Insufficient Storage Available Error on Samsung Galaxy S2 ? No Problem, Here’s The Fastest Solution

My Galaxy S2 every time I tried to download new applications from Android Market always get an “Insufficient Storage Available” error, so do when I tried to update applications. After long battle on getting rid of this problem, from uninstalling unused applications, clear the cache on every applications, removing unneeded files, even deleting big file, but the problem appears in no time. There is one solution that told me to expanded the internal memory because an Android 4.1.2 software run on my GT-I9100 (Samsung Galaxy S2) only have 2GB internal memory. But, it’s a kind of hell solution. We need to root the phone, installing the software to expand the storage, etc.

Finally, the easiest and fastest solution I got. NO need to root, no need to install any software. My free storage memory from 200MB can expand to 1,2GB in just a minutes. How to do that?

Delete Dumbstate and Logcats to Free up Internal Memory of Galaxy S2

Delete Dumbstate and Logcats to Free up Internal Memory of Galaxy S2

Just dial on your Samsung Galaxy S2 this code: *#9900# then you’ll prompted a SysDumb window >> Tab Delete dumbstate/logcat >> Restart your phone. And walla! Your internal memory are back to normal again.

Note: I only tested this solution only on my SGS2, but it seems it will work also on many Samsung devices, including Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.

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