HTC Legend User Manual & Quick Start Guide

HTC Legend is one of the Android Eclair SmartPhone by HTC that has a unique “body casing” design. The Body Casing used Aluminum Chassis Shell that make this Phone looks amazing and tough (pictured). For the body design, without a doubt, we gave two thumps up for this Phone. It used Full Touch Screen User Interface in touch tablet (touch bar 3.2″ Diagonal Diameter Size) form factor. Working under Android 2.1 Eclair Platform Mobile Operating System by Google would also means that the Legend is very suitable for Google Services Mobile Apps such as Google Search, Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Latitude, Android Market and more.

If you are wondering the performance of the Phone in the ways of “speed”, there should be enough if you knew that the Legend by HTC used 600 MHz Processor CPU Speed with Memory Storage ROM 512 MB and for RAM 328 MB (also supported microSD card for external Memory up to 32GB). For Data Networks used by HTC Legend are EDGE, GPRS, and also HSDPA / HSPA 3G up to 7.2 Mbps download speed and 2Mbps for upload speed (Depend on the Region and Provider Data Network Carrier. In Europe, such as German, France, Spain, and England, the HTC Legend can be gotten from Vodafone Carrier ).

HTC Legend User Guide Manual Quick Start Guide PDF

HTC Legend User Guide Manual Quick Start Guide

Let talk about the Features been installed in HTC Legend. As a “smartphone” the Legend has a WiFi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and A2DP for Wireless stereo headsets, Music Player supports aac, amr, ogg, m4a, mid, mp3, wma, and wav, Video Player, 3gp 3g2, mp4 and wmv, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, GPS, FM Radio, Google Maps, Tethering (modem), USB version 2.0 supports, HTC Sense, Google Talk, GMail, Android Market, and others Google Mobile Services.

Almost forget, the Legend also equipped with 5 Megapixel Color Camera that embedded along with Camera’s Features like Automatic Focus for simple and clear image adjustment, LED Flash Light for better result even in poor source of the light (in dark or night situation), Video Recording as Camcorder, and also Geo Tagging.

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HTC Legend User Guide Manual Quick Start Guide PDF Download

HTC Legend User Guide Quick Start Guide Keys Part Overview

HTC Legend User Guide Quick Start Guide - Keys Part Overview

HTC Legend User Guide PDF Download | Size: 5.4 MB | Pages: 211 | Language: English Eu / UK

HTC Legend User Guide Manual Quick Start Guide PDF Resume

If some one offers you a mobile device such as HTC Legend and you don’t even get the guidance of the Phone from the person that gave you the Legend, the best way on understanding the Legend is using the Manual Instruction Guide aka User Guide of the Legend that officially released by the Vendor (Fabricator) of the Legend, in this case the HTC Company.

For example, you’ll get faster on how to assembling the phone in proper ways if you read carefully the User Guide of the Legend rather than trying it in trial error method which could make the Legend broke or got trouble. The Guidance can be found at page 18 to page 22 in the UG of HTC Legend. IF you wondering how to use the onscreen Qwerty Keyboard of the HTC Legend, you can find the help how to type with virtual keyboard at pages 64 and 65.

And there were a lot of official guideline how to user Legend available in the User Guide of Legend, including how to user WiFi to connect to wireless network at page 129, Pairing or unpairing the Bluetooth Device at page 144, Using the Camera at page 148, Using Google Maps and HTC FootPrint to find location or search for location even get the proper direction at pages 170 to 175, Viewing PDF File and also Document Word, excel spreadsheets, powerpoint presentation with QuickOffice Mobile Applications, How to Change the Phone Language and also Date and Time Settings, using the 5 MP Camera and its features, Chat with GTalk, Downloading and Installing Android Applications from Android Market, and many more.

For the Quick Start Guide that contains a short and quick Tutorial Instructions Guide on how to use the HTC Legend you can get from the Download link below:

Quick Start Guide HTC Legend | Size PDF File: 909 KB | Language: English | Pages: 24

For Multi Language of User Guide / Manual and Quick Start Guide of HTC Legend that supports Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakia, Spanish, Swedish and Chinese, you can find it and download at here.

Table of Contents of HTC Legend User Guide

Phone Calls
Account and Sync
Clock and Weather
Data Connection
Using the Phone as Modem Tethering,
Maps and Location
More Apps;
Viewing a PDF
Viewing Document, Presentations and Spreadsheets
Listening Radio
Record Voice
Finding and Installing Apps from Android Market,
Backup, update and reset

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