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Please use this contact from for “important” condition only: such as you wanna ask the mirror link of User Guide of the phone in case you are unable to download it, report a broken download link, or you have a copyright issue that we must know and followed up. The last, please make it in details.

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  1. tracy says

    does anyone know how to delete cover art off the tracks in music player? lord only knows how they got there in the first place! Sony you are rubbish at replying to emails & your manuals in any language are unhelpful ! Thanks

  2. mary says

    So many icons. I called T-mobile, and they could not tell me. Do you know what the icon which is reddish orange (kind of looks like a construction cone) with a black exclamation mark inside it means? Thank you.

  3. says

    Not able to reboot GT-S5360. Even the home/menu/back key are non operational.Can anyone help me with solution. I have tried moving an application from SD memory to phone memory after which the phone has hanged.

    • s says

      How do u stop a syco from making u their employee (when I r clearly not) and they use Google enterprise business……and u r an individual person

  4. ommen stephen says

    I changed my Pass word of gmail, now google talk not opening on mobile Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
    when i try to open it shows

    sign in un suceessful
    invalid user name or pass word
    pls try again

    kindly instruct how to do it

  5. says

    Hello, I would could help me with my phone because I have no money to send to repair, by accident I fell on top of him and stopped working. takes turns and not even 5 seconds and turns off, turns back on by himself and then off, they think it is? Maybe I can help, by our greetings and thanks. alejandra carefully.

  6. Steven Kyle says

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 but i can’t download any software or music because I notice that it don’t have any google play store can any one help by sending me how to download from tab my e-mail i will appreciate any type of help…

  7. mheldz villanueva says

    How to clear phone storage i have a lot space on my sd but i cant down load some app..i always recieved notification ur phone s low on space so h

  8. says

    Searched Samsung cell phone and was sent to this web cite. Filled out a contact us with my problems with phone and when I fill out security question have been un able to send says wrong password have tried several times. How can you get help if you cant send contact us form???

  9. amir says

    به دلیل تکرار اشتباه پترن دستگاه از من ایمیل میخواهد.لطفا کمک کنید؟؟

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