Fixing Voice Command Server Errors on Samsung Galaxy S2 (II)

Today, I noticed that my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 got Voice Command Server Errors. It’s not only for one time has occurred, but almost anytime I used the phone, the notification of Voice command server errors popped out.

Voice Command Server Errors on Samsung Galaxy S2

Voice Command Server Errors on Samsung Galaxy S2

First, I thought that there is a problem with my Galaxy S2 (SGS2), but right now, I finally understood what is going on and how to fix this error / solution problem.

The Reason

It seems that the problem isn’t related with the Galaxy S II hardware or software, instead it comes from Samsung Server. Yes, anytime the Voice command running, it will contact the Voice Server on the Samsung Server, if there is something wrong on the Server side, the notification of Voice command servers errors would appears.

Solution for Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 Voice Command Server Errors

Go to Settings > Applications > Running Applications > Stop the Voice command application.

You can also try another solution: Go to Settings > Applications > Voice Command > Clear Data.

That would give you a temporary solution to disconnect your Galaxy S2 from Samsung Server Voice command. That will make you never find any random notification voice command server errors.

Behind the problem – Prediction

I thought that this problem occurred has relating with the availability of new Update Firmware version of your Samsung Galaxy S2: Upgrade to Jelly Bean Android Operating System version 4.1.2. Try go to Software Update to make sure that about this.

Note: After updating my Samsung Galaxy S II to Jelly Bean Android v4.1.2 OS, the Server Errors problem on SGS2 disappears.

Recommended: Having Jelly Bean OS on your Galaxy S2 will give you some good features: Smart Stay, Google Now, New TouchWiz UI User Interface, and more. Absolutely worth it.

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