HTC Touch Pro2 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for T-Mobile

Before the Android Mobile Operating System was created, HTC frequently used Windows Mobile as their main Operating System for their Phone / Smartphone. After the availability of Android and even the first Android Phone from Google also came along with HTC (The Nexus One), HTC seems to be like to use Android rather than using Windows Phone or Windows Mobile, even though they still create the Smartphone with Windows Phone / Mobile OS.

The HTC Touch Pro2 for T-Mobile that we wanna talk right now, is one of example the HTC Product Phone that used Windows Mobile Professional version 6.1. This series also available for AT&T Carrier with the same name and sometime also been called as HTC Tilt 2 for AT&T. Others alias of HTC Touch Pro2 are HTC XV6875 and HTC Rhodium. The Phone equipped with Side five row Qwerty Slide Out Keyboard. That why we known this phone as Slider Phone (slide side form factor).

HTC Touch Pro2 Manual User Guide T Mobile Specs Overview

HTC Touch Pro2 Manual User Guide T-Mobile Specs Overview

The Display screen used Touch Sensitive TFT LCD Screen at 3.6 inch Diameter Diagonal Size with 480 x 800 pixels WVGA Resolution. It means that this Phone, just like it’s Name “The Touch Pro2″ used Touchscreen User Interface (refer to “Touch” term) and also four row Qwerty Keyboard (refer to “Pro” Term). The Display touchscreen also equipped with TouchFLO 3D finger swipe navigation, Zoom bar, Auto rotate feature with Accelerometer Sensor, and on important thing is it installed with Handwriting Recognition.

HTC Touch Pro2 User Manual a.k.a User Guide T-Mobile Resume

The Image that we gave you below would help you to understand the Keys and Parts of the HTC Touch Pro2 with each of its Functions, such as the Zoom bar, Earpiece, Talk button, back button, Dual speaker, camera and etc.

HTC Touch Pro2 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Keys Parts Front Rear Back Side Resume

HTC Touch Pro2 T-Mobile Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Front Rear Back Side - Resume

And for these one on the below, It also has the same purpose as the image above but in different point a view. At this time it would gave you a brief overview of keys and function on the Phone when it is open mode with Qwerty five row Keyboard, the Top and botton of the Side and else.

HTC Touch Pro2 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Keys Parts Open Front Side Top Bottom Resume

HTC Touch Pro2 T-Mobile Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Open Front Side Top Bottom - Resume

One tutorial available in the User Manual / User Guide of HTC Touch Pro2 for T-Mobile that we wanna lead you the exact page of it is How to user World Clock and the Alarm Clock. For example you can learn the steps by steps tutorial how you can set the Alarm, turning it on / off and also changing it. It all available on page 82 under myFace Chapter of the PDF Manual.

If you wanna learn how to use Master Reset / Hard Reset or Soft Reset that you wanna applied when your phone a running slower or a program is not working well (including that you face a hard problem with the phone such as it settings turn ruined in), you can find the guidance to do that by reading page 249.

Another Tutorial that you can learn including how to connect to the internet with Wi-Fi, turning on / off the Bluetooth and Pairing it with others device, using Microsoft Office for Mobile, Watch the YouTube, tutorial to use the 3.2 MP Camera for Video Recording, Learning to listening the Music, and many more. Just download the PDF File of Manual or Quick Start Guide under “Manuals Download Tab”. Enjoy!

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Touch Pro2 T-Mobile Specifications

You don’t have to worry about the performance of HTC Touch Pro2. Though it not the fastest CPU processor (in comparison to the latest smartphone at this day), the Touch Pro2 installed with 528 MHz Speed Processor ( ARM 11 Adreno 130 GPU, Qualcomman MSM7200 chipset) along with 512 MB of ROM and 288 MB of RAM. By these, you’ll gain smooth experiences on using the TTC Touch Pro2.

HTC Touch Pro2 Manual User Guide T-Mobile Specifications

HTC Touch Pro2 Manual User Guide T-Mobile - Specifications

The Phone capable to runs these following formats of Media Files: AAC, MP3, WMA, QCP, AMR WB, AMR NB, eAAC+, AAC_, WAV, MIDI and M4A for Audio Music and MP4, 3G2, 3GP (H.263, H.264), M4V, AVI, ASF and WMV. You can also store you music or video file on external memory card by using microSD (SD 2.0 supported, though we can’t make sure the maximum amound of data that can handle the microSD slot, it might be 8GB or up to 16GB).

For the connectivity, the Phone supports 3G up to 7.2 Mbps (download) and 2 Mbps (upload) (both CDMA and HSPA, depend on the carrier) and included with Wi-Fi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth version 2.1 with EDR and supports A2DP Profile, and for High Data Transmission it also equipped microUSB slot HTC Ext USB with 11 pin mini-USB version 2.0 (included with Audio Jack and TV Out). The Phone also equipped with 3.2 Megapixel Camera, with Digital Zoom, Auto Focus, Album, Video Recording as Camcorder and Image Editor.

Others Features that you supposed to know: G-Sensor, GPS, Straight Talk, Facebook Applications, Windows Marketplace, SIM Manager, Microsoft Office Mobile to edit and view Word .doc, Excel .xls, Powerpoint .ppt, document (along with JETCET Application for Presentation), Pocket Office PDF Viewer, JBlend for Java Supported MIDLet /J2ME, Google Maps for Navigation, YouTube, and more.

Table of Contents of HTC Touch Pro2 User Manual T-Mobile

Getting Started
Using Phones Features
Using the Home Screen
Entering Text
Synchronizing Information
Exchanging Messages
Working with Company Email and Meeting Appointments
Ways of Connecting to the Internet:
Dial Up
Starting a Data Connection.
Using Opera Mobile
Using Internet Explore Mobile
Using YouTube
Using Windows Live
Using Your Phone as a Modem,
Navigating on the Road;
Google Maps
Guidelines and Preparation for Using GPS
Downloading Location Data via QuickGPS
Camera and Multimedia
JETCET Presentation
Microsoft Office Mobile
SIM Manager
Voice Command
Facebook Application
Windows Marketplace
Managing Your Phone

HTC Touch Pro2 Manual User Guide Quick Start T-Mobile PDF Download

Note: Image represent the capture of Quick Start Guide PDF of the HTC Touch Pro2 on purpose how you can use the Phone for the first time: for example how you can Assembling the battery, SIM Card, Open Back Cover Casing of the Body, Inserting microSD Card, and else.

HTC Touch Pro2 Manual User Quick Start Guide Keys Part Functions Assemble Insert Battery SIM Card Open Cover PDF Download

HTC Touch Pro2 Manual User Quick Start Guide - Keys Part Functions Assemble Insert Battery SIM Card Open Cover - PDF Download

There only two available Manual of this Phone, though in other language also available but not for T-Mobile Carrier. It including Danish, Dutch, French Germany, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, Portuguese and else (for Europe Version). You can get it all of them at here.

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