HTC Surround User Manual & Quick Start Guide for AT&T

Wanna know another Windows Phone 7 OS that been used in HTC SmartPhone? We already give you one of them, HTC HD7 T Mobile, now we will give you another one: HTC Surround at AT&T. Yup, HTC Surround also use Windows Phone OS 7 as its Mobile Operating System. Although the Design almost has the same like the HTC HD7 (using monoblock touch bar form factor also), and the Processor also the same (Qualcomm QSD 8250 at Processor clock speed 1 GHz), but i only used 3.8 inches WVGA Display (the HD7 used 4.3 inches). For the Memory embedded with HTC Surround; 576 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM (16 GB microSD external also included). It used FullTouch Screen User Interface.

The Surround Name in this Phone, dedicated to the Speaker that embedded in the Phone. The Phone would be able to create a Surround Sound by using Slide Side Speaker and installed with Dolby Mobile and SRS WOW HD. The Phone would be great in the ways you can listen your favorite Song and Music Entertainment. Even you can standing up the Phone and listening the Music just like the way you use Audio Player with Sound System and also has Equalizer, Mix Bass, Treble and Vocal Level. This Phone almost like HTC 7 Mozart that been released in Europe (Eu).

HTC Surround Manual User Guide PDF

HTC Surround Manual User Guide

HTC Surround also attached with 5 Megapixel Camera (HD Camera) with Auto Focus, Digital Zoom and Others Camera Tools. Bluetooth for Data Transmission and Stereo Heaset (Others Bluetooth Profile alos available), WiFi for wireless WLAN Networks (hotspot area supported), Microsoft Office Mobile 2010, HTC Hub (weather, Calculator, etc), Zune, Maps and GPS Atenna, onScreen Qwerty Keyboard, Email Client that can be used for POP3 and IMAP, Windows Live Service, Facebook, Twitter, Modem and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Surround ATT User Manual Quick Start Guide Download PDF

HTC Surround ATT Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Phone PDF

HTC Surround ATT Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts Phone

Note: It seems the HTC Manual PDF are miss named (between the url address and the contents) with both of User Manual and Quick Start Guide. The User Manual should be named as Quick Start Guide, and the Quick Start Guide should be called (titled) as User Guide or User Manual. If you like to deep understand about the phone we suggest you to download the User Guide / Quick start Guide Download Link above.

HTC Surround ATT User Manual Quick Start Guide Download PDF

About the User Manual / User Guide of HTC Surround, you’ll find official guidance and instruction how to use the Phone; creating Video Recording, Playing Music with Windows Media Player Mobile, Taking Picture help with 5 MP Camera, how to used wifi (configuration) to connect to internet, Pairing Bluetooth to make data transfer (such as stored the picture photos that been captured by the Camera to Computer), using onscreen Keyboard Qwerty, Understanding keys and parts of the Phone such as button for on off the phone, camera button, tutorial to make a call or receive a call, how to change the language of the phone or changing the wallpaper / ringtone, using settings menu (set up), update help, downloading games and application, using GPS with MAPs (Bing maps) for navigating yourself, and many more guidelines you can had by reading and downloading the User Guide of HTC Surround.

Table of Contents of HTC Surround ATT User Manual

Phone Calls
Getting Connected
Maps and Location
More Applications
Update and Reset

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