Google Nexus One by HTC User Manual & Specifications Android 2.1 Eclair

Even though we already wrote a review and share download pdf Owner’s Manual of Google Nexus S (the 2nd Generation Nexus Series from Google by Samsung: We can also unofficially called this Phone as Google Nexus two :D), we still don’t share a review about the first 1st Generation of Google Nexus: The Google Nexus One. That why, right now, we’ll discuss it with you in this page.

If the Google Nexus S comes with the latest version of Android OS, Android 2.3 Gingerbread (per December 2010), indeed, the Google Nexus One also came with the latest version of Android OS in the time the Phone was released, Android 2.1 Eclair (on January 2010). The Nexus One equipped with 1GHz Processor Qualcomm QSD8250 along with ROM memory 512 MB and RAM Memory 512 MB. The “One” also comes with 3.7 inch Display with 480 x 800 pixels Resolution WVGA AMOLED Screen. The Phone used Touch Tablet / Candy Bar form factor with 4 rounded corner.

Google Nexus One User Guide Manual HTC PDF

Google Nexus One User Guide Manual by HTC

In United State, the strategy on marketing this Nexus One was uncommon. Usually the Phone sell by locked with the Carrier (bundling, plan or contract), but for Google Nexus One, it available in the Market unlocked without any plan or contract (The same condition also occurred in Google Nexus S by Samsung). The Networks for Data Transmission in this Phone supports both 3G GSM HSDPA and also 3G CDMA WCDMA (depend on the operator carrier).

Nexus One GSM phones compatible with 3G mobile networks from AT&T (U.S.) and Rogers Wireless (Canada): 3G UMTS bands I/II/V: 2100, 1900, 850 MHz.
Nexus One GSM phones compatible with 3G mobile networks from T-Mobile (U.S.): 3G UMTS bands I/IV/VIII: 2100, 1700(AWS), 900 MHz

Nexus One also integrated with 5.0 Megapixel Camera that would allows you to create High Definition Video (through Camcorder / Video Recording mode) and Photos (Image Capture). The 5MP camera came also with Automatic Focus, 2 time Digital Zoom, LED Flash, Geo Tagging and Image Editor. The Phone also enlisted with GPS Antenna / AGPS stand for Assisted Global Positioning System, WiFi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g, USB port, Bluetooth 2.0 Version with A2DP wireless stereo headsets – according to (some version used Bluetooth 2.1 – according to the User Guide Specs), G Sensor, Digital Compass, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor and support microSD for extended external memory card up to 32GB (4GB microSD included).

For Full Detail and Specifications you can read at here or just download the Manual below and read on section “Specifications”.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Google Nexus One by HTC User Guide Manual PDF Download

Google Nexus One Users Guide Keys Parts Overview PDF HTC

Google Nexus One User's Guide - Keys Parts Overview PDF by HTC

User’s Guide of Google Nexus One by HTC | Language: English US | Size: 3.88 MB | Pages: 334

Google Nexus One by HTC User Guide Manual Summary Resume
Most of the contents in the User’s Guide of HTC Google Nexus One consists of explanations and instructions tutorial how to use Google Mobile Services, such as Android Market, YouTube (on page 267 ), Google Talk, Google Mail, Google Voice (page 153), and also Google Maps ( page 221). You can find how to download and install game and application from Android Market on pag 301 of the UG of Nexus One. If you wanna know on how to connecting the Wi-Fi WLAN to a networks (hot spot area for example) you can find the tutorial guidance at page 68. And on page 72 you can also find a help to pair Nexus One’s Bluetooth to other Bluetooth Devices (PC, Computer, Laptop, etc).

If you got any trouble on how to use 5MP Camera of the Phone, you can find and learn the instructions guide at page 242 of the Manual that discuss “Opening Camera and Taking Picture” or on page 246 for creating Video Recording. Want to know how to play Music Audio that capable to plays following formats:AAC, AAC+ (HE-AACv1), HE AACv2, AMR NB and AMR WB, MP3, MIDI SMF( iMelody, RTTTL/RTX, XMF,), Ogg Vorbis and WAVE? Just read the page 275 of the User’s Guide PDF. If you just wanna know the Phone Overview (keys and parts – see the figure above) or how to assembling the Phone with Battery, SIM and memory microSD Card? You can read from pages 17 to 21.

Table of Contents of Google Nexus One User Guide

About this Guide
Your Phone and Accessories
Android Basics
Connecting to networks and Devices
Placing and Receiving Calls
Google Voice
Google Talk
News and Weather
Car Home

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  1. renju devasia says

    this phone’s volume can not be increased above a certain level..whats the problem?can anybody help me?
    also my wifi also got disconnected after one day.How can i get it back again?

  2. Eddie frank says

    How do I unlock my SIM? I inadvertently locked it and now have the message “SIM card is PUK-locked”. Please see the user guide.m

  3. betty says

    i have a brother who is blind and i need to have a screen reader for him, i dont understand how to use the screen reader of nexus one android phone with out interruption please help me on this.
    million of thanks

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