smartphone with Gingerbread 2.3 version, EV-DO Rev.A (3G), 3.5 inches HVGA, and 3.2 MP Camera. The details elaboration of Specs can be read on “Specifications” Tab Section.
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