Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone User Manual & Quick Start Guide

After discussing and sharing the User Guide / Owners Manual of Garmin Asus A10, that powered with Android OS platform, now we would like to write another Garmin Asus phone which officially released under Android Operating System: The Garmin Asus A50. This phone was actually released in the middle of Juli 2010 along with Nuvifone Carrier, that why it also known ad Garmin Asus Nuvifone A50 (though in others Carrier such as T-Mobile also released this product). The basic design of this phone has the same concepts as A10 Garmin Asus. It uses Candy Bar form factor type (can be named also as Touch Bar form factor due to the use Touchscreen User Interface with only uses onscreen Virtual Qwerty Keyboard).

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owners Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owners Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

What the differences between Garmin Asus A50 and Garmin Asus A10? Let compare the Specifications between this two Garmin Asus A Series. For the Touchscreen Display, it still uses the same material with TFT HVGA Capacitive Touch Panel with 256K colors and has the same Resolution screen at 480 x 320 pixels, but the Display screen size is difference! The A10 only uses 3.2 inches Diagonal Diameter, and for the A50 uses a bit bigger size of Diameter at 3.5 inches. We will continue to discuss this comparative section in the “Specifications” Tab.

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owner’s Manual User Guide Resume

In our opinion, this is the simplest introduction of Smartphone Keys and Parts that we ever read and share. Usually the Keys Parts on Getting to Know Your Phone consists a lot of information regarding the phone layout: by front, rear, side, top and even botton view. But in this Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone, it only has front few with too few explanation. Too bad. That why we also included the Homescreen tutorial as additional picture screenshot for you. Both of those help tutorial can be found at page 1 and page 10.

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owners Manual User Guide Keys Parts Use Homescreen Resume

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owners Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Use Homescreen - Resume

We suggest you to take a look at the “Table of Contents of Garmin Asus A10 Nuvifone” for a while. At there, you can see that the tutorial on using Navigation and Maps provided in full and detail elaboration with step by step instruction. This almost can be judged because A50 Smartphone is a Phone Navigator. From tutorial how you can find a parking spot for your car to how you can get information on Fuel Prices also available (see page 34 and page 38 about this). Though we had to warn you that this features no available in all of country or region.

To get Factory Data Reset guideline or Master Reset aka Hard Reset, just go to Menu > Settings > Privacy > Master Clear. The details explanation about this (such as this step wouldn’t make your Map Data erased) can be read at apge 110. How about using the Clock such as setting the Alarm Clock? go to page 83 and read the manual instruction about this at there.

There were a lot of tutorial that we couldn’t share / resume at here. From how you can pairing the bluetooth to others bluetooth devices such as Computer, Laptop or Wireless Stereo Headset (A2DP), from how you can use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet, Using the Phone to access you favorite Social Network such as Facebook or Twitter, to Play YouTube Video or Find Movie Time, all available in the PDF Manual of Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone that we shared the download links (both Quick Start Guide and Owner’s Manual) at “Manuals Download” Tab.

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Specification

Overall, the specifications hardware of A50 is a little bit lower than A10. This can be deducted from the Memory that been installed in Garmin Asus A50 for Nuvifone which only had 256MB for RAM and 256 MB for ROM. But the both of them still uses 4Gb eMMc Flash and support up to 32GB microSD card external memory storage (for Media File, Document, Games, and others). For the Processor it has the same series and speed likes A10 which uses Qualcomm 7227 Chipset, 600Mhz ARM 11 processor with Andreno 200 GPU (Graphic Processor).

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owners Manual User Guide Specifications

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owners Manual User Guide - Specifications

Almost forget. Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Android Operating System by Google. For the Version of Android, this device uses Version 2.1 aka Android Eclair – the same version that been used by Garmin Asus A10, the A letter on A50 also refer to the A letter on Android term. For the Data Networks Technology, A50 uses 3G UMTS dual band for 1700/2100 Mhz capable to be had HSDPA 7.2 Mbps download (HSUPA 384 Kbps also supported) and also supports with EDGE/GPRS/GSM quad band 850/900/1800 and 1900 Mhz (2G). It little bit difference on A10 that used dual band 3G 900/2100 Mhz (it supposed to be because of the Networks Carrier Provider – depend on region / country).

As you might already knew, A10 equipped with 5MP Camera, but for Garmin Asus A50 it only powered with 3.2Megapixel Camera. Though it also has Geo Tagging feature, AutoFocus, Video Recording up to VGA@24fps and also Digital Zoom. For the Connectivity device, the A50 embedded with Bluetooth v2.0 (with A2DP and plus EDR), Wi-Fi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b and g type, and also USB version 2.0.

Of course, the working together between Garmin means that Asus A50 was also being targeted to be used as Navigator Smartphone. It already included with Garmin Navigation, AGPS supports, Digital Compass, CityXplorer Map, Pedestrian Navigation, Car Navigation, Garmin Connected Service, and also Google Map Navigation. As an Android Gadget, A50 also preloaded with Google Apps such as Android Market for downloadable hundred of thousand applications, Google Talk, GMail, YouTube, Google Search, and else.

How about Multimedia Player? The A50 also capable to play these following Audio Music and Video formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, WAV, MP4, H.263, H.264, WMV, MPEG4, and 3GP. For the GPS it uses Qualcomm GPSOne-Gen7. Another Features and Apps including LBS Enhanced Features, Ciao, Google Calendar, Alarm Clock, Document Viewer for Microsof Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe PDF Reader, Proximity Sensor, and else.

Table of Contents of Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owner’s Manual User Guide

Getting Started
Getting to Know Your Device
Using the Phone
Managing Your Contacts
Searching for Location;
GPS Signals
Find Point of Interest
Work wit Found Locations
Change Search Area
Save and Edit Location
Sharing Locations
Find Parking Spot
Find Current Location
Setting Home Locations
Finding an Address
Find Local Businesses
Find Recently Found Locations
Find Upcoming Events
Find Panoramio Photos
Find Fuel Prices
Finding Cities
Using White Page Phone Directory
Entering Coordinates
Find Intersections
About Extra,
Following Your Route;
About the Map
Using the Map
About Usage Modes
Navigating in Driving Mode
About Traffic
Navigating in Walking Mode
Taking a Detour
Stopping the Route
Working the Routes
Viewing Your Trip Log,
Sending and Receiving Messages
Using Ciao!
Browsing the Web
Playing Music
Taking and Viewing Picture Videos
Organizing Your Life;
Using the Calendar
Viewing a Document
Check Weather Forecast
Using the Clock
Using the Converter
Checking Flight Status
Finding Movie Times,
Connecting with Other Devices
Customizing Your Device;
Wireless manager
Audio Settings
Display Settings
Phone Settings
Home Screen
Navigation Settings
Email Account Settings
Contacts Settings
Calendar Settings
Messaging Settings
Browser Settings
Quick Search Setting
Managing Applications
Accounts and Sync Settings
Security and Locations Settings
Changing the Text Language
Keyboard Settings
Date and Time Settings
Units Settings
Privacy Settings
Clearing All User Data
Change Storage Settings
View Software Information,

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owner’s Manual User Guide & Quick Start Guide PDF Download

The Image that we uploaded and embedded in this post below, represent some part of image tutorial available in the PDF Owner’s Manual of A50 (you can also find this image at A50’s Quick Start Guide QSG), that would help you to learn how you can assembling the Parts of A50 to its A50’s body. From how you can open the Cover casing of the phone, removing and inserting the battery, mounting the cradle handle, installing the microSD or SIM card, to how you can charge the phone and close the cover. It available on page 2 to page 5 under “Setting Up the Device and Completing the Setup” Chapter.

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owners Manual User Guide Assembling Open Cover Casing Install Batery Insert SIM microSD Card Mounting Cradle PDF Download

Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone Owners Manual User Guide - Assembling Open Cover Casing Install Batery Insert SIM microSD Card Mounting Cradle - PDF Download

We gave you two version of Owner’s Manual of Garmin Asus A50. The first one available in Compressed Zip file and the second one provided in PDF File formats that we extracted from the first zip file. Both contains the Owner’s Manual aka User Manual of Garmin Asus A50 Nuvifone and also its Quick Start Guide / Getting Start Guide. For the second download (PDF File formats), we currently uses File sharing web and it been passworded.

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