HTC HD7 User Manual for T-Mobile

Wanna know the newest version of HTC Phone that used Windows Phone 7 Operating System from Microsoft? One of the Phone that would answers you question is HTC HD7 (with T-Moblie Carrier in US): HTC HD7 T-Mobile. Attached with 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 and also with Internal Memory 512 MB + 16 GB microSD (non-removable / can’t be removed or extended) ROM and 512 MB RAM in HTC HD7 would make you experience the quite fast SmartPhone. The Design just like the image that we shared below, used Touch Bar Mono Block form factor with Full Touch Screen (and onScreen Qwerty Keyboard) 4.3 inches WVGA Display.

HTC HD7 Manual User Guide PDF

HTC HD7 Manual User Guide

Of course, without amiss, the Camera 5.0 Megapixel was attached in the back body of the phone. Auto Focus, Picture Editing, Digital Zoom, Camcorder ability to create video recording, also available. HTC HD7 T Mobile also included with common features such as Bluetooth, GPS antenna, Bing Maps, WiFi, Social Networking Applications: Facebook, Windows Live and Twitter, Microsoft Office Mobile 2010, Email Client Mobile supports POP3 and IMAP, Listening Radio, Windows MarketPlace, Games, and else.

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HTC HD7 T Mobile Manual User Guide Download PDF and Resume

HTC HD7 User Manual Keys Parts Phone

HTC HD7 T Mobile User Manual Keys Parts Phone

By Reading the Use Manual of HTC HD7 T Mobile, you be able to learn and understand how to use the Phone from the basic to deep features. Such as how to use the Phone to connect to the internet with WiFi on hotspot area, connection the Phone with others devices such as computer with Bluetooth, Opening Document file such as word document or excel document with Microsoft Office Mobile 2010, Playing Music Audio or Video with Windows Media Player, Find a way home or works with Navigation Bing Maps and GPS, Downloading Games and Application from Windows Market Place, How to assembling the Phone with SIM Card and Battery, Security Help, Troubleshooting tutorial, and many more guidance you can learn from it.

Download User Manual HTC HD7 TMobile | Size PDF: 3.33 MB | Language: English US

Table of Contents of HTC HD7 T Mobile User Manual

Getting Started
Phone Calls
Getting Connected
Maps and Location
More Apps
Update and reset
Trademarks and Copyright

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  1. WILLIAM says

    how do i get my contacts from my HD2 HTC PHONE TO MY NEW PHONE (HTC HD7) ? my contacts is stored on t-mobile website.

  2. kingsford owusu boadu says

    How do I records when making a call?
    How do I get my ISP profile. on my HTC hd7 phone?

  3. mattie says

    how do i received pitcure because when some one sent me a pitcure it said get media content now how do i do that

    • kepsy says

      each time i recieve pictures, i wont b able to view it bcos it will show it contains media content nd also, hw do i browse free or reduce the way am been billed while on internet

  4. uzair says

    i have ht hd7 t mobile yesterday i had powered off my cell and wen i swithed on then this is displayed on cell storage card not working your storage card has changed ,is damaged or is non compiant what should i have to do now?

  5. anh tu says

    When i turn on my internet sharing there is a message that says “Connection not shared, There’s a problem with the current settings” Can you help me out?

  6. muhammed Bility says

    I have HTC HD 7 I do not know how to use the Bluetooth for sending or receiving items like music,pictures e.t.c.

    • Lenny says

      I would like to know the same thing. I do not have a book on this phone and have tried to capture video Several times and cannot figure the damn thing out.

      • Lenny says

        got it…. hey Paul all you do is hold the button below the volume its the single button on the side, lower 1. push it and hold it till it starts recording!!

  7. jemal says

    I have hard time using using the Bluetooth also the device can’t be detected by my pc lastly my battery drains so fast what do I do

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