HTC Thunderbolt 4G User Manual & Quick Start Guide for Verizon Wireless

Let me start to talk about the alias of HTC Thunderbolt 4G for Verizon. In the public release, this Phone was also known as HTC Incredible HD and sometime also known as HTC Droid Thunderbolt. It used Full Touchscreen User Interface with quite large Display Screen at 480 x 800 pixels Resolution with about 4.3 inches Display Diameter (Diagonal Size). The phone was announced on the middle of January 2011, and finally released to the Public two days ago at March 17, 2011. You can had this phone along with Verizon Wireless Mobile Data Networks Provider / Carrier.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Manual User Guide Quick Start Verizon Specs Overview

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Manual User Guide Quick Start Verizon - Specs Overview

The 4G in the name of “HTC Thunderbolt 4G” means that the Data Carrier with Verizon supports the 4th (fourth) Generation of Data Networking Technology. Officially it used LTE 700 Technology (4G), though it also supports 3G with EVDO Rev A and CDMA 2000 1x, and supports also 2G CDMA 800/1900 MHz.

The Touchscreen Display used TFT Capacitive Touchscreen with 16M Colors and also equipped with HTC Sense 2.0 UI (Interface Applications specially designed by HTC for Android Phone), Auto Rotate and Auto turn off Features using Accelerometer Sensor and Proximity Sensor, and Multi Touch Imput method capability (pinch to zoom, etc). Of course, by using Large 4.3 inches Screen Display, it very suitable for you on watching the video (multimedia) and even to see your moment picture.

HTC ThunderBolt 4G Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Verizon Wireless Resume

The Image below represent the tutorial guideline on the User Guide / User Manual of HTC Thunderbolt 4G that available under “Basic – Your Phone” Sub Chapter. It would hep you to understand the keys and it location on the phone and also the place location of some features such as where the front or rear camera place at, the turn off/ on button, volume, search button and else . If you just wanna know the basic functions and also preparation on using the HTC thunderbolt, we recommend you to download the Quick start Guide of the Phone, instead of it’s User Manual.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Manual User Guide Keys Part Layout Resume

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Manual User Guide - Keys Part Layout - Resume

Along with HTC Sense, you can access your favourite Social Networking site such as Facebook or microbloggin like twitter directly from your Homescreen. The instruction and step by step tutorial (for examplem using peep, sending tweet, make update and comment on facebook, using friend stream) on “Social Chapter” that can be read from page 152 to page 166 of the Manual PDF of thunderbolt 4G (including the tutorial on using GTalk Chat Application).

The common features that usually been looked for the tutorial (especially if you are on aged) is how to set the alarm clock, how to change the alarm, where the navigation menu of the alarm clock and so on. It available on page 208, 209 and 210. Wanna know how to use the HTC Incredible HD as Mobile Hotspot (WiFi Wireless Router) and with this you can share your Phone Internet Connection to other device (up to 8)? Just read the ways to do that at page 224.

There are alot of more guidance that we could share with you here, for example how to use master reset, clear the storage, using blutooth and pairing it or use with A2DP wireless stereo headsets, using Camera as camcorder, making Video Call, Using VZ Navigator to perform turn by turn navigation along with Google Maps, remind your location track to find out one or more again of your current place then you revisit it again using HTC Footprints, Listening to Music or Radio, change language settings or date and time settings, and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Specifications

As an Android Phone that used Android Froyo 2.2 version, the HTC Thunderbolt 4G has included (installed) Google Applications such as Google Mail, Google Voice Search, Google Maps, Google Maps with Navigator, Google Street View, Android Market and also YouTube. Using 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 Snapdragon Processor along with 768 RAM and 8GB onboard eMMC memory that up to 32GB expandable through microSD Card, it would give you the smooth and fast on loading and runs any applications within.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Manual User Guide Quick Start Verizon Specifications

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Manual User Guide Quick Start Verizon - Specifications

It also attached with 8.1 Megapixel Camera which can produce High Quality Image Picture and High Definition video 720 HD Camcorder. These Camera of course also been assisted with Camera’s Tools suc has Dual LED Flash for bright and clear picture even in dark area, Camera Effect, Auto Focus, Geo Tagging, Face Detection, and also embedded with 1.3 MP Camera on the front body of the phone for Video Call activity.

The special design of this Thunderbolt that amaze us is the back kickstand to aim on experiencing the surround sound system that embedded with the Phone (see the image, DNSe – Dolby mobile sound enhancement). For connectivity features, the Phone equipped with version 2.1 plus EDR on Bluetooth (upgradable to version 3.0), Wi-Fi IEEE WLAN 802.11 b/g/n for fast internet connection including using it as a Hotspot access point up to 8 connection (with LTE Mobile Connection) / DLNA, GPS (A-GPS), and USB with microUSB v2.0 (cable included).

The Multimedia Player installed on Droid Thunderbolt supports for MP3, AAC+, DivX, MP4, WAV, H.263, H.264 (3GP, 3G2), WMA, WMV, and Xvid. Others Features and Applications: Quick Office, eBook Reader (PDF Viewer), FM Radio, G-Sensor, LTE SIM Slot, Picasa, Digital Compass, Skype and SNS Integration, Calendar, Alarm Clock, Organizer and more.

Table of Contents of HTC ThunderBolt 4G Manual User Guide Verizon Wireless

Getting Started
Phone Calls
Accounts and Sync
Clock and Weather
Internet Connections;
Adding Connection Widgets
Connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Using Your Phone as a Modem (Tethering Internet Connection Mode)
Connecting Your Phone to the Internet through a computer (Internet Pass-through)
Using Your Phone as a Mobile Hotspot,
Web Browser
Photos, Videos, Music
Maps and Location;
Turning on Location Services
Using Google Maps
Using HTC Footprints
Using Car Panel
Using VZ Navigator,
More Apps;
Watching Vieos on YouTube
Reading News Feeds
Working on Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations
Keeping track of your stocks
Listening to FM Radio
Recording Your Voice
Using Flashlight
Finding and Installing Apps from Android Market
Sharing Games and Apps,
Back up, Update and Reset
Trademark and Copyrights

HTC ThunderBolt 4G Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Verizon Wireless PDF Download

As cam see on the picture, it were series of tutorial images that would guide you to learn how to assembling the battery or to removing the battery, closing or open the back cover of the thunderbolt, inserting LTE SIM card, and also how to insert the memory card. It can be found and read at page 24 to page 34 of the Manual.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Manual User Guide Assembling Insert SIM storage microSD Battery Open Close Back Cover PDF Download

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Manual User Guide - Assembling Insert SIM storage microSD Battery Open Close Back Cover - PDF Download

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  1. says

    Please e-mail a complete manual on how to use the Thuderbolt. I purchased one today and can’t even figure out how to turn it on, and that having been said, I need to know how to use it’s functions. I never heard of selling a cell phone without an instruction book. Land line phones even have instruction booklets that come with them. They are used for reference as welll.

    Thank you, Sallie Donner

  2. Richard Cook says

    Can you send me a manual on how to use – R. Cook – 803 Maryland Ave. Salem , VA 24153 – I like the phone but I need to learn how to take advantage of what it offers

  3. cindy adams says

    Please send me the manual for the HTS Thunderbolt……Need some direction please on how to use this Thank You!!

  4. Roger Wilson says


    I just purchased the HTC Thunderbolt today and am SHOCKED that there is no user manual lincluded. The online manual is 350 pages pdf. ( that’s almost 3\ thick ). If you think I’m going to waste that much paper & ink then wade through all those pages you are sadly mistaken!!!! The Iphone has the manual built into it.

    Here’s the bottom line, if ANYONE is actually reading this, send me an e-mail where I can get the manual for this phone or it’s going back to Verizon faster than your head will spin. To offer this level of customer service in today’s economy is absolutely appalling. Don’t make my regret the decision in buying this phone.

  5. helena moylan says

    Please mail Nevada hard copy of the Thunderbolt 4G. I have downloaded the pdf manuel but scrolling through a 350 pages one by one is unrealistic and time consuming. I should have bought the iPhone!

  6. DAVID ROBLEY says

    I need out of desperation the complete manuel for the HTC Thunderbolt Phone. I am constantly calling Verizon for assistance on software I dont understand the operations of its own kind. Please mail me a manuel or I must send this phone back. Thank you. Address is David Robley
    244 N. Mollison Ave APT# 7 El Cajon, Ca. 92021

  7. Pamela Horton says

    How can I obtain a manual for the HTC Thunderbolt? I will never be able to use all of its features without one. Verizon sure saved money with the booklet that came with the phone.

  8. linda rodriguez-casanova says

    Plz mail me a user manual for thunderbolt cell phone. I am so exasperated trying to figure out how to use cell, but also trying to locate a hardcopy of user manual. I agree w most of the comments made by customers who purchased thunderbolt. There should b copies of user manual @ Verizon corp. stores Or @ least be able to order one from them, instead of trying to get it from on-line and getting directed to so many other sites that want you to download Or purchase. HELP!!!

  9. Char says

    There is a Thunderbolt for Dummies that I’m going to look into. One of the challenges is that the apps are not created necessarily by HTC unlike I-Phone which are centrally controlled. Nevertheless… yes I was amazed and the tiny manual that didn’t say anything.

  10. norfolk says

    my brother sent me a verizon 4g thunderbolt for x-mas for free( on the family plan!!) and he’s still trying to figure his out-we both have no manuals- can somebody e-mail me also with the whole manual? your effort is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

  11. jack fujimoto says

    Maya Fujimoto gave me HTC Thunderbolt. But, I need a manual. Going to the online site requires too much search and reading which is too much for these old eyes.
    Please send to 1673 Pandora Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024, for no charge.

  12. jack fujimoto says

    My HTC Thunderbolt will no longer open. I put it on the charger and no screen appears. Battery problem? Or……

  13. Pam says

    Is there a way to change how I view my pictures. Now they are viewed starting oldest to newest and I would like to reverse this order.

  14. Debbie Dittmer says

    Please send me a manual on the Thunderbolt. Seriously the tiny manual that came with the phone is a joke!!! I don’t have time to scroll through a lengthly online manual and besides what the thing cost and the monthly bill there is no reason why it didn’t come with the phone to begin with!!!

  15. htc one x screen protector says

    Are you obtaining the Galaxy S3? Your phone’s kind of the frustration to me.


    My gave some me a thunderbolt phone having a hard time learning how to work it he told me to look the manule up on the internet.A

  17. Theresa Fucinari says

    HAS ANYONE THAT REQUESTED A “MANUAL” ON THE HTC THUNDERBOLT?? My husband bought these phones for us and I don’t have a clue how to use most of the stuff on this phone. I thought it was a joke when the sales guy gave my husband this tiny book that literally fits in the palm of my hand (and I have small hands), lol. Kidding aside, I had a bigger manual for our last phone which was a very simple phone. NO, I am NOT going to download almost 400 pages of the manual online because one I dont have 400 pieces of paper. Two can you imagine all the ink that would be used?? Three when the heck am I going to have the time to read it?!
    This is to Verizon: Can you please send me some kind of manual so I can get the most out this phone? It would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I have great doubt I will ever get one of these smart phones again.

  18. Theresa Fucinari says

    Has anyone gotten one of these “books”? I’m not printing out almost 400 pages. I’m not using all that paper, I’m not using all that ink and I sure in the hell am not reading ALL those pages! If your listening Verizon, I definitly will NOT ever, ever, ever get a phone from you again! I get a manual that can literally fit in the palm of my hand? Im sure there is SO much I dont know about this smart phone. It’s a pity that myself or all these other people can’t take advantage of that.

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