Dell Streak 7 Tablet User Manual & Quick Start Guide for T-Mobile

The Dell Streak Series Tablet Phone comes with two difference version according to the Display Screen Side (and it been named according to the Display size Diameter!): The Dell Streak 5 that using 5 inch Display Diameter (click the links to find out more about this including the download link of User Manual and Quick start Guide) and also the Dell Streak 7 that come with 7 inch Display Screen Diagonal Diameter. Because we already discuss for the Streak 5 ones, herein we will share and discuss the Dell Streak 7 that come along with T-Mobile Carrier (in US) including both the Detail Specs and the Manual. The

Dell Streak 7 T Mobile User Manual Quick Start Guide Specs Overview

Dell Streak 7 T-Mobile - User Manual and Quick Start Guide -Specs Overview

As a Tablet that only use Capacitive Touchscreen UI (7″ Display with Corning Gorilla Glass for scratch resistant and has Resolution 800 x 480 pixels with Proximity Sensor and Light Sensor. Supports Multi Touch wit TFT Technology), the Dell Streak 7 can be called using Touch Tablet form factor as their main design body. We tought that almost Tablet at this day, including Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and also Apple iPad, only equipped with Touchscreen without any Physical Keyboard attached (except external keyboard dock) and used Touch tablet form factor. The design almost the same in all aspect except for the Detail of Specifications, such as iPad don’t have Camera, otherwise Xoom and galaxy tab has ones and so do the Dell Streak 7.

Yes, Dell Streak 7 embedded with 5 Megapixel Camera on the rear body of the casing (back side, see the image above) and even has Dual LED Flash for better shot on poor light source. It also has come with Auto Focus, Digital Zoom, Geo Tagging, Effecs, Withe Balance, Night Mode, Image Editor, Video Recording Ability (Camcorder Mode) and one more thing, on the front body, it equipped with Secondary camera at 1.3 Megapixel (Fixed Focus) that can be used for Video Calling.

Dell Streak 7 Tablet Manual User Guide Android Froyo 2.2 Resume

About the Image: It was the representation of the User Manual that shown you the ways you can installing or assembling the Phone Tablet with memory card, inserting SIM card or how to charging the Tablet. The details instructional text and image can be found at page 11 and 12 under sub chapter “Getting Your Device Ready for Use” of the User Guide of the Dell Streak 7.

Dell Streak 7 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Insert SIM Memory Card Charging Resume

Dell Streak 7 T-Mobile - Manual User Guide - Insert SIM Memory Card Charging - Resume

For Another Tutorial and Guideline, such as how to connect the Streak 7 Tablet to the Internet using WiFi (need access point or hotspot to be covered / reachable) such as find a Wi-Fi networks connections that available, turning on or of the WiFi, entering password or security code and else, it can be read at page 56.

Under Web Application Chapter, you can also learn how you can use Facebook Application and Twitter Application such as make a status message, view feed stream, watch the video and photo, replay message, make a tweet, follow other twitter account and more. The Detail Tutorial and help of this Social Networking can be found at page 68 to 76 (quite details and deep explanation).

For Using the 5MP Camera to create Video (Camcorder Mode and Controls) or to take a Photo (Camera Mode and Controls) you can learn and read though page 119 and 120. There are a lot of elaboration with details explanation (text and image) how you can use the Dell Streak 7 Features and Tools, such as set an Alarm, Troubleshooting (how to reset the device, how to start software recovery, using safe mode, etc) , using GMail, Pairing the Bluetooth, Changing Date, Language, Time, Sound and Display Setting and more.

You can download the full User Guide File / User Manual File of Dell Streak 7 T-Mobile under “Manual Downlaod” Tab (including Quick Guide / Quick Start Guide for fast learning). Enjoy!

Dell Streak 7 Tablet Specifications Details

The Dell Streak 7 runs under Android Froyo 2.2 Operating System by Google along side with Dual Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU Processor at 1GHz Processor Speed and 16GB Internal Storage that can be expanded with microSD Card up to 32 GB (alos support MMC, SDHC memory card). Along side with T-Mobile Carrier, The Dell Streak 7 in US works under HSPA + Technology at 2100/1900/850 MHz / AWS (HSDPA up to 21 Mbps and HSUPA 5.76 Mbps) and also GSM/UMTS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz. Officially there only one Color casing for Sterak 7: the Black Color.

As a modern Tablet, the latest technology for connectivity to the internet such as Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data rate (support A2DP is a must), WiFi WLAn IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and also USB slot also available (version 2.0). The GPS also installed onboardly with the Tablet. Under Android OS, it also can be assured that the Google Services Applications for Mobile / Tablet also installed. It including Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Navigator (including turn by turn Navigation and Voice Navigation)Google Latitude, Google Search, Google Calendar, YouTube, and Android Market.

For Multimedia Player, the Audio Music Player and also Video Music Player capable to play these following formats: 3GP, MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV video formats, and MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, MIDI, AMR and WAV Audio formats. For the web browser, it used Full HTML WebKit browser that guarantee you to be able to open almost all kind of webpage formats, even flash file for web especially because it already had Adobe Flah 10.1 Player for Froyo (sometime need to be download and install from Android Market).

Table of Contents of Dell Streak 7 Tablet User Manual / User Guide

Note, Cautions, and Warnings
Dell Streak 7 Tablet Features
Setting Up Your Dell Streak 7 Tablet
Understanding Your Dell Streak 7 Tablet
Using Your Dell Streak 7 Tablet
Connecting to the Intenet:
Disable all Connections Using the Airplane Mode,
Browsing the Internet
Web Applications:
Google Talk
Google Maps
News and Weather
Android Market,
Synchronizing Your Google Data,
Customising Your Dell Streak 7 Tablet
Protecting Your Dell Steak 7 Tablet
Copying Files to and from the Device
Sound Recorder
Synchronizing Your Dell Streak 7 Tablet and Computer Using Dell Mobile Sync

Dell Streak 7 Tablet Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Android Froyo 2.2 PDF Download

The Image that we capture from the Quick Start Guide of Dell Streak 7 T-Mobile below describe how you can understand the part of the Tablet, also how to use the Home Screen of Streak 7 and also tutorial to turning on the Dell Steak 7. It available in 3 difference pages: page 2, page 7 and page 8.

Dell Streak 7 T-Mobile Quick Start Guide Introducing Tablet Home Screen Turn On PDF Download

Dell Streak 7 T-Mobile - Quick Start Guide - Introducing Tablet Home Screen Turn On - PDF Download

There are two type of File of Dell Streak 7 T-Mobile User Manual / User Guide and Quick Start Guide that you could read and download. It consists the same contents but in different ways you could get its: It is available in PDF File type and also the zipped compressed File Type (smaller size). If you use Desktop Computer , we strongly suggested that you download the zip file and extract it in your computer or devices to read the UM or QSG of the Dell Streak 7 for T-Mobile. Otherwise you use SmartPhone with PDF Reader for Mobile or from your Dell Streak 7, you can use the pdf type one to open and download directly without need to extract its. Enjoy!

User’s Manual:

Quick Guide:

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  1. sarah says

    My man got a Dell tablet for xmas and it was set on the Dell theme some how it has now changed to google settings does anyone know how I can change it back for her? She is unable to use the google setting thank you very much and hope someone can help me

  2. Ezzard Crittenden says

    My Dell streaker 7 tablet will not power on, when I plug it up the home, back and the other light on the front lights up, but the power on light does not come on, and when I unplug it the three lights on the front goes out as if it is not charging. I when through the factory reset but still no luck

  3. jorge says

    hola . tengo un problema hace bastante tiempo es que el puerto de carga o datos se partió internamente , i no encuentro el repueto por ningun lado algien me puede orintar de un sitio en la red que tengan de todo tipo de repuestos para Dell Streak 7 Tablet les agradesco mucho su colaboracion

  4. glenda d. blair says

    how do i get popups to stop appearing on my dell streak 7 tablet, as soon as i power it up it says that process has unexpectantly stopped and i should force close, and it just keeps doing this

  5. margo says

    I recently purchased the the dell streak 7. Open e-mail w/ Google but I can,t log out off e-mail by touching right hand corner of my name’s Id inside e-mail page. wonder If it’s been hacked.I even changed d. password in my laptop. Can,t even down load music or books. Google’s website free music downloads not able to get/says- download unsuccessful. I’m mostly concern with the e-mail.Can u help? or tell me how to get manual. thank-you

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