Sony Xperia sola MT27/ MT27i User Guide & Tech Specs

We heard that Xperia sola previously rumored to be named as Xperia Pepper. It has a series name as MT27 (others variation MT27i / MT27a). If you wanna compare with Xperia U, this Xperia sola is a better specs, specifically on the internal memory and the supports for microSD external card slot.

And sola uses 3.7 inches display with floating touch display capability. This means that without even touching the touchscreen you still able to navigate and operate the sola. Just move over. It called floating touch. It’s especially uses on highlighting or find the link on your web / site that you looking for. You’ll never open the mistake link by accident even in this “tiny” touchscreen with your “large” fingerhead.

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide Specs Overview

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide - Specs Overview

According to the official specs of Xperia sola at here, the 3.7″ display has 16M colors TFT capacitive touchscreen with 854 x 480 pixels resolutions. You can use only “on-screen” qwerty keyboard for the typing input. The surface of the screen also coated with shatterproof sheet on scratch resistant glass. Do not worry about your keen nail or even your sharp edge motor or mobile key scratching your phone. And of course, just like others Sony Smartphone with touch bar / tablet design, the Reality display experience with Mobile BRAVIA Engine is also installed.
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Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual & Tech Specs

Personally, we aren’t sure what the meaning of “U” letter on the Sony Xperia U means. The same thought also cross in our mind for the brother and sister of this newest smartphone by Sony: The Sony Xperia P and Xperia S. Could it be that U means for Ultimate or U for Ultra? I don’t know. But, what the point is that this phone also know as Sony Xperia ST25i / ST25 Kumquat. You may found also that this phone also uses ST25a code series. It just a given name for regional usage, usually due to the carrier of data networks frequency. ST25a for north America which uses HSDPA 850 / 1900 and 2100 Mhz but for ST25i it uses 900 / 2100 Mhz. That’s it

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide Specs Overview

Sony Xperia U ST25 User Manual Guide - Specs Overview

Comparing the Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia S, this phone — the U version– supposed to be had a middle grade between the S and P. It powered with Dual core 1GHz STE U8500 chipset with DB8500 GPU and 512 MB RAM. Unfortunately the internal storage is just available for 4GB. For many users, nowadays, this kind of size of internal storage built-in memory arent “space” enough. More importantly, the fact that the Xperia U didn’t support for external microSD card slot. Storing huge video and photos would be a little bit problem on this phone.

Btw, the bottom cover is exchangeable. As you can see it can be replace with yellow, white, pink, or black. But the body only available for black and white (back cover).
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Sony Xperia P LT22 User Manual & Specifications

Just a quick info: Sony Xperia P has some series name depend on regional / country and also data network carrier. IT called as Sony LT22 (general), Sony LT22i Nypon, or if in North America usually uses Sony LT22a. Although in some of the secs are difference between those two (three), but for the User Guide aka the Manual of Sony Xperia P, it’s all the same.

Sony Xperia P seems to be designed as high-end Smartphone. It uses LED backlit LCD Capacitive touchscreen for the display at 4.0 inches with 540 x 960 pixels. It about 275 pixels density. This is quite large actually, but if you compare to the latest Smartphone from other vendors such as HTC with HTC One X or even the newest Samsung Galaxy S3 which have 4.7″ and 4.8″, the Xperia P is not quite large enough.

Sony Xperia P LT22 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Sony Xperia P LT22 Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

The 4″ display also has scartch resistant glass protection and installed with Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine for better bright contrast view and completed with Sony WhiteMagic technology. For the UI it uses Timescape User Interface. The touch tablet form factor with 122 x 59.5 x 10.5 milimeter is chosen as the design of this Xperia P. Along with the 1305 mAH Lithium Ion battery capacity, this device has about 120 grams on weight measure.
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Sony Xperia S LT26 User Manual & Technical Specs

Speaking of Sony Xperia S, It is better that we told you this Android Smartphone has an alias name. In some regional / country, you may face that this Xperia S also known as Xperia Nozomi or Sony Ericsson Arc HD. As long as I know, this phone is the first device comes after the Sony “broke up” with Ericsson.

It uses Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon Processor with dual core 1.5Ghz and Adreno 220 as GPU. Android Gingerbread installed in this phone. By using Android v2.3 that in this day it seem out dated due to the Android version is already in Version 4.0, this Xperia S planned to be able to upgrade to Ice Cream sandwich.

Sony Xperia S LT26 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Sony Xperia S LT26 Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

As usual, if you don’t interesting on reading the overview and specs of Sony Xperia S and you rather direct to know the download link of the User Manual aka User Guide of Xperia S, just go to Resume, Read Online or PDF Download Tab Section.

The Xperia S uses wide display at 4.3 inches. It powered with LED backlit LCD Capacitive touchscreen with HD display resolution at 20 x 1280 pixels. Scrarch resistant glass, multi touch, 16M colors, Sony Mobile Bravia Engine, Timescape UI and also some sensor like Gyro, Accelerometer, Compass and Proximity also installed in this phone.
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Sony Tablet S User Manual & Specs

Sony is a little bit late on releasing his Tablets Device. The Sony Tablet S that we wanna share the Owners Manual or Help Guide here, is one of two version of Tablet Devices manufactured by Sony included as the first generation of Sony Tablet Gadget. The other one is Sony Tablet P with folding type dual screen (we’ll discussed later).

The Tablet S designed with touch tablet form factor. It has 9.4 inches display diameter. The display uses TFT Capacitive Touchscreen. For the Colors and Resolution, this tablet has 16M colors with 800 x 1280 pixels resolution.

Sony Tablet S Owners Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Sony Tablet S Owners Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Personally, I love the ways the one side edge with rounded design (like it was being folded) uses in Sony Tablet S. Seems to fit and easy to handle in one hand whether you are right handed or left handed (just uses the accelerometer sensor to do best orientation to read and touch the device). For the dimension size, it has 241.2 x 174.3 mm (9.5” L x 6.8” W inches ) x 10.1mm-20.6 mm Depth (see the image to understand why it been said 10.1 mm to 20.6 mm – the folding paper type ) and has about 22 ounces/oz aka 625 grams.
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