HTC Evo V User Manual 4G for Virgin Mobile

Finding that the HTC Evo V uses 4.3 inches display screen size, our mind directly jump to the other smartphone’s manufacturer which also comes with 4.3″ display: Samsung Galaxy S II. Along with Virgin Mobile carrier (in US), the Evo V support 4G WiMAX with SQN1210. It is powered Android Ice Cream Sandwich and has dual-cor 1.2GHz processor speed with Qualcomm MSM8660 chipset (other source said it uses MSM8655L chipset). The RAM has 1GB and for the internal eMMC built memory has 4GB ROM capacity.

The main feature of HTC Evo V, in my opinion is the dual camera with dual flash light attached on the rear panel of the device in which it designed to shoot 3D photos and videos. Thus, the 4.3 inches qHD LCD display is designed to show 3D viewing experience by using a parallax barrier overlay. With this display you can watch videos / photos in 3D viewing without need additional 3D glasses.

It’s available for two colors body: black cover casing and plum cover casing.

HTC Evo V User Manual Resume

In the User Guide/Manual, the section that you must get more intention is the tutorial how to use the dual parallel camera for recording 3D video or capture 3D photos. The step by step instructions are available from page 57 to page 62 under “Camera” chapter. You can learn how to switch between 2D and 3D, how to take a photo, things you must do and understand before capturing, learn basic features, and many more. It’s even consist FAQ for 3D camera problem: How can I view 3D photos on PC? How does phone display in 3D? What is maximum resolution for 3D and 2D? what’s the best distant and condition to capture 3D photos/videos? and more.

Keys Parts HTC Evo V User Manual 4G Virgin Mobile

Keys Parts Overview HTC Evo V User Manual 4G Virgin Mobile

And as usual, there is always a picture that we embedded on this page, especially on this Resume section, about the phone overview of key-parts and layout. It can be viewed from side, front and back. As you can see on the figure above, it consist a Home key, Back key, Front camera, proximity sensor, volume button, 2D/3D mode switch button, Power button, headset jack, speaker and more. See the detail by yourself on page 8 and 9 of the User Guide of HTC Evo V 4G for Virgin Mobile.

And here is a tutorial for anyone who wanna do a Factory Reset. It provides in page 147 on the UM of Evo V, but in case you don’t wanna read it directly or downloaded, you can follow this instruction: Home screen > Menu > Settings > Tap Storage > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

There is also one alternative by hardware buttons combination to resetting the phone: Remove battery, reinsert it > press hold VOLUME DOWN, press hold POWER > wait 3 android image appear, release POWER and VOLUME DOWN > Use Volume down to select FACTORY RESET > confirm with POWER button > Wait till it’s done.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Evo V Specifications

The dual-camera on the rear side of the Evo V have 5 Megapixel resolution. Besides it can be used to record 3D Video and photos with auto focus capability, the camera still able to be used as “normal” 2D Video / photo (also supports Auto Focus). The 3D video also can be streams wirelessly to 3D TV. The dual flash light would guarantee that the phone can be used in low light environment such as at night, inside building or tunnel.

If you are a kind of people who love to make cam to cam video calling such as using Google+ hangout or Video Call feature from your phone’s carrier, there is 1.3MP color CMOS front facing camera ready to be used for this kind of activity.

Specification HTC Evo V User Manual 4G Virgin Mobile

Specification HTC Evo V User Manual 4G Virgin Mobile

As we mentioned above, the display has 4.3-inch size. It uses Super LCD Capacitive touchscreen with 3D display and has qHD resolution (540 x 960 pixels). The phone is full touchscreen phone, known as touch bar form factor design. It uses full on screen input output with HTC Sense 3.5 UI. If you are not familiarize on using onscreen qwerty keyboard, which means usually you use physical qwerty keyboard or alphanumeric, you might need a little adjustment on typing or create a message / text mail on this phone.

Virgin Mobile means that the phone uses CDMA data technology which supports CDMA2000 1x, EVDO rev 0, EVDO Rev.A and for the 4G uses WIMAX. Wi-FI uses IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth uses version 3.0 and of course USB with microUSB v2.0. It has 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.46 inches size with 5.11 ounces weight. Battery capacity uses 1730 mAh, claimen to be able up to 6 hours talk time and 12.5 days on standby mode.

Table of Contents of HTC Evo V User Manual

Getting started
Phone calls
Search and Web browser
Photos, videos, and music
HTC Services
Accounts and sync
Maps and location
Google play and other apps
HTC Sync
Internet connections
Update and reset
Trademark and copyrights Index

HTC Evo V User Manual for Virgin Mobile

These are the things you must know in order to get your EVO V works for the first time: removing the back cover, inserting storage card (external memory up to 32GB; 8GB included), assembling the battery and also charge the battery then replace back cover. See the figure below.

Assemble Insert MicroSD Charge Battery HTC Evo V User Manual 4G Virgin Mobile

Assemble Insert MicroSD Charge Battery of HTC Evo V User Manual 4G Virgin Mobile

And for the User Manual / User Guide, we have two for your. One for black cover and second one for plum cover. Enjoy

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