HTC 7 Trophy Spark User Manual & Quick Start Guide

The Specifications Detail and Features of HTC 7 Trophy (Spark) were almost the same as HTC 7 Mozart except for the Camera, Display Screen, Design Body Dimension and Weight (the Differences between HTC 7 Mozart and Trophy). Mozart used 3.7 inch screen display, 8 MP camera, 130 grams, Trophy used 3.8″, 140 grams and used ‘only’ 5 Megapixel Camera. Of course HTC 7 also used Windows Phone 7 as their Mobile Operating System (the number 7 on HTC 7 driven from the OS WP 7 :) )

HTC 7 Trophy User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF

HTC 7 Trophy User Manual Quick Start Guide

The 5 MP Camera attached in HTC 7 Trophy Spark also has Auto Focus, Flash Light and Video Recording Option. Trophy 7 by HTC also has Microsoft Office for Mobile 2010, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB Cable, 512 MB ROM, 576 RAM, Internal Memory 8GB, GPS, Bing Maps, Facebook Applications, Windows Live Applications, Audio and Video Player (Windows Media Player Mobile), Games XBox Live and used Dolby Mobile along with SRS Surround Sound (and else).

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser. What you can see below is the Quick Start Guide of HTC 7 Trophy Spark. If you wanna download the Complete User Manual, go to “PDF Download” section.

HTC 7 Trophy Spark User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF Download

HTC 7 Trophy Quick Start Guide Keys Assembling PDF

HTC 7 Trophy Quick Start Guide - Keys Assembling

The User Guide of HTC 7 Trophy and also the HTC 7 Trophy Quick Start Guide PDF File can be download from the links that we give you below. It would help you to learn how to use the Phone properly without need to worry on mis-used. For example you’ll find how to user the WiFi to connecting yourself to world wide web and access any favorite site that you like such as bbc news or facebook and even twitter. The others contents also help you to learn the phone keys and how to assembling the phone with sim and battery, tutorial to use the Camera and create Video Recording, Playing the Music Audio or Video, using Zune Internet Radio, Setting the Phone, Troubleshooting, how to use the Bing maps, and many more.

Table of Contents of HTC 7 Trophy Spark User Manual

Getting Started
Phone Calls
Getting Connected
Maps and Location
Bing Maps
More Apps;
Microsoft Office 2010
Update dan Reset
Trademarks and Copyright

[User Manual and Quick Start Guide Language such as French, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Germany from Carrier Voda, Voda Generic, Swiscom, Mobilkom, also available. Just click the source link]

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