Insufficient Storage Available Error on Samsung Galaxy S2 ? No Problem, Here’s The Fastest Solution

My Galaxy S2 every time I tried to download new applications from Android Market always get an “Insufficient Storage Available” error, so do when I tried to update applications. After long battle on getting rid of this problem, from uninstalling unused applications, clear the cache on every applications, removing unneeded files, even deleting big file, but the problem appears in no time. There is one solution that told me to expanded the internal memory because an Android 4.1.2 software run on my GT-I9100 (Samsung Galaxy S2) only have 2GB internal memory. But, it’s a kind of hell solution. We need to root the phone, installing the software to expand the storage, etc.

Finally, the easiest and fastest solution I got. NO need to root, no need to install any software. My free storage memory from 200MB can expand to 1,2GB in just a minutes. How to do that?
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My Solution for SGS2 Android Error: Can’t Open Gallery, Not Enough Space Notification

I got this message notification whenever I try to open Gallery on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (runs on Jelly Bean 4.1.2).

“Not enough space. Delete unnecessary items, such as downloaded software, pictures, videos and documents.”

And the problem not only got on Gallery application. Due to this error on my SGS2 GT-I9100, I can’t use Camera, I can store any image, I can download photos and videos from the internet, even I can’t use my BBM for Android and Whatsapp application to send and receive file or images. It’s been a week I got this error. I’m rather frustrated. I had already tried the solution to clear cache on Gallery application to followed up the solution give it on XDA developer but none of them worked. It indeed works for a couple minutes when I reboot the device, but after a couple minutes the problem start to appears.

Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 Gallery Error: Not Enough Space

Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 Gallery Error: Not Enough Space

Finally, I got a solution that save my day. It’s actually because of the cache gallery device that I already tried to remove it, but actually can’t be removed. Therefore I came for the solution accidentally.
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Fixing Voice Command Server Errors on Samsung Galaxy S2 (II)

Today, I noticed that my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 got Voice Command Server Errors. It’s not only for one time has occurred, but almost anytime I used the phone, the notification of Voice command server errors popped out.

Voice Command Server Errors on Samsung Galaxy S2

Voice Command Server Errors on Samsung Galaxy S2

First, I thought that there is a problem with my Galaxy S2 (SGS2), but right now, I finally understood what is going on and how to fix this error / solution problem.
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Samsung Galaxy S II GT I9100 User Manual (SGS2 Android Jelly Bean V4.1.2 available)

This is the second 2nd Generation of Samsung Galaxy S (officially announced for Europe and UK Region), named as Samsung Galaxy S II (Galaxy S 2). Personally, In the first sight we fall in love for the beauty slim and sleek design of this Galaxy S II by Samsung. This is one of Smartphone that we really recommend for any one of you that love Android Phone from Samsung. Look for a while the pictures of Samsung Galaxy S II at the figure below, and what your opinion about this Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S II 2 GT I9100 Manual User Guide Orange T Mobile Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy S II 2 Manual User Guide Orange T Mobile - Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy S II seems to had the same design with Samsung Infuse 4G in most of all aspect. And this make us remember that this design looks almost the same likes the iPhone 4 design. In UK, you can get this Device along with Orange Carrier or T-Mobile Carrier. In United State, it been planned available along with AT&T Carrier (not yet released).

OK, forget about that. Currently, Samsung Galaxy S II is using Candy Bar form factor with Touchscreen UI. Let say, it uses Touch Bar form factor body design. Using Super AMOLED Plus (the latest technology of Touchscreen Display with bright and smooth view) Capacitive Touchscreen on 4.3 inches large Diameter Size, polished with Gorilla Glass Display as scratch resistant furnished material, make this Galaxy S II one of the best Smartphone by Samsung at this time.

The Touchscreen also has 16M colors with 480 x 800 9WVGA)pixels Resolution and installed with TouchWiz UI version 4.0. Proximity Sensor, Gyroscope Sensor to maintain the Orientation along with Accelerometer Sensor for Auto Rotate Orientation Portraid and Landscape with Touch Sensitive Controls and Multi Touch Input Method also embedded in the Display Touchscreen of Samsung Galaxy S II I9100.
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MTP USB Device Failed for Samsung Kies (SGS2) – Simple Trick Solution

Here’s the story: I plan to update the Samsung Kies for my Samsung Galaxy S2 in order to be able to get the latest firmware update. My SGS2 currently uses Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 version, and after waiting for so long, and check daily for the firmware update thru Samsung Kies, I noticed that there is something wrong with my Kies because there is no firmware update notification even though it officially said that the Upgrade firmware to Android Ice Cream Sandwich for my Galaxy S2 is available.

I do have contact the Samsung supports, They told me to update via Phone FOTA (Settings > About > Update Software) but the result was null (aka no update available). Then I came for the best solution and final step: Even though it said that my Samsung Kies is the latest version (2.1.x.x.x), I noticed that it’s not actually the current / latest update. On the Samsung Kies download installer official page (available for Windows OS and Mac OS), we found the newest update for Samsung Kies version. The I decided to download and install it.

MTP USB Device Failed Driver Software Instalation Samsung Kies

MTP USB Device Failed Driver Software Instalation Samsung Kies Galaxy S2

After uninstalling the older version and install the latest version of Samsung Kies, the problem appears when I try to connect my SGS2 to Computer. I’s using Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit here. It try to install the MTP USB Device but it failed. It try to unplug the USB cable and re-plugin it again, still the Device driver software for MTP USB was not successfully installed.

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How to Make Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 (SGS2) using Home & Power Keys combination

Update: If you Galaxy S II is already upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 ( or other version of 4.0), to do screen shot: Press at the same time the Volume Down button and Power button for about 2-3 seconds.

What we mean here by using Home and Power keys combination on making screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S II GT I9100 is that there is a built in screenshot application feature on this SGS2 without additional trick or applications needed. Just using the combination of Home key and Power Key, you would able to capture the screen display on your Galaxy S2 and automatically stored and saved onto SGS2’s gallery images. Although there is also available for software to do screenshot on the Android Market (Google Play).

Here are the tutorial and instructional steps that you had to follow:
Note to success: Make it the 4 steps being done less than A SECOND
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