How to Make Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 (SGS2) using Home & Power Keys combination

Update: If you Galaxy S II is already upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 ( or other version of 4.0), to do screen shot: Press at the same time the Volume Down button and Power button for about 2-3 seconds.

What we mean here by using Home and Power keys combination on making screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S II GT I9100 is that there is a built in screenshot application feature on this SGS2 without additional trick or applications needed. Just using the combination of Home key and Power Key, you would able to capture the screen display on your Galaxy S2 and automatically stored and saved onto SGS2’s gallery images. Although there is also available for software to do screenshot on the Android Market (Google Play).

Here are the tutorial and instructional steps that you had to follow:
Note to success: Make it the 4 steps being done less than A SECOND
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Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket SGH-i727 User Manual for AT&T (SGS2)

The version of Samsung Galaxy S II in United State are divided depend on the provider data networks carrier. As we wrote before, although some of them has the same name, the Samsung Galaxy S II but in the design body, each of SGS2 come with difference design and also difference of code series (SGH i777, SGH T989, GT I9100). Even for the sprint SPH D710 known as Samsung Epic 4G Touch. And it seems that the Skyrocket (Trademark) is used to distinguished the Samsung Galaxy S II SGH i777 and Samsung Galaxy S II SGH i727 that both specially design for AT&T. What differences between this two? Let start to elaborate more.

Samsung Galaxy S II 2 Skyrocket SGH i727 ATT Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy S II 2 Skyrocket SGH i727 ATT Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket released just only on month after Samsung Galaxy S II i777. SGS2 i777 available since October 2, 2011, but for SGS2 i727 available since 5 October. Although its powered with the same Android Gingerbread, but the Skyrocket get the newer version than i777. Skyrocket with Android 2.3.5, i777 with 2.3.4. Skyrocket come with Dual core 1,5Ghz, SGS II i777 armored with “only” dual core 1,2GMhz. Another differences between these two we’ll discussed on “Specifications” sections: The display screen size, the battery capacity, others.
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