HTC Trophy User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Specifications for Verizon

Might be, the first thigh that come out in your mind relating with this HTC Trophy Smartphone is what are the differences between HTC Trophy and the one that been released previously on October 2010 with quite similar name, the HTC 7 Trophy? We do had the same question about this. And here are the final answer that we found after reading one to another. Here is for the start. The Main difference between HTC Trophy and HTC 7 Trophy (beside the released date: Trophy on May 2011, 7 Trophy on Oct 2010) is HTC Trophy specially design for US (United State) Region and at this time available along with Verizon Wireless Carrier, and for HTC 7 Trophy it available for Europe Region and Asia Pacific Region.

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Quick Start Guide Specs Overview

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

Another Differences between those two Trophy Series occurred on the Tech Specifications regarding with the CPU Series Detail, The Internal Memory Storage (build-in) and also the touchscreen Display Material. Here are the details of Trophy and 7 Trophy differences: Trophy: CPU uses Qualcomm MSM8650 Snapdragon Chipset, 16GB Storage, uses TFT Capacitive Touchscreen vs HTC 7 Trophy uses Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon chipset, 8GB Storage, and uses S-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen.

For the detail of Specifications of HTC Trophy for Verizon Wireless you can read it under “Specification” Tab.

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Resume

Almost all Windows Phone 7 Hard Reset or Master Reset Steps has the same pattern just like that we wanna share with your below (the actual tutorial and instruction can be found on the User Manual at page 75 – Performing a Factory Data Reset): Tab ~> then Settings > About Phone > Reset You Phone > Yes or you can also do this offline mode method: Turn off the Phone > Press and Hold “Volume Up and Down” then slowly Press Power button > Display Screen appears > Release Volume Up and Down then choose the ways gonna Reset > Follow the rest of the instruction available in there.

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Resume

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts - Resume

You can get the same picture like the one that we shared with you above if you read page 6 and page 7 of the UM/UG of the HTC Trophy for Verizon that we provided the Download Link and also for alternative Read Online. You can learn the look and keys and parts of the phone from front, side, rear and top panels of the body of the device and learn such as where the Dedicated Keys of Search, Back or Start, which one is the Power button or Volume button or Dedicated camera button.

The instruction and guideline provided by this Manual PDF of Trophy is quite simple and fast with good image tutorial (with full colors, one good point) although the vendor can be produced a better manual than this one.

The content only consists an important part of the features that available in the Phone, such as how to learn to use the Wi-Fi hotspot, learning to use Bluetooth or Pairing it, Setting the ringtone, theme or language, using the Calendar or Alarm Clock, Protection Phone and SIM card with password or PIN, and also some quick help on troubleshooting with the phone.

For the detail further explanation you can read it by yourself.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Trophy Verizon Wireless Specifications

HTC Trophy with Verizon use Dual Technology Data Networks that supports for both GSM and CDMA Technology as long as it uses Verizon Networks. It currently works under CDMA 800/1900 Mhz, WCDMA 2100 Mhz, GSM Quad Band 850/ 900/1800/1900 Mhz and also HSP 1200 Mhz. For CDMA with EVDO Rev.A it can be used up to 3.1 Mbps on download and with HSDPA can be worked up to 7.2 Mbps, and for HSUPA works up to 2 Mbps. Of course it supports GPRS and EDGE Data type.

For W-Fi WLAN the phone equipped with Wi-Fi Type 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n that supports for Digital Living Networks Alliance aka DLNA Certificate. For another Connectivity feature that you can use along with Trophy, as usually, the Wireless Connectivity is fall to the responsibility of Bluetooth version 2.1 with A2DP (Wireless Stereo Headset Profile) and advanced with Enhanced Data Rate. For the Cable connectivity, it uses microUSB version 2.0 for High Data Rate (especially for the usage on transferring data such as music or document or video to/ from computer or other devices) .

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Quick Start Guide Specifications

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specifications

As we already mentioned, The Display Touchscreen equipped with TFT Capacitive and has 16M Colors. For the Diameter Diagonal Size it has 3.8 inches with 480 x 800 pixels. There only one ways you can type a message while you wanna sent email or use messaging on this HTC Trophy: Use Onscreen Virtual Qwerty Keyboard. That is why the form factor design used by this Phone (as you can see at the picture above), is Candy Bar with Touchscreen or we can say as Touch Bar form factor.

Just like HTC 7 Trophy, this HTC Trophy runs also with the latest version Mobile OS (Smartphone0 Platform from Microsoft, The Windows Phone 7. Along with WP 7 and also 576MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM, this Handset also installed with 1GHz Processor Speed of Scorpion from Qualcomm with MSM8650 Snapdragon chipset series and uses Adreno 200 for Graphic Processor Unit (GPU).

The Phone also armored with 5 Megapixel Camera that been available with LED Flash Light on the rear panel of the Phone. In addition, the Auto Focus, Geo Tagging (uses AGPS), Digital Zoom and also Video Recording up to 720p@24fps are included. Another Multimedia, such as for Audio and Video Player it powered with Zune Player that supports most of popular video and audio formats such as MP3, MP4, WMV, WMA,3GP, 3G2, MBR, M4V AAC, WAV, and more. Using HTC Hub, you can get one access in Facebook or Twitter Application (Integrated).

Some other features: Stereo FM Radio with RDS (Radio Data System), the preloaded Application by Microsoft such as Bing Maps, Windows Market Place, XBOX Live (Games), Windows Market Place, Microsoft Office Mobile 2010, Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround Sound, Windows Live and more.

Table of Contents of HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual

Getting Started
Phone Calls
Getting Connected;
Data Connection
Using Phone Web Browser
Synchronizing Your Computer and phone
Music and Videos Hub
Listening to Music
Watching Videos
Listening to or watching your podcasts
Listening to the Radio,
Maps and Location
More Applications Apps
Update and Reset
Trademark and Copyright

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF Download

Just a little note about the picture below: It is a series of image that avaiable on Getting stated Chapter of User Guide of HTC Trophy for Verizon Wireless in the purpose to guide you in proper ways how you can open the back casing properly, learning to know how to assembling the battery to its compartment, Insert the SIM card and Close Back the Casing.

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Quick Start Guide Open Close Remove Back Cover Casing Assembling Battery Insert Install SIM Card PDF Download

HTC Trophy Verizon User Manual Quick Start Guide - Open Close Remove Back Cover Casing Assembling Battery Insert Install SIM Card - PDF Download

To the Point: Here are two file of Manual (User Guide and Quick Start Guide) of HTC Trophy that you can download directly by right click the link and the save links as or you can use your Download Manager to do that. Enjoy!

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