HTC HD7S User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Specifications (HD7 S) for AT&T

This is our study and pre-conclusion about HTC HD7S. It seem that HTC HD7S is the continuation of the works of HTC Schubert that already been discontinued it development. This means that, previously, HTC HD7S is known as HTC Schubert. This can be concluded also by the URL Address of User Manual / User Guide of HTC HD7S that still used Schubert as it PDF Download address links (for both User Manual and Quick Start Guide. Although, judge from it’s Name, HTC HD7S seems to be the second 2nd Generation of HTC HD7. Sometimes this Phone also called as HTC HD7 S.

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Specs Overview

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

HTC HD7S / HD7 S used Touch Bar / Candy Bar form factors with large Display Screen at 4.3 inches Diagonal Diameter with the uses of Super LCD (Super Liquid Cristal Display / S-LCD) Capacitive Touchscreen. It has 16 Colors and uses 480 x 800 pixels Resolution (WVGA). As usual, Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor for Auto Rotate UI and Auto Turn Off also attached as Touchscreen Features. Accelerometer Sensor had responsibility on turning the Screen to Landscape mode or Portrait Mode Automatically (Rotate), and for Proximity Sensor has a job to turning the screen off whenever it near the object such as on the calling process near Ear, in the purpose to save the Power Supply. In United State, this HTC HD7S currently available along with AT&T Carrier.

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Resume

We would like to talk about Quick Start Guide of HTC HD7S before we wanna make a resume on its User Guide. After reading the QSG of this handset, it was unusual on the matter of page count. Usually the Quick Start Guide that been provided by HTC for its Smartphone only consists two pages (2), but for this HD7 S, it has 4 pages. This means there is a better explanation tutorial than previous QSG by HTC (especially for HTC Phone that uses Android Platform).

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Start Keys Parts Resume

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts - Resume

For the Figure above, that is a Picture of HTC HD7S parts and Keys that you can learn what and where the location on the Phone body (Front, Rear, Side, Top Panel: Power button, Camera Location and LED Location, USB, Audio Jack, Dedicated Back, Search and Start keys, and more). It available on page 6 and page 7 of The User Guide PDF of HD7 S. Even though in the User Manual there is no elaboration and explanation about the functions or descriptions each of Keys and Parts, it is not a big deal. At least you still can study the function in the others Sections of Manual.

If you phone become slower and slower and start to be unresponsive, this could means that there is too many applications and memory that been used of the HTC HD7 S. The simple fixing problem regarding this ‘trouble’ is by performing soft reset aka restarting your phone. On page 75, it been said that you just only need to turn it off and back it on by pressing the Power button. If you phone in “hang mode” aka stop responding, just replace the battery and insert it back.

But in the case you wanna get the condition just like you first in used, you can do Hard Reset aka Master Reset or sometime familiarized to be called as Factory Data Reset. The detail explanation tutorial and step b step instructions of this Hard Reset, you can read on page 76. Otherwise, you can follow our quick guidance here:

Alternative #1: Start Screen > Tab ~> then Settings > About Phone > reset Your Phone > Confirm Yes. Alternative #2: Turn Off the Phone > Press + Hold Volume Up and Down button, Briefly Press Power Button > Screen Appears > Factory Reset > Release Volume UP and Down > Follow the Reset > Done

You can get to know how to user Facebook and Twitter using HTC Hub, learning to use Unlock Screen Pattern, Using the Wi-Fi when you are on AT&T Hotspot Area to connect it to the Internet, Using Wireless Stereo Headset with Bluetooth A2DP, Pairing the Bluetooth, Downloading and Installing Application from Windows Marketplace, Getting Address and Location by using Bing Maps or checking traffic information and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC HD7S AT&T Specifications

Usually we heard that a Phone that manufactured by HTC installed with HTC Sense, but in this case because it is not an Android Phone, there no ways HTC Sense could be installed in this Smartphone. HTC HD7S runs under Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft, this is the main reason you can had HTC Sense UI.

Altogether with WP7 (Windows Phone 7), HD7 S armored with 1GHz Processor Speed Scorpion, uses Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon Chipset with Adreno 200 GPU for Graphic Processing Unit. Along with 1GHz Single Core CPU, this “brain” also assembled with 576MB RAM and 512MB ROM and has 16GB build-in Storage Internal Memory without expandable external memory supported (16GB microSD that can’t be removed or replaced – non removable).

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Specifications

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Specifications

As an AT&T bundled Phone Carrier, HTC HD7 S works under GSM Technology that supports for 3G (4G?): GSM/GPRS at frequency 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 Mhz (Quad Band) and UMTS 1900/850 Mhz (Dual Band). The HSDPA 3G can be used up to .7.2 Mbps for download speed and HSUPA up to 2Mbps (download). This Gadget also equipped with Wi-Fi for Hotspot Internet Wireless Access on type IEEE WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks) 802.11 b,g,n. For Bluetooth it uses version 2.1 with A2DP support and for USB it attached with microUSB version 2.0 for High Data Transfer.

As a Large Display Screen Phone, equipped with lower Tech of Photography Device Features is one that supposed to be avoided. That why HTC HD7S attached with 5 Megapixel Camera (though it better if uses higher specs: 8MP for example). The Camera also supported with Dual LED Flash Light for an assistance whenever it used in low light condition, uses AutoFocus, and supports for Geo-Tagging (has GPS with A-GPS supports). For Video Recording that works like Camcorder, it can capture up to 720p@30fps (HD Video). No Secondary Camera, means that this Smartphone not to be used for Video Calling Activity.

As a Windows Phone 7 Gadget, HD7S has preloaded applications from Microsoft. Zune Player for best quality on playing Video and Audio (supports MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV, WAV, H.264, H.263, eAAC+ and WAV) is one of the keys features that you should try. Zune, in our experience, is one of the greatest Audio Player we ever test. It’s even better than iTunes! Another Applications from Microsoft including Bing Maps, Bing Search, Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 for Word, PowerPoint, Excel Viewer and Editor (.xls, .doc, .ppt), Windows Market Place and more.

Another Features in HD7 S: Stereo FM Radio with RDS, PDF Viewer, Facebook and Twitter Integration, Digital Compass, MIDP 2.0 supported (Java), YouTube Client and common Tools (Calendar, Calculator, Alarm Clock, etc).

Table of Contents of HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide

Getting Started
Phone Calls
Getting Connected;
Data Connection
Using Your Phone Browser
Camera Basics
Taking a Photo
Capturing a Video
After capturing
Camera Settings,
Synchronizing Computer and Phone
Music plus Videos Hub
Listening to Music
Watching Videos
Listening / Watching Podcasts
Listening to the Radio,
Maps and Location;
Turning on Location Service
Bing Maps,
More Apps / Applications;
Microsoft Office Mobile 2010
Windows Marketplace
AT&T Apps,
Settings on Your Phone
Changing Display Settings
Changing Sound Settings
Check Information about Your Phone
Changing the Phone Language,
Update and Reset;
Updating the Phone Software
Restarting or Factory Resetting Phone
Trademark and Copyright

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide PDF Download

First, we like to say Sorry, because we miss-typed the Picture Caption and Picture name URL address (the one that we uploaded below). It supposed to be no microSD card tutorial because this HTC HD7 S does not has microSD external memory card slot. For the rest of them, it was texted properly: How you can open the back cover case, Inserting SIM Card, Assembling the Battery, and how you can use Kickstand to standing up your HTC HD7S phone in the table or desk.

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Open Cover Close Casing Insert MicroSD Card Install SIM Assembling Battery User KickStand PDF Download

HTC HD7S AT&T Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Open Cover Close Casing Insert MicroSD Card Install SIM Assembling Battery User KickStand - PDF Download

We gave you two English Manual: User Guide and Quick Start Guide (Sometime also know as Getting Started Guide) of HTC HD7S below. It you wondering why the links is sadi for Schubert, you had to read our explanation on Specs Overview above and don’t be miss understanding. Even it said Schubert, the User Manual contents is the real one dedicated for HTC HD7 S. Enjoy!

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