HP TouchPad User Manual & Specifications (Wi-Fi, 16G/ 32G)

Here it comes another Tablet by one of the most famous Vendor / Manufacturer in the world of Computer PC or Netbook, the HP with its Tablet: The TouchPad. Yes, TouchPad is the name of the Tablet devices that officially released by HP by using HP Palm Operating System, the webOS. At this time, there is only one option for connectivity of this TouchPad, in order to connects to World Wide Web / Internet. It is by using Wi-Fi Connectivity. Yes, Just like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (the newest tablet by Samsung per July 2011), that only equipped with Wi-Fi without Data Networks Connectivity feature, the TouchPad also only uses Wi-Fi (The specs of Wi-Fi we’ll discussed on Specification Tab section) for the Internet connection.

HP TouchPad WiFi webOS 32G 16G Manual User Guide Specs Overview

HP TouchPad WiFi webOS 32G 16G Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Using only Wi-Fi means that HP TouchPad did not works on any GSM / CDMA (Whether it GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G HSDPA, or EVDO CDMA) Data Communication Technology such as to make Voice Communication or text messages likes SMS, MMS and else. And of course this Tablet also not need any Carrier to works. All TouchPad need is Wi-Fi WLAN Hotspot access Point. For the design, as you can see at the figure above, it uses Tablet Bar form factor and without any Physical Qwerty Keyboard (you need separate keyboard dock to do able to type in Physical Keyboard, sold separately as TouchPad accessories). If you wanna type a message, just like most of Tablet, you can use onScreen Virtual Qwerty Keyboard.

HP TouchPad webOS Manual User Guide Resume

Because the HP TouchPad is not a Tablet that support microSD external expandable memory storage card, you will not find any tutorial and guidance in the User Guide / User Manual PDF of this Tablet how to insert or install the microSD Card (no Card slot!). The same condition also occurred on how to insert SIM Card. The TouchPad did not supports for SIM Carrier Card!. Although you might already had Getting Started Guide Manual along with the Package box of TouchPad (Navigation Guide, Cleaning Cloth, Charger and microUSB Cable), it still valuable if you get and read the full User Guide of TouchPad that we like to share with you on this page.

HP TouchPad WiFi webOS 32G 16G Manual User Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

HP TouchPad WiFi webOS 32G 16G Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

The Figure that we embedded above would help you to understand your TouchPad keys and also parts. If you open the User Guide PDF of TouchPad on page 11 under “Front View / Top View > Get to know your device” you’ll be able to learn also the functions and details description about the keys and parts, such the functions or microUSB charger and connector or the Center and Touchscreen and more.

In the User Manual of HP TouchPad PDF, you might not find a tutorial how to perform Factory Data Reset / Hard / Master Reset, but you can do some optional Erase Data and Reset Tablet. Go to page 149 of the Manual and you’ll find the instruction how you can do that.

In these section also had an info whenever you had a problem of application freezes, first steps that you must do is “restarting the TouchPad” but in the case this way do not success you can perform Reset Option. Follow our step by step instructional here to do Secure Full Erase / Reset: Open Device Info > Reset Option > choose Full Erase or Secure Full Erase > Confirm Choice > Done!

Of course there are plenty of tutorial and help available in the UM / UG of TouchPad Tablet, you can learn how to use Maps and get directions, how you can watch the YouTube or Movie, Pairing the bluetooth, how to back up the data before you perform Reset Option, Learning to use Wi-Fi Hotspot, get to know the Troubleshooting that usually occurred, and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HP TouchPad webOS Specifications (Wi-Fi ,16G/ 32G)

Using Touch Table form factor, the display screen of HP Touchpad manufactures with TFT capacitive touchscreen — use LED Backlit–and has 768 x 1024 Pixels Resolution (XGA) at 16M colors (18 bit color depth). For the diagonal diameter size of the Touchscreen, it comes with 9.7 inches. The TouchPad had 13.7 mm thickness and 240 x 190 mm for length and width. It about 740 grams for the weight. Of course Auto Rotate Orientation capability with Accelerometer Sensor and Gyroscope Sensor with Multi Touch Input method are also included along with the Touchscreen Display.

HP TouchPad WiFi webOS 32G 16G Manual User Guide Specifications

HP TouchPad WiFi webOS 32G 16G Manual User Guide - Specifications

At this time, HP TouchPad available in two optional choice for the SD Card internal memory, HP TouchPad 16GB and TouchPad 32GB. Although the it only available for one body color design, just like you can see on the image above, Gloss Black finish (the color name).

Powered with Dual Core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 Processor and also armored with GPU Qualcomm Adreno 220 core, HP Touchpad is quite good in Hardware features along with 1GB Memory (beside 32GB / 16GB). Along with this Qualcomm 1.2 Dual core Processor speed, the TouchPad also runs on HP webOS version 3.0, a Special Operating System developed by HP for its Tablet and Smartphone after HP had made an acquisition of Palm (the webOS original developer)

For Wi-Fi Connectivity features, the Touchpad supports most of Wi-Fi WLAN Type. It currently has Dual Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n type with WPA, WPA2, WEP, 802.1x authentication. It also has Bluetooth wireless technology plus Enhanced Data Rate RDS and supports Stereo Bluetooth Headset Profile A2DP. For Multimedia, you can play music Audio formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, WAV, and QCELP or MPEG-4, H.263 and H.264 for Video formats along with Internal stereo speaker and beats Audio or using 3.5mm Stereo Headphone or Wireless Stereo Headset.

It also equipped with 1.3Megapixel front facing camera with Digital microphone in the purpose to make Live video calling using Wi-Fi connectivity. It seems in the future the HP would release TouchPad that also supports for 3G or 4G Data Technology with Carrier. Touchpad also had Compass with Magnetometer, Light Sensor and GPS toch without A-GPS support (too bad). QuickOffice for Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF Reader, and other Application that ready to use are also installed in.

Table of Contents of HP TouchPad Wi-Fi Manual User Guide (16G/ 32G)

Get to know your device
Charge the battery
Set up your device
Turn your device on/off
Use Gestures; Tap, Swipe, Drag, flick, pinch
Update the HP webOS Operating System,
Just Type;
Just Type Overview
Look up a contact
Find information in an applications on your device
Search the web
Create a new item such as message, calendar event or memo
Open an application
Repeat a recent search
Customize Just Type,
Work with Applications;
Open applications
Resize panels/display or hide levels in an application
Use the Menus
Enter and Save Information
Close and applications or applications screen
Delete an application
Manage Application in Card View
Customize the app display in the launcher and Quick Launch
Manage online accounts
view and work with notifications
Create and work with favorites,
Copy files and Sync your personal data
Email,text, multimedia, and instant messaging
Photos, Videos, and Music;
Photos and Videos
HP Movie Store
Search for a location
Get directions
Work with saved Locations
Work with Locations your viewed recently
Move around and zoom in/ out on a map
Customize the map View,
Contacts, Calendar, Other Personal Information;
Facebook Tablet,
Documents and eBooks;
Adobe Reader (PDF)
Amazon Kindle,
Phone and Video Calls;
How can I make and receive calls with my HP Touch Pad?
Use Skype Voice and Video Calling
User Your HP TouchPad with a Connected HP webOS Smartphone
Listen to Voicemail Messages
View Your Call History
Work with Favorites
Save a Phone number to Contacts
Use a Phone Headset
Customize Phone and Video Calls Settings,
HP webOS App Catalog and Software Manager;
Browser applications in HP webOS App Catalog
Download a Free Application
Buy an Application
Reinstall a Deleted Application
Set up a billing account
Set billing account preferences
Update and Delete a billing account
Manage Applications with Software Manager
Update a Downloaded Application from a notification
Manually Check for Application Updates,
Date and Time
Device Info
Regional Settings
Screen and Lock
Sounds and Ringtones,
Wireless Connections;
Print Manager
Location Services
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Touch to Share,
Online Accounts available for webOS Devices
Important Safety and Legal Information
Use Adobe Search

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi Manual User Guide (16G/ 32G) PDF Download

At this time we only able to find one User Guide / User Manual of HP TouchPad, the English US version. We still don’t know yet whether other language version such as Spanish or French or German are available or not.

For the Image below, it only an explanation about the Homescreen and also some notification and icons that available on HP TouchPad. It actually available on page 12 of the PDF Manual at the section of The Launcher and also Card View. You can find the detail information about what the function of System Icons, the Quick Launch, the Launcher and else by reading it directly from the User Manual of HP Touch Pad. Just Enjoy!

HP TouchPad WiFi webOS 32G 16G Manual User Guide Home Screen Menu PDF Download

HP TouchPad WiFi webOS 32G 16G Manual User Guide - Home Screen Menu - PDF Download

Source: www.hp.com
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  1. Flavio says

    Boa tarde;
    Meu Tablet TouchpPad HP 32G WiFi parou de funcionar com o término da carga da bateria. Contudo, após colocá-lo para recerregar, o mesmo não apresentou qualquer sinal de recarga, permanecendo completamente desligado, com a tela preta. Desejaria saber, se existe algo que eu possa fazer para recarregá-lo, ou se somente com a assistência técnica conseguirei a solução necessária? Grato.

  2. rosmen suniaga says

    buen dia, por favor mi tabla esta guindada y no se como resetearla por favor necesito ayuda. esto me pasó pues me aparecia que tenia dos actualizaciones y al meterme me abrio una ventana nueva que dice administrador de sofware y dos botones uno que dice aplicaciones y otro.

    ayuda por favor

  3. Yllana says

    Boa tarde!
    Coloquei atualmente uma senha no meu tablet, mas eu esqueci e agora nao tem como acessá-lo, alguem sabe o que fazer?
    Por favor me ajudem!!!

  4. lucia says

    buen dia, Por Favor necesito ayuda tabla guindada y No Se Como resetearla Por favor necesito AYUDA. ésto me paso Pues me aparecia Que tenia dos Actualizaciones y al meterme me abrio UNA ventana nueva Que dados administrador de sofware y dos Botones UNO Que dados de Aplicaciones y Otro.

  5. hebert says

    hola necesito ayuda la tablet hp hstnh 129c no me deja conectarme al wi fi me deja un mensaje error de ascociacion desde ya muchas gracias

  6. juveria says

    there is an option wer we can contact or call somebody..imunable to figure out how do i insert a sim card n make calls ….plz help me as soon as possible

  7. Bandula Abeywickrema says

    Can I download Android instead of HP web-OS. If so can I delete the existing web OS? and only run Android. Which version of Android do you recommend to use with my HSTNH-129C : 16 GB
    type Touchpad.

  8. Tyanna Chaffin says

    i just want to say that i purchased an hp touchpad in 2011 and it really sucks! i have been trying to use it again but
    but it wont even turn on at all. i have already had to replace the power cord a couple of years ago and i think that if hp is going to attach its name to a device that it should pay to have it repaired…i am a very dissatisfied customer and just to let you know i have always loved and recomended hp products to everyone i know, but i definitely will not recomend this product

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