Sony Xperia sola MT27/ MT27i User Guide & Tech Specs

We heard that Xperia sola previously rumored to be named as Xperia Pepper. It has a series name as MT27 (others variation MT27i / MT27a). If you wanna compare with Xperia U, this Xperia sola is a better specs, specifically on the internal memory and the supports for microSD external card slot.

And sola uses 3.7 inches display with floating touch display capability. This means that without even touching the touchscreen you still able to navigate and operate the sola. Just move over. It called floating touch. It’s especially uses on highlighting or find the link on your web / site that you looking for. You’ll never open the mistake link by accident even in this “tiny” touchscreen with your “large” fingerhead.

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide Specs Overview

Sony Xperia sola User Manual MT27 Owners Guide - Specs Overview

According to the official specs of Xperia sola at here, the 3.7″ display has 16M colors TFT capacitive touchscreen with 854 x 480 pixels resolutions. You can use only “on-screen” qwerty keyboard for the typing input. The surface of the screen also coated with shatterproof sheet on scratch resistant glass. Do not worry about your keen nail or even your sharp edge motor or mobile key scratching your phone. And of course, just like others Sony Smartphone with touch bar / tablet design, the Reality display experience with Mobile BRAVIA Engine is also installed.
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