HTC Desire Z User Manual & Quick Start Guide (QSG)

We will give you the User Guide / User Manual and also Features Specification Details of one of SmartPhone by HTC that used the latest version of Android Mobile Operating System (October 2010), HTC Desire Z. Yup, Desire Z used Android 2.2 a.k.a Android Froyo as their OS. As you can see at the picture, HTC Desire Z used slide side form factor combined with Touch Tablet ( Touch bar) Body and used both Full Qwerty Keyboard Slide out body and Touchscreen User Interface (3.7” inch display screen). This slide out form factor and Android Froyo are some features that make the differences between HTC Desire and HTC Desire Z.

For Comparability / Differences between HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD you can read at here.

HTC Desire Z User Guide Manual PDF

HTC Desire Z User Guide / User Manual

HTC Desired Z equipped with 5 Megapixel Camera with Flash Light, Geotagging ability, Face Detection and Auto Focus. It also has 800 MHz CPU Processor Speed (Desire has 1 GHz Speed) along with RAM 512 MB and Internal Memory 1.5 GB (exandable with microSD Memory Card). Features that also comes with Desire Z including Facebook and Twitter Application, Youtube, Flickr, Bluetooth, WiFi, Audio Video Player, Weather forecast, Mail and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser. This is the Quick Start Guide of HTC Desire Z, for the Full User Guide / Manual, you can download from “PDF Download” Tab.

HTC Desire Z Manual User Guide n Quick Start Guide QSG PDF Download

HTC Desire Z Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Assemble PDF

HTC Desire Z Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts Assemble

User Guide Multi Language Source [Multi Language Available. Czech, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Romania, Russioan, Swedish, Turkish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian]

The User Guide of HTC Desire Z would help you to find the ways you can properly assembling the Phone with Battery, understanding keys and parts of the phone (picture) and many more. For others Example You can used Google Maps with help how to operate it, learning to make connection with WiFi or VPN or using the Phone as wireless router, How to use the Keyboard (Qwerty), Connecting the bluetooth to headset or car kit, learning how to pairing or unpairing the bluetooth device, creating Gallery Photos, Playing Music, Adding effects on Image, Using the Camera for Video Recording, and many more.

Table of Contents of HTC Desire Z Manual User Guide

Getting Started
Phone Calls
Accounts and Sync
Clock and Weather
Internet Connections
Web Browser
Photos, Videos, and Music
Maps and Location
More Applications
Update and Reset
Trademarks and Copyrights

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  1. Susan CHINN says

    New desire htc phone – have some contacts saved to sim (most) and some to phone.
    – can only put those saved to phone in a group?
    – how do you change a contact to phone and not sim?

  2. kala says

    co je kalibrace G-sensoru? a dale si chci zeptat, když mi přijde sms, nepřijatý hovor….. proč mi na HTC desire Z neproblikává žadná led diodka? mobil mám týden nový..

  3. Dana says

    Hi, I just got myself an HTC desire Z. I cannot find Quiet ring on pickup, Pocket mode or Flip for speaker checkboxes in my Sound settings. Why?

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