HTC T-Mobile G2 User Manual

HTC T-Mobile G2 mean that G2 Version by HTC along with T-Mobile Carrier / Provider.  HTC G2 attached with 5 Megapixel Camera with Flash Light and also the Focus used Automatic Focus. The Processor embedded in the this SmartPhone used Qualcomm Processor with 800MHz Speed along with 4GB ROM and 512MB RAM. It used the latest version [per October 2010] of Android Google Mobile OS: Android 2.2 / Android Froyo.

HTC T-Mobile G2 User Manual Guide PDF

HTC T-Mobile G2 User Manual Guide

The Design seem to be purposed for Professional User / Pro. It can be judge by the existence of Qwerty Keyboard that can be slide out from the Main Body (with Touch Screen UI). Google Application for Mobile also included: GMail, GTalk, Google Search, Youtube, Google Calender, Google Maps, and Android Market to download many of Android Application and Games.

HTC T-Mobile G2 User Guide User Manual UM Overview and Download PDF Link

Front Panel Keyboard HTC T Mobile G2 User Manual Guide PDF

HTC T Mobile G2 User Manual Guide PDF Front Panel Keyboard

Inside the Manual / User Guide of HTC TMobile G2 you can learn how to used Bluetooth and Wifi for Connection Data (such as used Bluetooth –including tutorial to pairing the bluetooth– to make data Transfer to computer when you use the G2 as Modem or using the G2 to browser you favorite site via WiFi), using aGPS/GPS along with Google Maps for your Navigation Direction, Access the Social Networking Application instruction and tutorial : Facebook, Twitter, etc, TroubleShooting with the Phone, Setting and Setup, Knowing the Body part, and many more.

Download Manual User Guide | English Language | 7MB PDF File Size

Table of Contents of HTC T-Mobile G2 User Manual Guide

Android Basics
Connecting networks & devices
Placing and Receiving Calls
Google Voice
Google Talk
News and Weather
Car Home

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  1. dub z says

    Yes my g2 for tmobile is a great phone. I set it down the
    Other dy and the screen went blank. I don’t usually flip to
    Use the key board but I also purchased it as refurbished from tmobile. I need some advice on wht it could be or what to do. Again I can hear functions going on just can’t see a thing. The screen is not on sleep mode and when I press the burton to unsleep it causes notrhing to happen but a black screeen. I don’t know what to do. Someone please help!! I spent $425.00 on. The phone and I need my baby to work please help!

    • Lionheart73 says

      My brand new GX2 did the same thing twice. I took the battery out. It started up without a problem. Since then I have not had any problems.

  2. dub z says

    My htc g2s screen went blank. I bought the phone for the prepaid service and it broke. I didn’t get a deal on the 2 year contract. So what do I do. Please call me 7274882306 thanks I have tmobile and my names phil. Thank you

  3. tatiyana says

    My phn says to many pattern attempts and it lock out it is asking fo a google account and i dont have one..

  4. Charlotte says

    I have the HTC G2 phone. The battery is draining after replacing it. I also don’t have internet service even with my Hotspot to try and do the the gingerbread update. What do I do?? I have never had any issues with this phone ever. The last week it is a piece of crap!!


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