Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide (Walkman Music Phone)

If some one said a “Walkman” word in front of you, we guess that your mind always gets you to the device that play a music CD or cassette while listening it in mobile: walk the street, while playing golf etc. And we knew that Walkman is brand name of Sony. So do it applied in Mobile Phone Device that we would like to discuss this time: Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman Music Phone. We believe the “W” letter applied in “W205″ series, is refer to the word of “Walkman”.

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual Specs Overview

Sony Ericsson W205 User Guide Manual - Specs Overview

The Phone comes with Slider Design Body, or we can simply called as Slide Out form factor. For the Typing Input and Output, the Phone equipped with Traditional Alpha Numeric Keypad. The detail of this body look and keypad can bee seen from the picture above and also the image available under “Specifications Tab”.

The Display Screen seems to be too tiny / small, it only has 1.8 inches in Diagonal Diameter and only comes with 128 x 160 pixels Resolution. Though, if it only for Walkman Phone, this screen size is quite enough, but for Entertainment such as watching video or picture, this phone isn’t suitable to be used. Others Information for the Display: uses TFT Screen Type with 65K Colors.
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