My Solution for SGS2 Android Error: Can’t Open Gallery, Not Enough Space Notification

I got this message notification whenever I try to open Gallery on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (runs on Jelly Bean 4.1.2).

“Not enough space. Delete unnecessary items, such as downloaded software, pictures, videos and documents.”

And the problem not only got on Gallery application. Due to this error on my SGS2 GT-I9100, I can’t use Camera, I can store any image, I can download photos and videos from the internet, even I can’t use my BBM for Android and Whatsapp application to send and receive file or images. It’s been a week I got this error. I’m rather frustrated. I had already tried the solution to clear cache on Gallery application to followed up the solution give it on XDA developer but none of them worked. It indeed works for a couple minutes when I reboot the device, but after a couple minutes the problem start to appears.

Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 Gallery Error: Not Enough Space

Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 Gallery Error: Not Enough Space

Finally, I got a solution that save my day. It’s actually because of the cache gallery device that I already tried to remove it, but actually can’t be removed. Therefore I came for the solution accidentally.

Here are the solution:

  • You need to reboot your SGS2 first, then go to Google Play Store and install “Clean Master Applications“.
  • After you install the Clean Master app, reboot your phone once again.
  • Then Open the Clean Master application
  • Clean Master: Junk Files

    Clean Master: Junk Files

  • Tap Junk File Icon > Tap Advanced icon on the top right corner of your SGS2 screen
  • Clean Master: Advanced Junk Files

    Clean Master: Advanced Junk Files

  • Scroll down and fin the Gallery Thumbnail under Temporary File section
  • Select the Gallery Thumbnails (I believe your thumbnails image size is around 1GB)
  • Clean Master: Gallery Thumbnail Temporary Files

    Clean Master: Gallery Thumbnail Temporary Files

  • Tap Clean and wait the Clean Master do the job.
  • Whenever the Cleaning Gallery Thumbnails are done, Close the application and reboot again.
  • After rebooting, try to open the Gallery, I bet right now you gallery is working fine.
  • When it still can’t be open, try to open Clean Master, then repeat the step.
  • Done

Note: I believe this solution can be applied to fix the same error for other Android Devices such as Galaxy Camera, or even Galaxy S4

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  1. hornlouder says

    I tried this thrice. I could open gallery only once after reboot. Second time onwards same error. I guess clean master could not clean the files because my s2 internal memory seems like changed to read only access mode.

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