HTC Salsa User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Specifications

HTC Salsa. The Smartphone that we waiting for so long its User M for anual / User Guide and the day this Phone released to the Public (HTC Lover).. Yes, even though it been announce on February, this Phone still not yet released. Don’t know whether it been available in your Region or not. But we found a good news: The User Guide / User Manual of HTC Salsa and its Quick Start Guide in Multiple Language (Europe: Czech, English Asia, Greek, Hungarian, English, Russian, Rumania, Slovak, Turkish, Polish, German, French, and Italian) are already available. You can go to “PDF Download” Tab to find the Download Link each of User Manual of HTC Salsa Language.

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide Specs Overview

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

Let talk about the Detail of Salsa by HTC. Salsa in common understanding usually refer to a Dance from South America, specifically from Brazil. We don’t know the correlation between Salsa for Smartphone name by HTC and the original Dance by Brazilian. Might be because it looks sexy likes the dancing move of Salsa or just merely coincidence without deliberately refer to this Dance. Any Idea?

HTC Salsa Oveview on YouTube

HTC Salsa uses full touchscreen as its User Interface, though there are few keys that also attached within such as Menu, Home, Search Keys, and exclusively the Facebook button Key. It uses TFT Capacitive Touchscreen with 256K colors. For further explanation, go to “Specifications” Tab.

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide Short Resume

As usual, every time we wanna discuss about the User Manual / User Guide of Smarphone or Tablet, we always preserve you its Screenshot of Phone body with its keys and parts, so do what we made for HTC Salsa. The Picture below is the image that we gather from UM / UG of this Gadget and uploaded and shared with you. It consist the Elaboration of Keys and Parts for Front, Back, Left Side, and Top Panel of the Phone.

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Resume

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts - Resume

The Special Keys that make us amaze is the Dedicated Facebook Key (as you can see at the picture above, indicated by facebook icon). Another Button and Key that you had to know are the Power button that placed in Top Panel and also Volume button that available in Left Panel. Go to page 8 and page 9 of User Manual PDF, under “Getting Started > HTC Salsa” for the detail elaboration about this.

How to do Master Reset, you can follow our instruction here: Menu > Setting > SD Phone Storage > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. Or you can do another ways if you can’t access the Menu: Remove Batter > Reinsert Battery > Press + Hold Volume Down and press Power Button > Screen Appears > Release Volume Button > Select Factory Reset > Press Power to confirm it. Done. This is something that usually also called as Factory Reset aka Hard Reset. Go to page 185 and you’ll find exactly the same tutorial and step by step instruction how to do this (including how you can perform a restart option).

For Using the Clock App, Using Desk Clock, Using World Clock, Setting Alarm clock (Adjust Alarm Volume, Silent Alarm, Snooze Duration, Change Ring Tone), you can find this help by reading the User Manual on page 102 and 103.

There a lot of help and guidance in the Manual. From how you can start the phone for the first time, how you can use Bluetooth, learning to connect to Internet using Wi-Fi, Change Security Code, to how to setting your HTC Salsa.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Salsa Specifications

Coming with Candy Bar form factor (Touch Bar / Monoblock Form factor), HTS Salsa has 3.4 inches on Diameter Size of the Display and uses 320 x 480 pixels Resolution. You don’t need to worry for any danger on the screen regarding the scratch thing, because the touchscreen display polished with Gorilla Glass Display. On a good news is it runs on Android Platform with the latest version of Android OS: The Gingerbread (some source mentioned it use Android Gingerbread for version 2.3.3, another one said it uses Gingerbread version 2.4). Along with Android, HTC Sense as an UI designed specially for HTC Smartphone for Android also installed properly.

One more information: The Display of course installed also with Proximity Sensor as Management of Auto Turning Off while in the Calling Mode near the Ears, Accelerometer Sensor for Landscape Portrait Orientation UI (Automatically) and has 120 grams in weight (109.1 x 58.9 x 12.3 mm in dimensional size)

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide Specifications

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specifications

For the Mobile CPU, it currently equipped with 800MHz Processor Speed — Single Core, Qualcomm MSM7227 — and integrated with Internal Phone Storage 512MB (ROM) and 512 MB of RAM. You can also expanded the Storage Memory for a larger size up to 32GB by using microSD Card.

Five Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus and LED Flash is the main Camera manufactured in the rear side of HTC Salsa body. Of course this 5MP Camera capable to be used as Camcorder to create Video Recording (in 3GP format). For Photo capture, Geo Tagging feature, Face Detection, Image Editor also included. HTC Salsa capable to be use as Video Calling. This can be seen by the availability of front facing camera (VGA/0.3MP Camera).

Another Features: microUSB version 2.0, Bluetooth version 3.0 with A2DP, Wi-Fi WLAN supports 802.11 b, g and n, uses the Phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot, Google Maps, A-GPS, YouTube, Android Market, Gmail, Google Search, GTalk, Facebook Dedicated Key, SNS Integration, Document Viewer, MP3 Player and MP4 Player (supports AAC, WAV, WMA, M4A, OGG, MIDI, AMR, MPEG4, XviD, AVi, 3G2, 3GP, H.264 player for both Video and Audio Music), attached with Stereo FM Radio (RDS).

For Data Networks Technology, it especially design for GSM Technolgy (both 3G and 2G). For HSPA it uses 900 /2100 Mhz frequency, and can be used up to 7.2 Mbps for HSDPA and 384 Kbps for HSUPA.

Table of Contents of HTC Salsa User Manual

Getting Started
Phone Calls
Facebook Everywhere
Search and Web Browser
Accounts and Sync
Photos Videos and Music
Market and Other Apps;
Finding and installing Applications from Android Market
Using the Clock (Alarm)
Checking Weather
Keeping Track of Your Stocks
Watching Videos on YouTube
Listening to FM Radio
Recording Your Voice
Sharing Games and Apps
Chatting in Google Talk
Tweeting on the go Using Peep,
Maps and Location
HTC Sync
Internet Connections;
Data Connection
Connecting to Virtual Private Network VPN
Using Salsa as modem USB Tethering
Connecting HTC Salsa to the Internet via Computer / Internet Pass-through
Using HTC Salsa as Wireless Router Wi-Fi,
Settings on HTC Salsa
Changing Display Settings
Changing Sound Settings
Changing the Language
Optimizing Battery Life
Managing Memory
Checking Information about HTC Salsa,
Update and Reset
Trademarks and Copyrights

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide English French Italian German PDF Download

This is the tutorial that you should do before you can turn HTC Salsa for the first time. You had to learn how you can open the back compartment cover of battery in proper ways (correct point), learning to assembling the battery, how you can insert the SIM (Provider Carrier) Card, install microSD Card (need to buy separately), to how you can charge the phone. The Picture below shown you how to do that. If you don’t enough using the tutorial picture below, just go to page 10 until page 16 on the PDF Manual of HTC Salsa to find more deeper and detail explanation tutorial.

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide Open Remove Cover Casing Insert MicroSD Card Install SIM Assembling Battery PDF Download

HTC Salsa User Manual Quick Start Guide - Open Remove Cover Casing Insert MicroSD Card Install SIM Assembling Battery - PDF Download

We just gave you four Language Manual for both User Guide and Quick Start Guide of HTC Salsa (English / French / German / Italian). The Spanish version unfortunately can’t be found yet. For other version you can get it at here.

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