HTC Wildfire S User Manual & Quick Start Guide (HTC PG76110)

Update: We added the User Guide / User Manual and also Quick Start Guide of HTC Wildfire S for MetroPCS Carrier, Wildfire S For T-Mobile, Wildfire S for Virgin Mobile and Wildfire S for US Cellular. See the download links under PDF Download Tab Section.

Actually, this HTC Wildfire S officially released in the end of April 2011 or in others region also released in the beginning of May 2011. This Smartphone that uses Candy Bar / Touch Bar form factor design also had another dubbed series name: HTC PG76110. And of course this “S” version is the continuation of the previous Version: The HTC Wildfire.

If you love the latest Version of Android OS, the Android v2.3 or Gingerbread, we had a good news for you. Yes, HTC Wildfire S installed with this latest version of Android OS, the Android Gingerbread, just like Samsung Nexus S. The Android OS also powered with HTC Sense User Interface – a special UI developed just for HTC Smartphone.

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Specs Overview

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

The Core Hardware used by Wildfire are the Qualcomm single core 600MHz CPU Processor Speed, the Memory of RAM at 512MB and also 512MB for RAM Memory. It also support with microSD card slot for external expansion slot memory card storage. For the body that has 105grams with battery is a little big heavy for the Gadget that has 59.4 x 101.3 x 12.4 mm Dimension Size.

HTC Wildfire S Overview on YouTube

The Display Screen uses Thin Film Transistor TFT Capacitive Touchscreen with 256K color and equipped with Gorilla Glass Display, Auto-Rotate UI, Auto Turn-Off (uses Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor gain this feature / ability), and Touch sensitive Control on 3.2 inches Diagonal Diameter and with 320 x 480 Pixels Resolution Screen.

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Resume

The Picture that we gave you below is a tutorial picture that would help you to familiarize with the Wildfire’s Keys and Wildfire’s Parts. For leraning to know the Lanyard Hole, Speaker, Volume, USB Connector, Menu Keys and more. It available under Getting Started Section on sub section “HCT Wildfire S” and can be read directly (if you can’t read the image below) on page 8 and 9.

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Keys Parts Resume

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts - Resume

The Getting Started Section also had a guideline to some basic functions such as how to entering Your PIN, witching power on or off, using home screen, Finger Gesture and how to setting up the HTC Wildfire S for the first time you got in your hand.

To Perform Factory Reset there are two ways you can do this action (that usually named also as Hard or Master Reset). First if you don’t wanna follow our instructional here, you can go to page 180 of the User Manual of HTC Wildfire S, or follow our short resume help here: Tab Menu > Settings > SD and Phone Storage > Factory Data reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. Or you can do also like this: Remove the battery and the reinsert the battery to its compartment and do this: Press and Hold Volume Down + Power button > Screen Appears then Release the Volume Down > Select Factory Reset and then Press Power button.

There more tutorial that you can read after you download the PDF Manual of this Phone under “PDF Download” Tab or you can also read it only under “Read Online” Tab, for example you can learn how to use the Phone as Wi-Fi Hostpot or using it to connect to Wi-Fi access point, Learning to pairing the bluetooth and uses it with Wireless Stereo Headset with A2DP, Changing Language, Sound settings, or get Managing Memory and optimizing battery life.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Wildfire S Specifications

For the Camera, the HTC Wildfire S only uses single Camera for Photography Purpose on the rear side of the Phone’s body. This also means, there is no Secondary Camera. This Main Camera has 5Megapixel which can be create up to 2592 x 1944 pixels Picture and armored with Auto Focus, Geo Tagging (uses AGPS/GPS), LED Flash Light for poor light surrounding / environment and also Video Recording ability up to VGA@24fps (frame per second).

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Specifications

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start - Specifications

Along with Android Operating System by Google, there are some Google Applications that also preinstalled inside the Wildfire S. It including the famous Google Search, Google Maps, Google Maps Navigation, Google Talk, YouTube Player, Google Mail, and other Google App that you can download from Android Market.

For the Data Networks and Connectivity Features, Wildfire supports for 3G Networks (both for 900/2100 Mhz or HSDPA 850/1900 Mhz – depend on regional market) and also 2G networks such as GSM, EDGE, GPRS (uses Quad band 850 /900/ 1800 /1900 Mhz frequency). The UMTS for HSDPA can be used up to 7.2Mbps and HSUPA up to 389Kbps. For Connectivity it attached with Wi-Fi for b/g/n type on IEEE 802.11, can be used as Wi-Fi Hotspot up to 5 connection or more, and has microUSB v2.0 and Bluetooth Wireless Version 3.0 with A2DP plus EDR (enhanced Data Rate).

Others Features: FM Radio with RDS, G Sensor, Digital Compass, Ambient Light Sensor, Audio Player (Music) for WMA, AMR, OGG, M4A, MP3, AAC, MIDI, WAV, and Video Player for 3GP, 3G2, MP4, WMV, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa Apps, SNS Integration, Xvid Player, Organiser and more.

For the Color available: Black, Silver, Brown and Lilac.

Table of Contents of HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide

Getting Started
Phone calls
Search and Web Browser
Accounts and Sync
Facebook for HTC Sense
Facebook App
Difference btw FB app FB for HTC Sense
Tweeting on the go using Peep
Using Friend Stream
Chatting in Google Talk,
Photos Videos and Music
Market and Other Applications
Maps and Location
HTC Sync
Internet Connections;
Data Connection
Connect to Virtual Private Network VPN
Using HTC Wildfire S as Modem USB Tethering
Internet Pass Trough with Wildfire S
Using HTC Wildfire S as Wireless Router,
Update and Reset
Trademarks and Copyrights

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide PDF Download

What we means by uploading and embedding the picture of tutorial on how to open casing / cover, how to insert microSD or install SIM card, and how to assembling the Wildfire battery below, is just wanna let you know the short overview of the Manual by Picture. The full of explanation and step by step guideline on doing this can be found on the User Manual / User Guide of HTC Wildfire S (english version) on page 10 to page 15.

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Open Close Cover Casing Assembling Battery Insert SIM Card Install micro SD PDF Download

HTC Wildfire S Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide - Open Close Cover Casing Assembling Battery Insert SIM Card Install micro SD - PDF Download

We gave you some alternative download link of HTC Wildfire S (The English, French, French with Vodafone carrier, Italian, Germany and also Spanish). It also consist two kind of Manual: The User Guide (Full Complete) and the Quick Start Guide (Fast Guideline).

HTC Wildfire S for Virgin Mobile Manual

HTC Wildfire S for MetroPCS Manual

HTC Wildfire S User Guide | HTC Wildfire S Quick Start Guide | Carrier: MetroPCS | Language: English

HTC Wildfire S for US Cellular Manual

HTC Sync | HTC Wildfire S User Guide | HTC Wildfire S Quick Start Guide | Language: English | Carrier: US Cellular

HTC Wildfire S for T-Mobile Manual

HTC USB Tethering Driver | HTC Wildfire S User Manual | Language: English | Carrier: T-Mobile

For others Languages such as Dutch, Arabic, Danish, Czech, Portuguese, Russian, Romania, Swedish, Chinese, Polish, Nowegian, Greek, Hongarian, Finish, Slovak, you can get it from this official User Guide of HTC Wildfire page. Enjoy!

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  1. Dennis O'Connor says

    Hi, I cannot get my new Wildfire to Autorotate, in spite of the fact that Autorotate is enabled in Settings. do you have any advice.

    Many thanks,


  2. prakash says


    I have purchase new htc wildfire s mobile I want to now how to add contact photo please help me in this issue.


    • ian cotrell says

      if using the people widget

      tap the contact required, then select view contact, then press menu and edir contact. Press camera top left you then have a choice of attaching a photo by camera or from gallery. Follow on screen instuctions.

      Hope this helps

  3. donna says

    is there a diff way to answer calls?i keep scrolling down when a call comes in but it rarely works and i end up having to call the person back,can i not change it to answer/decline?

  4. ayi says

    i cannot transfer files/downloads to the sd card. “move to sd card” option is not functional. i have 8gb of memory. i cannot even download anything on my phone. help.

    • Andy says

      easy done my friend. Go onto the internet via your wildfire Google your required pdf. Thats one of the beauties of this smartfone – Dead easy.
      Once its downloaded your pdf it will inform of such………Bingo. BTW, you are really best reading the pdf via your desktop, laptop,notepad etc, simply due to the size limitation of the screen on the HTC.
      Good luck with it anyway.

  5. Mrs Pauline Brown says

    I have been surching addresses on the navigation. Everything fine. How do I get rid of the addresses that I have been viewing.

  6. JD says

    My new HTC Wildfire S does not have the icons/options to differentiate Home, Work, Pager, Fax etc. when storing/saving new contacts numbers. It only shows ‘M’ may be for Mobile for only the first number stored/saved. Pls help…

    • john says

      I have the same problem with the Learn More option which is all in Spanish.
      I went back to the Orange shop and was told they couldn’t do anything about it but that the problem was known to HTC who would be sorting it out asap – very unsatisfactory.

      • Andy says

        Press the top button, bringing your phone to life. Go to settings and activate it (press the damn thing). Go to Wireless and Networks, give it a quick press. Now scroll up the screen a touch until you come across Mobile network. activate the wee tick with a gentle touch of the preceding text. You should now be in business. What I do is activate it when necessary as it has a tendency to munch away @ your psu (battery), not as heavily as WiFi, but still a noticeable amount. I guess you can make a link/shortcut to it to make activating/DE-activating even easier. Tired, lazy bunch of sods we are lol lol.
        Hope this helps sweetheart 😉

  7. Robert Leest says

    I am trying to get some instructoin on using a Wildfire S phone. The links via Google all seem to direct to adverts. This site is completely useless

    • Andy says

      use Google mate asking for a pdf doc of the HTC Wildfire S. Personally I aint had any probs mit Google – such is life huh.
      Good luck with your dilemma anyway bro.

  8. Chris says

    hi…i put a draw pattern lock on the touch screen and i forgot the code! how can i unlock my phone again??? please help me, i need my phone urgently oh and i do not have a SIM yet…but it still works. please please please help!!!!!!! 😮

  9. Chris says

    take off the back, and at the bottom left there should be a little hole….thats where the card goes! hope i helped? can u answer my question????

  10. julie says

    can anyone help me in simple terms ive been trying to set up facebook but get so far and it says i an account already exsits and i should have been emailed a code by email so i checked yahoo mail on my laptop and no code was sent help please

  11. Andy says

    rmv mem chip (the thing that plugs in the side). Now press the volume control, the up and down together – as well as the on/off button, on the top. A list of options will appear. Use the vol up or down to select – Factory reset. Press the on/off switch and everything will be reset to factory settings.
    Good Luck :-)

  12. rosie says

    can anyone help me i have the new htc wildfire s and im wondering why i cant have music as my message tone can anyone help

  13. rajasekaran.m. says

    Pl explain how i connect htc wildfire s with my p.c. to see internet. Battery frequently exhausted with bsnl network. Why. Vodafone sim usage prolongs battery life why.

  14. joel truelson says

    Hi, all the time i send a sms or i recieve one, the oneclick sound goes off. How do i get rid of it.


  15. alison says

    Hi, I have a HTC Wildfire S and I can not get any sound from my phone with apps ringtones and just plain music only vibrations.HELP :(

  16. robyn mcintosh says

    have rang 1300 number no result have just
    bought htc wildfire pre paid need a manual as
    to check things [ none in box] not good on
    computer thanks

  17. Ikima says

    I have had nothing but trouble since I have had the HTC wildfire s. The store where I purchased the phone has had to reorder me a new one and I had it less than a month. I think it is safe to say they did not test their product before putting it out there, maybe under pressure to keep up with growing market.

  18. BRIDGET fORSTER says


    • Lyndsey says

      I’ve just sold my on Fone bank for £112 as I hate it too! Decided to keep my old trusty Nokia. Lesson Learned……

  19. Cari says

    I agree I hate this phone. It won’t let me answer incoming calls half the time. That is just one of the problems. There are to numerous to list.

  20. rajasekaran.m says

    In nokia n70, the place of nearest tower is displyed. But in htc wildfire s, it wont display any location. It display the cell location i.e. nearbyname cellphone tower when i connet with internet. Pl help me. I want to see the place where i am.

  21. says

    PLz tell me.,.,
    from where i can see my Memory card in htc wild fire s…
    i want to open my memory card from my phone.
    i search a lot it from all application but___
    plz help me….???

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