HTC Touch2 T3333 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for T-Mobile Orange Telefonica

We do wanna write about this phone as soon as possible after finding the fact that some of visitor that been landed in HTC myTouch 4G was looking for with the keyword search term: “HTC Touch Manual or HTC Touch2 User Guide“. But unfortunately, we don’t had plenty of time to handle this blog and update it regularly or or can wrote more than 2 articles per days. We had more jobs to do. That why we are sorry for that. But forget about that, we are now ready for you to discuss and share about HTC Touch2 T3333 (the version series code) plus the User Guide / User Manual of its.

The HTC Touch2 originally user Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional as it’s Mobile Operating System. Come with the Windows Mobile, the Internet Explorer for default Mobile Browser, Microsoft Office for Mobile also installed in the Phone. Even though there is an IE for Mobile Browser, the HTC Touch2 also embedded with Opera Mobile browser.

HTC Touch2 Manual User Guide Quick Start Specs Overview

HTC Touch2 Manual User Guide and Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

For the Design, named with Touch2 T3333 means that it used Touchscreen User Interface with onscreen virtual Qwerty Keyboard. The Display screen utilized with TFT Resistive Touchscreen that has 65K colors and using 2.8 inches Diameter Diagonal at 240 x 320 Pixels for the QVGA Resolution Screen. For Home Navigation it used TouchFLO finger swipe and Touch-sensitive zoom bar (almost the Display screen at this day already used capacitive touchscreen instead of resistive touch screen)

HTC Touch2 T3333 User Manual / User Guide T-Mobile Resume

In the Figure below, you can read and learn about the tutorial and step by step instruction how you can assembling the phone with other phone’s parts. For example you can learn how to open the back cover of the phone that you can assemble the battery with the phone body, inserting the SIM card to the card’s place, or inserting the microSD Card. Beside you can learn and read from the picture below, you can also read it from the User Manual of HTC Touch2 T3333 at page 26 to page 29.

HTC Touch2 Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Assembling Battery Open Cover Insert SIM microSD Card Resume

HTC Touch2 Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Assembling Battery Open Cover Insert SIM microSD Card - Resume

Furthermore, you can also get the guidance and find the help how you can use the Wi-Fi than to connects it to Hotspot WLAN Area or access point in the purpose you wanna go to open website or Facebook of yours, it all available at page 122 to 124 under Chapter 8: sub chapter Ways of Connecting to the Internet.

For a help that you wanna use Bluetooth and pairing it with other bluetooth’s device such as Laptop, Computer, Netbook or other Phone or smartphone, you can start to learn it at page 141. Herein, you can find also the ways you can use Bluetooth to Print your picture / photo, using it with Stereo headset A2DP or Hands free and more.

Almost forget, we don’t mentioned yet that the HTC Touch2 T3333 also installed with Google Maps. Along side with AGPS, you can use Google maps as your Navigator. For example you wanna get the direction to your home place or office in the middle of the road (note: Google Maps with Navigator available by Country), search place, or more. It also included with Google Latitude. All the tutorial of this feature can be found at Chapter 10 on page 150 to page 154.

Others available tutorial in the User Guide of HTC Touch2 that you might wanna know: using the Calendar, Using the Company Email, how to set the Alarm, how to use Homescreen, using onscreen Qwerty Keyboard, using master Reset, and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Touch2 T3333 Specifications

For the Internal on board memory, it adhered with 256MB for RAM memory and 512MB ROM along side with core CPU Qualcomm MSM7225 chipset (Adreno 200 GPU, ARM 11 Processor) at Processor Speed 528Mhz. Especially for the Storage Memory, if you wanna expanded to get larger space to store Multimedia Files or Document Files such as words, excels, powerpoint, video, music audio files, you can use external microSD memory card up to 16GB.

HTC Touch2 Manual User Guide Quick Start Specifications

HTC Touch2 Manual User Guide Quick Start - Specifications

If you like to use Java Applications, you don’t have to worried about how it can be runs properly in HTC Touch2 or not, because the T3333 included with JBlend that would allow you to install and runs Java Application that suppors J2ME (java 2 Micro Edition). You wanna read ebook like PDF User Manual of the Phone, don’t worry, the phone also has an applications to do that called Pocket Office.

For the Data networks, it supports for 3G networks (HSPA, HSDPA 7.2Mbps) and can be used with GSM or CDMA Technology (varied depends on the Carrier and Region). It also included with GPS Antenna, 3.2 Megapixel Camera along with Fixed Focus (Video Recorder as Camcorder up to 30 frame per second also available. Note: no secondary cam in front for video call), miniUSB 2.0, and WLAN Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b,g.

Supported Music and Video formats that can be played using Windows Media Player for Mobile are MP3, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, M4V, AAC, AVI, WMV, WMA, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, WAV, MIDI, M4A, and QCP. Others Features and Applications: FM Radio, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Email Client, Windows Marketplace, Facebook, Bluetooth version 2.1 with Wireless Stereo Headsets A2DP Profile, File Manager, YouTube, Windows Live, and many more.

Table of Contents of HTC Touch2 Manual User Guide and Quick Start Guide T-Mobile

Getting Started
Contacts and Phone Calls
Using the Home Screen
Entering Text
Synchronizing Information
Exchanging Messages
Working with Calendar and Company Email
Ways of Connecting to the Internet:
Starting a Data Connection,
Using Opera Mobile
Using Internet Explorer Mobile
Using YouTube
Using Streaming Media
Using Windows Live
Using Phone as Modem,
Bluetooth Modes
Bluetooth Partnerships
Connecting a Bluetooth Hands-free or Stereo Headset
Sending and Receiving Information Using Bluetooth
Printing via Bluetooth
Connecting to Car Kit Phones,
Navigating on the Road
Camera and Multimedia;
Taking Photos and Videos
Viewing Photos and Videos using Album
Using Windows Media Player Mobile
Using Audio Booster
Using FM Radio,
Other Programs;
Microsoft Office Mobile
Using RSS Hub
SIM Manager
Windows MarketPlace
Installing and Uninstalling Programs,
Managing Your Phone;
Copying and Managing Files
Settings on Your Phone
Changing Basics Settings
Using Comm Manager
Using Connection Setup
Using Task Manager
Protecting Your Phone
Resetting Your Phone,

HTC Touch2 T3333 Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide T-Mobile Orange PDF Download

If you wondering the parts and keys buttons of the HTC Touch2, you can learn from the Picture below that represent the keys and its functions. If would help you to use the Phone for the first time you got it in your hand. For example where is the power button keys, where is the microSD card slot, where is the volume button, and more.

HTC Touch2 Manual User Guide Keys Parts Functions PDF Download

HTC Touch2 Manual User Guide Keys Parts Functions - PDF Download

In fact, the user guide of HTC Touch available in many language version aside the User Guide that we gave you below. It available in German, Arabic, Italian, French, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Greek and more (including with its carrier such as S.Africa, Telefonica, etc). It available both the UM and Quick Start Guide. For full of them you can get it at here.

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    I hv deleted some system files from my HTC touch 2 t3333 accidentally… can you helpme? , The Ring tone doesn’t make sound and the audio playes doesn´t function I Hope you can share the system files for Wm 6.5.

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    I hv deleted some system files from my HTC touch 2 t3333 accidentally… can you helpme? , The Ring tone doesn’t make sound and the audio playes doesn´t function and if i’ll have to reinstall my phone i’ll also need to know the steps to follow for the procedure.

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