HTC Flyer User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Specifications

Again. After Research in Motion with Blackberry Playbook, Samsung with Galaxy Tab, LG with LG G-Slate (we still not review about this Tablet from LG due to the User Manual that had “lack of content”), Asus with Eee Pad Transformer, Acer with Iconia Tab, and of course the iPad 2 by Apple. Now another vendor manufacturer also come with his Tablet: HTC ready with HTC Flyer Tablet.

Before we discuss a good point of features and also share the information regarding the specification of HTC Flyer, we would make a review on the “bad” side of this Tablet in comparison with other Tablet that already marketed. The Bad news is although this Tablet powered with Android OS, but it not a version that deliberately designed for Tablet – Android HoneyComb / Android 3.0. The HTC Flyer only used Android Gingerbread (Android Version 2.3.3 / 2.4). It seems this is the most “missing” Part on HTC Flyer.

HTC Flyer Tablet Overview on YouTube

There are two type of HTC Flyer that available in the market: HTC Flyer works with GSM 3G HSDPA upto 14.4 Mbps and HSUPA 5.76 Mbps plus Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and also the HTC Flyer that only uses Wi-Fi with no GSM Supports (SIM Card). You might knew that this Tablet from HTC is already released few weeks ago, but why we wrote this article and share the User Manual and Quick Start Guide quite late compare to its availability. It due to the PDF File of User Manual and QSG (eManual / electronic manual version) available on two days ago. This means that the UM /QSG released not at the same time when the Tablet was released. It also late.

HTC Flyer User Manual Quick Start Guide Tablet Resume

To the point. The image below represent the picture of your Tablet of HTC Flyer with each parts and keys name and location. We provide this image below, in the case you wanna take a closer look and understanding about this Tablet Gadget. Such as learn to know Pen Option, Home and Menu button, Volume button, Power button, USB connector, and more. It available on the User Guide of HTC Flyer on page 8 and page 9

HTC Flyer User Manual Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Resume

HTC Flyer User Manual Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts - Resume

We already promised that we wanna talk about Pen that uses by HTC Flyer. The Pen, as you can see at the YouTube Video above, it a pen that can be used as multi function pen, from using to draw a picture, coloring the picture, highlighting the text or drwaing over text/photo, choosing pen type and also its colors “inks” or stroke type, and other (Pencil, Ballpoint Pen, Painbrush, Caligraphy pen, Marker, Highlighter, Eraser). This Pen need a battery and if you wanna know how to insert the battery to its compartment, you can read the step by step instruction on page 46 of PDF User Manual of Flyer.

To Perform Hard Reset / Master Reset or Soft Reset, go to page 191 and page 192 of the User Manual of this Tablet, and you’ll find the detail guideline how to do that, especially if you face a troubleshooting case such as your tablet stop responding or the screen blinking. For Factory Reset you can follow these steps: Menu > Settings > Storage > Factory Data Reset > Reset Tablet > Erase Everything. Another tricks if those steps can be done or accessed: Choose Settings > Power must not be selected and do these: Press + Hold Volume Down button and Power Button > Screen Appears > Release Volume Down > Select Factory Reset > Press Power Button. Done.

But if you wanna just restart your Tablet, just Press and Hold Power Button > Restart.

There are a lot more help, guidance, tutorial, instructions that we could resume in this page. For example how you can use the HTC Flyer as a Wi-Fi Hotspot, learning to Play Music and use Bluetooth A2DP or Pairing the Bluetooth to other Device, Download Application tutorial from Android Market, Setting the Alarm Clock, Change Language, Using Keyboard, Access Social Networks Application such as how to update Facebook Status or make Tweet on Twitter, taking picture or create video with 5MP camera, and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Flyer Tab Tablet Specifications Detail

HTC Flyer uses the same size on Diagonal Diameter of its Display likes Samsung Galaxy Tab or Dell Streak 7 which use 7 inches Display Screen Size. The 7 Inches Display powered with LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with 16M Colors and also has Resolution 600 x 1024 pixels. One thing that can be pointed as a “Added Value” on this HTC Flyer is the Pen (we’ll discussed later).

HTC Flyer Tablet User Manual Quick Start Guide Specifications

HTC Flyer Tablet User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specifications

Using Touch Tablet form factor (some other version mentioned as Candy Bar or Touch bar from factor), the HTC Flyer has quite stylish and unique rounded corner and back cover casing (see the image). The Display Touchscreen also installed with HTC Sense UI (as usual), Accelerometer sensor (for Auto Rotate Orientation), Multi Touch Input, Handwriting supports (with Pen), and Touch Sensitive controls with Rotating Icons. For the dimension, it has 195.4 mm x 122 mm x 13.2 mm with abouth 420.8 grams in weight.

HTC Flyer Tablet User Manual Quick Start Guide Specifications

HTC Flyer Tablet User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specifications Detail

We had to warn you that, although for the 3G + Wi-Fi version it capable to use the 3G or 2G GSM Networks ( GSM Quad Band 850/ 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz Frequency, and HSDPA 900/ 1700/ 2100 Mhz), it not automatically means that this Tablet also capable to be used like GSM Phone to do Voice Communication. Yes, there is no GSM Voice Communication Capabilities (Voice Call, Receive Call, etc) on HTC Flyer.

Along with Android Platform, Flyer also armored with 1.5 GHz Processor Speed, Qualcomm Snapdragon single core, with 1024MB of RAM (1GB) and has 32 Storage Memory Internal (SSD) and can be expanded by using microSD card up to 32GB (total: 64GB). Google Application that usually preloaded with Android OS also included: Google Talk, YouTube, Android Market, Google Maps, GMail, Google Search and more.

For the Camera, HTC Flyer had dual camera on the rear and front side: 5 Megapixel Color Camera with Auto Focus Rear Camera and 1.3 MP front camera. It support Geo Tagging, has Image Editor, and suport 720p for Video Recording (as a Camcorder). Another Features: SNS Intergration, Facebook, Twitter, Digital Compass, Ambient Light Senosr, G-Sensor, AGPS (GPS), Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP, Wi-Fi Hotspot, microUSB version 2.0, Push Mail, Instant Messaging, has Java MIDP emulator, Voice Memo and more. It available on Silver Color only (for body design color).

For Audio and Video Player, the Flyer supports these following playback formats (extension): .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .wmv (Windows Media Video 9), .avi, .xivd, aac, .amr, .ogg, .m4a, .mid, .mp3, .wav and .wma (Windows Media Audio 9)

Table of Contents of HTC Flyer Tablet User Manual Quick Start Guide

Getting Started
Search and Web Browser
Tablet Pen and Funs Apps;
About the Tablet Pen
Choosing YOur Pen Type, Color, and Stroke
Highlighting and Drawing in Pen Integrated Apps
About Notes
Writing a Note
Reviewing a Note
Switching to Kid Mode
Scribble Mode,
Snapbooth and Camera
Photos, Videos, and Musci
HTC Services;
HTC Watch (Movie on the go)
HTC Sense,
Account and Sync
Google Calendar
Google Maps and Location
Android Market and Other Apps
HTC Sync
Internet Connections
Data Connection
About Connection Widgets
Connect Virtual Private Network VPN
Flyer as Mode (USB Tethering)
Flyer Internet Pass Trough
HTC Flyer as Wireless Router Wi-Fi,
Update and Reset
Trademarks and Copyrights

HTC Flyer User Manual Tablet Quick Start Guide PDF Download

You can get exactly the same image as the one that we gave you below, if you open page 11 to page 13 of the User Guide of HCT Flyer. Of course not only the image but also the detail information how you can perform properly how to Open the Casing Cover, Inserting the SIM card and also Install the microSD memory Card, or how to Charge the Tablet (including the elaboration detail how to remove its).

HTC Flyer User Manual Quick Start Guide Open Casing Cover Assemble Battery Insert Install microSD SIM Card PDF Download

HTC Flyer User Manual Quick Start Guide - Open Casing Cover Assemble Battery Insert Install microSD SIM Card - PDF Download

We gave you the User Manual and the Quick Start Guide of HTC Flyer in four Language: English, German, French, and Spanish. For other Language such as Italian, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Finnish, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Norwegian, Hungarian, you can download both UM and QSG from here.

For HTC Flyer 3G + Wi-Fi (Sim Card Supported):

For HTC Flyer Wi-Fi, you can get the User Manual and Quick Start Guide from here.

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