HTC Vivid User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Tech Specs for AT&T

Sometime I thought that is it really necessary to gave you a brief information about the specs and hardware of Smartphone or phone that we discuss it at this blog or just pass it and directly wrote about the Manual of the phone and give you to download pdf links? After quite while thinking about this, I still “feel” that by serving you a little bit information and also my personal point a view on this blog might be got a little help on understanding your gadget. Furthermore, by knowing the tech specs would also means that it is the first step to familiarizing with your phone or we can say it is also a kind of “User Manual”. Yet, some of Manual that we been read also included the specs of the device such as the OS version, the cam specs, hardware CPU, RAM, and memory. So, let continue to discuss about the tech spec of HTC Vivid for AT&T, the one that we gonna share to you this time.

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start Specs Overview

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start - Specs Overview

In some case, the Vivid name uses by this gadget might refer to the display screen in which it uses 4.5 inches large screen with almost 254 ppi at 540 x 960 pixel resolution and manufactured by using Super LCD / S-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen. This would make you able to see the display “vividly” aka “lifely”, that why it called HTC Vivid (just a guess though). It is available Black and White color (see the image)

Ordinary additional features for this S-LCD screen such as accelerometer sensor for automatic rotation orientation and proximity sensor for auto turn off the screen also available alongside with LED backlight, ecompass, light sensor and else.

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide AT&T Quick Start Guide Resume

Flash back. Why we thought that we need to create a PDF Resume in this page. One of the biggest reason is that by following aka reading this page, in some case you don’t need to look directly to the PDF Manual (that you supposed to download it or load it — if you read online) but just need to read this resume. The image below for example. If you just need to know where is the location of power buttons in order to turn on your HTC Vivid, or learning some parts available in the body of the phone, all you need to do just look at directly to the image that we arranged for you. no need to download no need to laod PDF Manual file.

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start Keys Parts Layout Overview Resume

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start - Keys Parts Layout Overview - Resume

Another case that usually we served in almost all posts available in this blog are the tutorial how you can perform Factory data reset and how to getting started with you phone such as inserting sim card or microSD card or remove back casing (see the detail about this on “PDF Download” section that we gave you also the image tutorial).

OK back to HTC Vivid User Guide and Quick Start Guide. The quick start guide only consist a small parts of the contents that available in User Guide. QSG would be enough if you just wanna know the basic functions of your Vivid but in case you wanna learn further about your Vivid, User Guide is the final and only the answer.

As we wrote above about tutorial on performing the Factory Data reset aka Hard / Master Reset, here are the direct guidance and quick instructions which you can follow: Home screen > press Menu option on Vivid screen > Tap settings > SD and phone storage > Factory Reset > Reset Phone > Erase everything or Turn off the Vivid > Remove Vivid battery from its compartment > Reinsert the battery > Press and hold Volume Down > briefly press Power button > screen appears > release volume down > select factory reset using volume down > press power button to confirm > Done. See page 193 for the detail.

Wanna know to pairing the bluetooth? creating status and added to your facebook stream or tweet? connect to hotspot or use Vivid as Wi-Fi router? just read it on the Manual directly.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Vivid AT&T Technical Specifications

Along with AT&T carrier, the HTC Vivid designed to supports 4G LTE ( using LTE 700 Mhz, LTE 1700/2100) for US Region only. Although for HSDPA, HSUPA, GPRS, and EDGE also supports.

This smartphone powered by Android Gingerbread for version 2.3.5 and you don’t have to worry about the fast and smooth on rendering image or doing multitasking due to the Vivid foundation hardware are the Dual core 1.2 GHz scorpion CPU with Qualcomm APQ8060 chipset and Adreno 220 for Graphic Processing Unit. This brain also equipped with 1GB RAM and has storage memory 16GB (optional built in), in which it this memory can be expanded by using additional external microSD card up to 32GB. In total you’ll have 48GB.

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start Specifications

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start - Specifications

Wanna take a picture using HTC Vivid or you wanna make “mobile photography”. Although the result might not as best as in a way you use DLSR camera, but having 8 Megapixel Camera — with 28mm wide angle lens and f22 low light capability) equipped as the main camera on the rear panel of Vivid, which supports auto-focus, geo tagging, face detection and also has LED Flash light, it would guarantee that you’ll got the high-end Camera phone in your hand. Just need a little touch by using Image Editor to make it “perfect”.

You might familiar using Skype, or Qik even Google Hangout or Video call in communicating with you beloved family? The 1.3 MP front facing camera would assist you to do that. Almost forgot, the 8MP cam also capable to create HD Video up to 1080p@60fps (yes, it’s 60fps).

Preloaded Applications which installed in Vivid seems to be came from the Google Applications and also the AT&T carrier applications. You can have Google Maps, Google Maps Street view, Voice Search, Android Market, Youtube, AT&T Navigator, AT&T FamilyMap, YPmobile, AT&T U-Verse Live TV, and also HTC applications such as HTC Sense UI, Facebook and Twitter for HTC Sense, HTC HUbe and Amazon Kindle (if you like to read a ebook bought from Amazon).

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB are supports. Having 6.24 ounces / 176,9 grams with 128.8 mm x 67.1 mm x 11.2 mm or in inches it about 5.07 x 2.64 x 0.44, this make one of the largest smartphone which using touch bar form factory ever made by HTC. Although the battery that only uses 1620 mAh wouldn’t really enough to get it “alive” much longer in case it uses for gaming or video player.

Table of Contents of HTC Vivid Manual User Guide AT&T

Getting started
Phone calls
Search and Web Browser
Photos, videos, and music
HTC services
Accounts and sync
Facebook for HTC Sense
Twitter for HTC Sense
Using Friend Stream
Chatting in Google Talk
Maps and location;
Locations settings
HTC Footprints
Car Panel
Google Maps,
Android Market and other apps
HTC Sync
Internet connections
VPN, USB tethering
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Internet Pass-through,
Update and reset
Trademarks and copyrights

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide AT&T Quick Start Guide PDF Download

Learning to open the back cover casing can be found on page 10 of the User Guide of HTC Vivid, and to replace the cover casing back just read the tutorial on page 11, Inserting the SIM card on page 12, installing the microSD card available on page 13, Assemble and remove battery on page 14, and charging the battery on page 15.

All the image tutorials that we mentioned above we gathered in single picture which you can see below.

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start Open Back Cover Replace Case Insert SIM Card Install MicroSD Storage Memory Assemble Charge Battery PDF Download

HTC Vivid Manual User Guide ATT Quick Start - Open Back Cover Replace Case Insert SIM Card Install MicroSD Storage Memory Assemble Charge Battery - PDF Download

And here are the User Guide of HTC Vivid. Almost forget, if you like to Sync you Vivid to your PC, you need HTC Sync. Please download HTC Sync at here (It’s about 146MB, therefore use your best Internet connections, Wi-Fi connections fully recommended and don’t forget to use Download Manager to do that).

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  1. Aquia says

    I love the size of the Vivid screen and I love the new white design! I see that it is pre-installed with the Uverse app for TV viewing, but I will be using a far more enhanced app. The DISH Remote Access app lets me watch LIVE TV and my DVR recordings anywhere I have access to Wi-Fi or at least mobile 3G network. Unlike the Uverse app, I will be able to watch TV anywhere outside of my home and I will be able to put that screen to some good use! Being that I work for DISH I know that I will not have to pay to use the DISH Remote Access app (it’s free); I could probably spend that money on an extra battery for my new Vivid since I will be putting that to work.

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