HTC Explorer User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Specs

Waiting for the User Guide of HTC Explorer? If you do, we glad that you landing on the right place to be able to get the User Manual and also Quick Start Guide of Explorer. But, let discuss a little bit more about the design, the spec, the software, the apps, the hardware equipped along with this HTC Pico (What? Pico? Yes, Pico is another alias name of HTC Explorer).

If you comparing this Explorer Smartphone to the latest smartphone that been recently released by HTC, you’ll find that the Explorer is the smallest in dimension size than the others (versus HTC Sensation XL for example)

HTC Explore Manual User Guide Quick Start Specs Overview

HTC Explore Manual User Guide Quick Start - Specs Overview

What are the precisely dimension of this Explorer? 102.8 mm x 57.2 mm x 12.9 mm or about 4.05 inches x 2.25 inches x 0.51 inches are the answer. Along with the battery, this device has weighing in 108 grams or about 3.82 ounces. The phone available in four color choices: Active Black, Active Navy, Metallic black and Metallic Navy. The differences of this colors can be seen clearly by the color of its back cover casing.

Talking about the hardware, this Explorer powered with 600MHz CPU Speed Scropion with Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset and for the Graphical Unit it uses Adreno 200. There are also 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM and has built in internal storage for 90MB. If you feel that the storage isn’t enough to store you important data or file, you can added additional microSD storage up to 32GB as an external memory.

HTC Explorer Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Resume

Although the picture image available in User Guide is not clear and good enough (only black and white picture) in comparison to the picture available on Quick Start Guide (with colorful image), but the details are more deeper in UG than in QSG. For example the tutorial to understanding the phone body layout and its keys and parts like the image below. On the QSG it only provides the front panel body but in User Manual / User Guide, it consist the side panel, front, back and top panel body. That absolutely better than only the front side.

HTC Explore Manual User Guide Quick Start Phone Layout Keys Parts Resume

HTC Explore Manual User Guide Quick Start - Phone Layout Keys Parts - Resume

If you never use a touchscreen phone / smartphone which means you are the first time on using HTC explorer, we recommend you to learn the basic functions such as how to receive a call and dial a number. This would be important due to the touchscreen is usually had a difference approach on how you can receive and make a call. Such as you had to slide to unlock the screen then you can receive a call instead of tap because the is no physical call and receive key. See the detail about this on the User Guide of HTC Explorer page 38 to page 48.

You might find the tutorial on how you can perform factory data reset on this HTC Explorer are have the same steps just like others HTC Smartphone which uses Android OS. Therefore, the similarity of the tutorial that we gave you below is unavoidable. Here are the guideline we got on page 174 of UG:

Home Screen > Press Menu > Tab Settings > SD & phone storage > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase Everything. Or you can use keys combination: Remove battery > reinsert > press and hold volume down button > briefly press power button > screen appears > release volume down > select factory reset using volume down > confirm with power button > done.

That the two optional steps in which you can performing hard reset aka master reset aka factory reset.

The tutorial such as how you can change language, using calendar, find a location using google maps, update your status on Facebook or tweet on twitter using Facebook / twitter for HTC Sense (stream), setting the alarm, pairing the bluetooth, connect to wi-fi, using HTC sync, download games and applications from android market, adding the widget, all available in the User Guide of HTC Explorer.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Explorer Technical Specifications

If there were an Google Maps, Google Search, Google Talk, Gmail and the existence of Android Market preloaded on HTC Explorer that were the indicator which the Explorer powered with Android OS. It uses Android Gingerbread version 2.3. And for the User Interface, as usual, it installed with HTC Sense UI.

For the connectivity data networks, the Explorer designed to supports GSM Technology such as EDGE, GPRS and also HSDPA (WCDMA) up to 14.4Mbps and HSUPA 5.76Mbps. It currently only support for Europe and Asian region, don’t know when it would be available in US or North America. Might be would available by using another brand name.

In my point of view ,the HTC Explore comes with touch bar form factor. It uses 3.2 inches display diagonal diameter sie with 320 x 480 pixels resolution and 256K colors. It would aproximately had 180 ppi pixel density. The accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor as auto rotate and auto turn off the screen, and ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness of the screen with digital compass also included. It supports touch sensitive control.

HTC Explore Manual User Guide Quick Start Technical Specifications

HTC Explore Manual User Guide Quick Start - Technical Specifications

Does HTC Explorer support Wi-Fi connection? Of course it does. Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n would be enough to be used whenever you are in hotspot area, and even more you can use the Explorer as router by using Wi-Fi portable hotspot feature. Bluetooth 3.0 with Wireless Stereo Headset profile support plus EDR to make faster connection, and USB v2.0 for high data transfer also available (remember you need to download and install HTC Sync in order to connect your Explorer to PC).

For multimedia, it has 3MP camera on the rear side wich capable to record video up to 480p and has geotagging ability via GPS – AGPS support, face detection, and image editor. There is no secondary camera. FM Radio also available and you can also play video and audio music formats for 3GP, 3G2, MP4, WMV, AVI, XVID, WMA, MP3, AAC, AMR, OGG, MID, WAV, and M4A.

Want more detail? Read it at the official page of HTC Explore at here.

Table of Contents of HTC Explorer Manual User Guide

Getting started
Phone calls
Search and Web browser
Accounts and sync
Photos, Videos and Music
Android Market and other apps
Maps and location
HTC Sync
Internet connections
Update and reset

HTC Explorer Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide PDF Download

And for the help how you can assemble the parts of your HTC Explorer for the first time in which you open it from the box case after you bought it, here (see the picture below) the tutorials that would help you to open the back cover casing properly then inserting the SIM card or installing the microSD storage memory and also assemble / remove the battery and charge it.

Need text guidance to do these? Please read it on page 10, to page 15 (including how to power HTC Explorer on).

HTC Explore Manual User Guide Quick Start Open Back Cover Case Insert SIM Install MicroSD Storage Memory Assemble Remove Charge Battery PDF Download

HTC Explore Manual User Guide Quick Start - Open Back Cover Case Insert SIM Install MicroSD Storage Memory Assemble Remove Charge Battery - PDF Download

The User Guide and Quick Start Guide of HTC Explorer below are “global edition” which means the tutorial content shown the “common” help. But if the Explorer had been bundled with Phone carrier, you might need to download specific manual which has help on how to use the carrier features or application.

Additional: Download HTC Sync for HTC Explorer

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