HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual & Quick Start Guide

First of all, there is a beauty come out from the design of HTC Windows Phone 8S. Personally, I do love the design. Although it’s almost no differ than the Windows Phone 8X version. BTW, after reading the specs and Manual of this 8S version, it seems that this phone is the “cheap-version” of 8X. You can also said it’s “the small type” on the matter of specs, compare to 8X. Might be the “S” on “8S” refer to “Small”. S for Small. 😀

HTC Windows Phone 8S Overview

HTC Windows Phone 8S Overview

With 113 grams weight, HTC WP 8S (WP stand for Windows Phone) is designed with 4 inches Super LCD Capacitive touchscreen with WVGA resolution (Wide Video Graphics Array at 800 x 480 pixels resolution) and protected with Corning Gorilla Glass (version 1). If you compare with the WP 8X, this 8S’ specs is quite “smaller” than 8X (which had 4.3-inch HD resolution with Gorilla Glass 2).

HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual & Quick Start Guide Resume

If you looking for a quick guideline for this HTC Windows Phone 8S, such how you can insert the SIM or install microSD Memory card, how to use the settings, how to create new contact, use the basic of camera, search with bing, or backup you phone, you can directly download the Quick Start Guide (QSG) that consists quite short and fast tutorial in just 2 pages. Read it and find it.

HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual Quick Start Guide Front Panel Keys Parts

HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual Quick Start Guide Front Panel Keys Parts

Although we don’t recommend you to use the QSG as your “best guidance book” on the matter of learning your HTC Windows Phone 8S. Moreover, it shouldn’t be used as a main-tutorial, if you are a new user of Windows Phone OS. Instead use the User Guide or User Manual of this phone.

For example if you want to learn how to use the Bluetooth, there noway you can find on the QSG, but it’s easily can be found on the UM of the device at page 87, including how to pair, how to unpair, connect and disconnect the blutooth to others bluetooth’s devices.

At page 19 and 20 you can also learn basic gesture navigation on the phone, including how to tap, press and hold, swipe or slide, drag, flick, pinch and spread, flip to silence, pick up to lower volume and more. You can also learn how to sync and backup, navigation to your destination with maps, set appointment in calendar and set the alarm, typing using onscreen keyboard, connect Wi-Fi, etc.

If you try to perform Hard Reset, here the steps you must follow: Start Screen > Slide to left > Settings > about > reset your phone > tap yes > wait till it’s done. Or, turn off the phone > Press Hold Volume then press Power button > Icon appears, release Volume down > Do this sequence combination tap within 2-4seconds: Volume UP > Volume Down > Power > Volume Down. If your combination is correct, the master/hard reset progress should be started till it done.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

HTC Windows Phone 8S Specifications

Powered with dual=core 1GHz Krait for the processor, the HTC WP 8S is installed with Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Operating System. The chipset which is used on this phone is Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. For the Memory RAM and GPU, the device uses 512MB RAM capacity and Adreno 305. Unfortunately, the default internal built-in memory only has 4GB, though it wouldn’t be a problem if you want to expand it. There is 32GB maximum microSD external card slot available on this phone.

HTC Windows Phone 8S Casing Colors

HTC Windows Phone 8S Casing Colors

If you hadn’t have HTC smartphone, you have to listen the technology brought by Beats Audio sound enhancement installed on this phone. Whether you wanna use earpiece (usb cable or wireless earphone), or Loudspeaker, it would be no problem.

The 5 Megapixel Camera is located on the rear side of the phone along with LED Flash light. This camera can record up to 720p@30fps and has autofocus, touch focus, face detection, geo-tagging, and capture up to 2593 x 1944 pixels resolution (picture photos). Bad news for you: The HTC Windows Phone 8S doesn’t have a secondary front facing camera.

For the connection, you can have Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n type, Bluetooth with EDR and A2DP for version 3.1 and microUSB version 2.0. The battery is non-removable type with Li-Po 17000 mAh capacity. There are for colors body casing ready for you: Domino, Red, Blue dan Gray. Choose one of them that you love.

Table of Contents of HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual

Setting up your phone
Your first week with phone
Phone calls
Photos, videos, and music
Sync and backup
Internet connections
Search and Web browser
Maps and location
More apps
Bluetooth Settings
Update and reset
Trademarks and copyrights

HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual & Quick Start Guide PDF Download

Before you download and read the full UG or QSG, here some of the part tutorial available on the PDF file. It’s how you can insert the SIM card and microSD card. There are also how you can open the bottom cover and charge the battery.

HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual Quick Start Guide Open Cover Insert SIM Memory Card Charge Battery

HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual Quick Start Guide Open Cover Insert SIM Memory Card Charge Battery

For the PDF Manuals, get them at the links below:

The best way to use the phone is to learning it directly from the User Manual of the phone. At this case the User Manual of HTC Windows Phone 8S. You can learn how to download and install applications from the Market, set the alarm, browser with internet explorer, working with Office for Mobile, pair bluetooth, insert SIM or memory card
HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual Review
Date Published: 02/10/2013
HTC Windows Phone 8S User Manual can be said that the explanations and tutorials available on the Manual are fine. Most of the features and tools discussed with its good guidance. I give four rating to this Manual.
4 / 5 stars
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