HTC Hero S User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Specs Overview for US Cellular

HTC Hero S is the little sister of HTC Hero. We can also name it as the second generation of HTC Hero with some enhancement in its features and hardware specs. We guess that the “S” letter on HTC Hero S is stand for Super just likes other S version, for example HTC Wildfire S. We wouldn’t talk about the differences between HTC Hero S with HTC Hero or with Wildfire S. At this time, we just wanna share an info regarding with the Specifications and User Manual / User Guide with Quick Start Guide of HTC Hero S. At this time, HTC Hero S would be available for US Cellular carrier for its bundling data network provider

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular Specs Overview

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular - Specs Overview

As you can see at the figure above, HTC Hero S (HHS)is a candy bar Phone form factor (ff) with on screen virtual qwerty keyboard / keypad. We prefer to call HHS as Touch bar ff design. This phone armored with single core 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor and powered with Google OS, the Android Gingerbread version 2.3. As an HTC Phone and an Android Smartphone, for the User Interface, the HTC Sense is running as the main UI to give you the beauty on using HTC Android Phone. HHS also has built in 8GB eMMC storage memory (not enough!? there is 8GB additional microSD card included for external storage, expandable up to 32GB), and has 768MB of RAM.

HTC Hero S Manual User Guide US Cellular Quick Resume

According to HTC Hero S on US Cellular Website, if you already bought this phone, you will found that the Quick Reference Guide /Quick Start Guide of the HHS is already included with the package box, but for the detail of User Guide / User Manual of Hero S you had to download it manually via your HHS Smartphone or you computer, just like the ones that we gave you on “PDF Download” tab section and “Read Online” section.

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular Keys Parts Layout Resume

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

Before we gave you some short resume of User Manual /UM of HHS, let me introduce the picture that we already attached on above. If was the picture that we grabs from the contents of User Manual of Hero S which would help you to understand the keys and parts which available on the phone body. It including the Volume keys, the Camera, the Power button, the search keys, and more.

There are two type of Reset (according to the UM / UG of the HHS) that you can get. One for the simple and easy problem solution such as you phone suddenly stop responding or your Hero S became slower than normal. Just do the Restarting options. As it can be read on page 188, you can restart the HHS just by pressing the power button > unlock the screen > press and hold once again the power button > tap restart > confirm > Done.

Otherwise if you wanna settings back and erase all the data (including photos, videos, games and application that you been download manually from Android Market) to original setting just like the factory default, you can do these two alternative steps: (1) Press Menu > Settings > SD & Phone Storage > Factory Data Reset > Reset phone > Erase Everything. Otherwise you can also do these: (2) Turn off the HTC Hero S > Remove Battery for a while > Reinsert the battery > Press and Hold Volume down and briefly push Power button > Screen appears > Release volume down button > choose Factory reset with volume down key > Confirm it with Power button > Done.

This steps also sometime called as Hard Reset or Master Reset.

In the User Guide / UG of HHS, you can also find the instruction tutorial how you can use the bluetooth, pairing the bluetooth to others bluetoot’s device, using the Wi-Fi to connect to the internet via access point hotspot, using your HHS as modem or Wi-Fi portable hotspot, learning to use HTC Sense for Facebook or Twitter, how to download Apps and Games from Android Market, and even how you can set the Alarm clock or to make a call.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Hero S US Cellular Specification Details

For the display screen, the HTC Hero S equipped with S-LCD (Super LCD) capacitive touchscreen with diagonal diameter of the display is about 4.0 inches. It uses qHD resolution for 960 x 540 pixels. Back to the HHS carrier topic. Along with US Cellular this gadget uses CDMA technology for dual band CDMA 800 / 1900 MHz frequenccty which supports for 1xEV-DO rev.A (up to 3.1 Mbps download). Although according to official tech specs of HTC Hero S at here, it been said that it also support for EDGE UMTS Dual band HSDPA up to 14.4 Mbps, and HSUPA 5.7 Mbps

For other connectivity, this HHS also attached with Bluetooth 3.0 for Wireless connectivity which supports A2DP), Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and USB with microUSB version 2.0 for High Data Transfer.

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular Specifications

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular - Specifications

HTC Hero S has built in dual camera for front facing and rear facing. The front facing camera that usually been used for Video Calling has about 1.3 Megapixel camera and for the rear facing camera (as a main camera), it powered with 5 Megapixel / 5MP Camera color CMOS with Auot Focus, F2.2 Lens, Flash Light, Video Recording / Camcorder – capable to record HD Video up to 720p@30fps, Geo tagging with GPS, face detection, and image editor.

This HHS also already installed with preloaded applications and games, such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Gtalk, Google Latitude, Android Market, Youtube Player, Google calender (all Google Applications), Amazon applications for Amazon MP3, Shopping, Zappos, Kindle, IMDB, Audible, FM Radio with RDS, HD Game Asphalt 5, Audio Music and Video Player for MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV, H.264, HD Game Portal, HTC Hub, Google Books, and many more.

The 4″ display of course also equipped with additional sensor such as accelerometer for auto rotate, proximity sensor for turning off the display screen automatically while in calling usage, multi touch input, and also it styled in the 4.53″ x 2.35″ x 0.46″ (inches) body dimension and has weight about 4.59 ounces /oz (It approximately about 121.5 x 61.9 x 11.8 mm and about 130 grams)

Table of Contents of HTC Hero S User Manual for US Cellular

Getting started
Phone calls
Search and Web browser
Photos, videos, and music
HTC services;
HTC Watch
Accounts and sync
Facebook for HTC Sense
Twitter for HTC Sense
Tweeting on the go uwing Peep
Using Friend Stream
Chatting in Google Talk,
Maps and Locations
Android market and other apps
HTC Sync
Internet connections;
Data connection
Connecting to Virtual Private Network VPN
Using HTC Hero S as a modem USB tethering
Connecting HTC Hero S to Internet Pass through
Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot,
Setting on your phone
Changing display settings
Changing sound settings
Changing the language
Optimizing battery life
Managing memory
Checking information about your phone,
Trademarks and copyrights

HTC Hero S Manual User Guide US Cellular Quick Start Guide PDF Download

The picture below can be found also inside the User Manual of HTC Hero S for US Cellular under section “Getting Started” on Page 10, page 11, page 12 and page 13. We only gave you the image of the tutorial for open the back cover casing, assemble and remove battery, insert and remove sim card or microSD card, and also how to charge, even though on those page are available with the detail explanations and elaboration how to do that in proper way.

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular Open Back Cover Case Compartment Insert MicroSD Storage Card Install SIM Card Assemble Remove Battery Charging PDF Download

HTC Hero S User Manual Quick Start Guide US Cellular - Open Back Cover Case Compartment Insert MicroSD Storage Card Install SIM Card Assemble Remove Battery Charging - PDF Download

We got two kind of User Guide and Quick Start Guide of HTC Hero S in the matter of the source. The one we got from HTC website (the download links) and the second we found on the US Cellular site (the mirror links. All only in English version. Just Enjoy!

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