HTC Status User Manual & Quick Start Guide for AT&T [HTC Chacha]

HTC Status is the newest Qwerty Bar phone that been released along with AT&T Carrier in United State. This Smartphone actually named as HTC ChaCha in Europe Region and UK (unfortunately even though it already available for quite long ago, the User Manual and Quick Start Guide of HTC ChaCha currently unavailable). This means that the HTC Status is HTC ChaCha for US Region. Along with AT&T, HTC Status officially released in the middle of July 2011 (17th July). One thing that you had to know, the Display Screen equipped with Touchscreen material uses TFT, this can be concluded that you can use the Display as your O/I to type or surf on the Menus and Features of HTC Status.

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide Chacha Specs Overview

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide Chacha - Specs Overview

The Status has a dimensions size about 114.4 mm x 64.6mm x 10.7 mm and about 120 grams in its weight. Don’t be disappointed on having the Touchscreen on Qwerty Bar of this HTC Status because even though the Screen only had 2.6 inches diameter (diagonally) — that means it quite small –, you can get a better protection by having polished on Screen with Gorilla Glass display as scratch-able resistant material. With 480 x 320 pixel resolution the, TFT Touchscreen also has 256K colors and equipped with Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor for Auto Orientation Rotate between Landscape and Portrait and Auto Lock and Auto Turn off the screen when in calling usage.

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide Resume

At this parts, we would to say sorry that we couldn’t discuss about the Quick Start Guide of HTC Status. One thing for short resume on QSG is that the QSG would allows you to get faster and simple tutorial how you can work with the device. And for the tutorial that we gave you on the embedded image below, it is the tutorial that you could find on User Manual / User Guide PDF of HTC Status. It would help you to understand the body, parts and keys available in the HTC Status. If you open directly to page 8 and 9, you’ll find the same image tutorial as well with a little bit differences in the arrangement. Facebook Share button, Keyboard, Arrow Keys, Home and Send Key, Earpice, Touch Screen Menu, Microphone are some example of parts that you could find where it been placed in the body of HTC Status.

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide Chacha Keys Parts Resume

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide Chacha - Keys Parts - Resume

To Reset your HTC Status to its original state just like you bought from Phone Market — known as Hard / Master / Factory Data Reset — all you had to do jsut find the tutorial of this on “Resetting HTC Status” chapter at page 174. For short tutorial, here are the step instructions that you should do to perform Factory Reset: Home > Menu > Setting > SD & phone storage > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase Everything > Done.

That was the step that you could follow if your HTC Status is turning on. You can also do the Hard Reset by turning off your HTC Status, Remove the battery and Reinsert it again and then do like this: Hold Volume Down button, briefly push Power button > Screen Appears > Release Volume Button > Choose Factory Reset with Volume Down button > Confirm it with Power button > Done

Of course, beside of that Master Reset tutorial, you can also find the help and guidance how you can turning on the bluetooth and the pairing it to other bluetooth devices, learning to use Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot, connecting to access point WLAN Area, turning on the Alarm Clock and setting the time of the Alarm, learn to use the Camera to make Video Recording, using Google Maps, Download apps Games from Android Market, and more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Status AT&T Specifications

Now we move to another part of HTC Status Specs and Feature. How about the OS and CPU? If you agree, let discuss it. HTC Status, according to one of our resource armored with 800Mhz Speed Processor of Qualcomm MSM7227 and powered with Android Operating System by Google. At this case, the Android uses in Status is the Android 2.3 aka Android Gingerbread. It also the same OS version use for HTC ChaCha in UK / EU. Along with these features, the Status has 512MB ROM and the same size for RAM which also has 512MB. For external storage memory, as usual, it support microSD Card up to 32GB.

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide Chacha Specifications

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide Chacha - Specifications

Actually, the HTC Status had two color options to be chosen: Its black and Silver. The one that you saw and the picture above is the Silver one. Along with AT&T, GSM Data Networks is chosen to be the Data Technology Communication. It currently suport HSDPA / HSUPA 850 / 1900 Mhz and quad-band GSM (EDGE/GPRS) 850 / 900 /1800 /1900 Mhz Frequency).

Wanna make Video Call with your friend? Don’t worry, HTC Status attached with dual camera: face font for Video call that has 1.3 Megapixel (good enough to be used as Video Call camera), and the main camera in the rear side in purpose for Video Recording and Photo capture is using 5 Megapixel Resolution Camera. It equipped with Auto Focus, LED Flash Light ,Face Detection, Geo Tagging and even Image Editor.

MP4, MP3, AAC, WMA, WMAV, WAV, AAC+, H.263 / H.264 are some of Video and Audio formats capable to be run and played in HTC Status Media Player. As a Android OS, you can absolutely find a preloaded Google Apps suc has Google search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Gtalk, Google Maps Navigation with turn by turn voice (along with GPS A-GPS support), and one of the best feature in this HTC Status is the facebook dedicated key on the botton right side of Qwerty Keyboard. (see the image). By having this you can access facebook with faster and easy to do an update or comment.

Beside you can access the facebook from your AT&T Carrier data Networks technology, if you are in the middle of WLAN Hotspot AT&T Area, you can also use the Wi-Fi from HTC Status that support b/g/n type of IEEE 802.11. Works together with the Carrier Data, you can also make your HTC Status as Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot and share your connectivity with your friends or your family. For Bluetooth, it comes with version 3.0 (support A2DP) and for USB it uses microUSB version 2.0 for High Data Connection (to PC or Laptop)

Table of Contents of HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide

Getting Started
Phone Calls
Facebook Everywhere
Search and Web Browser
Accounts and Sync
Photos, Videos and Music
Market and Other Apps;
Find n Install Apps from Android Market
Sharing Games and Apps
AT&T Services
Reading News Feeds
Using the Clock
Checking Weather
Watching Videos on YouTube
Listening to FM Radio
Recording Your Voice
Chatting in Google Talk
Using Mirror,
Maps and Location
HTC Sync
Internet Connections;
Data Connection
Connecting to VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
USB Tethering / as a Modem
Sharing Data with Mobile Hotspot
Internet Pass-through /Connecting HTC Status to the Internet through a Computer
Settings on HTC Status
Changing Display Settings
Changing Sound Settings
Changing the Language
Optimizing Battery Life
Managing Memory
Checking Information HTC Status,
Update and Reset
Trademarks and Copyrights

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF Download

Before you download the User Guide / User Manual and Quick Start Guide of HTC Status, let me explain the picture tutorial that we shared below. It is the tutorial of image series that would guide you how you can open the back cover casing of HTC Status, then removing or assembling the battery, Inserting the microSD Card (for unlock version it supposed to be available a tutorial how you can install SIM Card), and also how you can charge the battery and replace the rear cover back to it place.

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide Chacha Open Back Cover Case Insert Battery Assemble Install SIM Card Remove MicroSD Charging PDF Download

HTC Status AT&T User Manual Quick Start Guide Chacha - Open Back Cover Case Insert Battery Assemble Install SIM Card Remove MicroSD Charging - PDF Download

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  1. says

    I would like to have a printed manual for my htc status. The website suggested to read the tutorials are disorganized and you keep getting redirected to new sites which are not useful. I would probably enjoy my phone if i knew how to use all the functions please contact me so i give you my address to send me a printed manual. Thank You.

  2. Ivan says


    I just bought an HTC chacha in HongKong.
    It has Chinese and English language only.
    I need to add european languages and japanese, which must work as original. I tried to download some application like \morelocale2\ and \gokeyboard\ but itàs not the same as have it from original. How can I add these languagese in order to have them in the normal language menu?

    thank you,

  3. Elke Crank says

    I am ready to return my Status, I need a printed Manual to understand and really enjoy using my HTC Status, There are so many uses you cant get from the hard to understand tutorials, Please email me so i can acquire a printed to Manual for my Phone, I would like to learn all it has to Offer. This is the first ATT phone i have Bought that didnt give you a manual, I am very dissapointed, I have 7 days to return my phone . Please respond, Thank You

  4. richard elrauch says

    The HTC Status tutorial doesn’t work. There’s an error message on the top of the page.

    Is a manual available??


  5. teresa says

    I would like to get a users manual. I have had this phone for 2 months and still can’t use it. i would rather not download the manual. i have looked at it and i need the book thanks.

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    Am unable to connect to the server M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ htc sense but the browser is working perfectly….I need help….

  8. Esperanza Jaramillo says

    Please help me restore my HTC status back to original working order=( my husband got it as s gift for me and he’s no longer around,and I cherish the phone.if anyone can help please give any info id really appreciate it,thank you,.

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