HTC 7 Mozart User Manual & Quick Start Guide

HTC 7 Mozart is one of SmartPhone that recently been released by HTC (October 2010) that used Windows Phone 7 as their Operating System to runs within. The Mozart equipped with 1 GHz Processor CPU Speed along with 576 MB for RAM and 512 MB for ROM. It has internal memory storage of 8 GB. For the detail of overview design of HTC 7 Mozart you can see from the image that we share below (used Touch Bar form factor). Specifications detail design; 2.37″ x 4.69″ x 0.47″ (60.2mm x 119mm x 11.9mm) with 130 grams or 4.59 oz weight with battery. It used Full Touchscreen User Interface at 3.7″ WVGA 480 x 800 pixels.

If you familiarized with the name “Mozart”, you had to know that it come from prominent Music Composer at Middle Age on Europe: Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart (27 January 1756 – 5 December 1791). This could also means that the HTC 7 Mozart would brought a great and high Audio Sound System Features adhered in. Might be the Mozart was referred to the High Fidelity Sound with SRS WOW effect in Zune that embedded (built in) with the Phone for best Sound Entertainment (Listening Music for example). These features (great Sound System) just like the HTC Surround in US (United State of America)

HTC 7 Mozart User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF

HTC 7 Mozart User Manual Quick Start Guide

The Camera used by HTC 7 Mozart was 8 Megapixel Camera with Automatic Focus, Xenon Flash Light for Poor light source condition, and capable to record HD Video Recording at 720p. The Internet Connection of the Phone can be used WiFi, Bluetooth with Modem Dial Up (3G supported). Another Applications and Features come along with Mozart 7 are Weather, Stocks App, Windows Live Applications, Facebook, Windows Media Player to play audio and Video formats likes 3gp, mp3, wma, m4a, m4b, mp4, wmv, mav, GPS antenna and Bing Maps and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC 7 Mozart User Manual Quick Start Guide Download PDF

HTC 7 Mozart Quick Start Guide Keys Part Open Phone PDF

HTC 7 Mozart Quick Start Guide - Keys Part and Open Phone Cover

HTC 7 Mozart User Manual Quick Start Guide Summary

For the Quick Start Guide of HTC 7 Mozart, it would shown you how to handle the Mozart Phone by HTC for the first time; Assembling the Phone with SIM and Battery, Understanding the Phone Keys and Part, and else (pictured). And for the User Manual of HTC 7 Mozart consists of tutorial and instruction to used the Phone thoroughly; How to receive calls, Using Microsoft Office, Download the Games, Pairing the Bluetooth, Connecting the WiFi to Wireless internet networks (hotspot), Using the GPS and Bing Maps, Downloading and Plays Games from Windows Marketplace, Settings the Phone, Troubleshooting, Using HTC Hub and Zune, and many more

Note: For others Language just click this link; UG: Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, QSG: Danish, French, German Italian; Carrier: Orange UK, T Mobile, Orange OFR, Telstra.

Problem with email / GMail Client in HTC 7 Mozart
: email on Server Side got deleted when reading them on Mozart 7.

Solution: Open your Gmail via web browser (PC / Computer / Laptop, Netbook, Tablet, etc), go to GMail settings, and go to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”. on the POP options step 2, choose “Keep Gmail’s Copy in the Inbox” instead of “Delete Gmail’s Copy”.

Done! Now you re email would still in the inbox on the server of Gmail.

Table of Contents of HTC 7 Mozart User Manual

Getting Started
Phone Calls
Getting Connected
Maps and Location
More Apps;
Microsoft Office 2010
Update dan Reset
Trademarks and Copyright

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    • Biplab says

      You can use it as a modem but only if your laptop has a wifi connectivity.
      Go to the settings menu. There you will find “internet Sharing”. Tap it and slide on.
      Once it it will give you the broadcast name and password.
      Use these to connect you laptop using wifi and you can use your phone’s 3G connection to surf the web on you laptop. 5 users can connect simultaneously to a single phone (broadcast)
      hope this helps

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