iPhone 4S User Manual & Quick Start for iOS 5.1 Software

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs. You’ve changed the world! Remembering Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011.

We believe you are waiting for iPhone 5, but it seems you had to be disappointed after yesterday announcement (October 4, 2011) that Apple would only release the iPhone 4S. instead of iPhone 5 that almost 1 year on waiting. The design would be just like the previous one aka iPhone 4 (same display screen size, same design, etc) with some enhancement on the Hardware, Operating System, Camera and also Software: Apple A5 chipset with dual core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, PowerVR SGX543MP GPU, iOS 5, 8 Megapixel Camera, and Siri Voice Assistance (natural language commands and dictation). That some keys embedded in this new iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5 Software Specs Overview

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5 Software and Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

The Design. Just like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S (S might be stand for Speed, or might be stand for Siri, or Super? We aren’t sure yet about this) uses touch tablet / touch bar form factor with “only” 3.5 inches diagonal diameter. Of course retina display screen (with 330 ppi pixel density) on 640 x 960 pixels resolution still being used on this iPhone 4S along with aleophobic surface (aka fat fear) with scratch resistant, accelerometer sensor for auto orientation rotation, three axis gyro sensor, proximity sensor and support multi-touch input method.

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5 Software Quick Start Guide Resume

Remember that you had and old version of iPhone such as iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS but you already upgraded to the Operating system to iOS 5.0 Software, you also need this iPhone User Guide for iOS 5.0, especially you need a new guidance how to use the new features available in iOS5 such as Siri and iMessage.

About the picture below, it is the layout and keys parts of iPhone 4S available on the User Guide / User Manual (UG/UM) PDF File which you can read directly (also) in page 9 under “iPhone at Glace – iPhone overview” Chapter – Sections. You can learn where is the headset jack, the power button for On and Off, the speaker, the dock connector, the LED flash and camera, Volume button or Apple Retina display.

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5.0 Software Keys Parts Layout Resume

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5.0 Software - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

One of most wanted instruction tutorial that you wanna know, might be is how you can use the Siri – an personal voice assistant. From page 38 to page 41 on the UG of iPhone 4S, you can find the elaboration and detail information how you can work with Siri. Learning the Siri response, the Siri hear you ays, Tap to speak to Siri and the follow up steps that you had to follow if Siri doesn’t hear you correctly (Dictation also included). It also has iCloud tutorial.

For another tutorial, its seem quite common, such as how you can use the Wi-Fi to connect to WiFi hotspot area access point (see page 143 under Settings > Joining Wi-Fi networks), Using the iBooks and iBookstore which you can find at page 122 (the user guide of iPhone 4s iOS 5.0 also can be found from this features – it Free), Download applications and games via App Store (page 104 of UM), Setting alarm, using world clock, using stopwatch ( can be found at Chapter 18: clock), and more

In the case you forget you passcode lock you need to reinstall and restoring your iPhone 4s iOS5.0 software (page 159 on the User Guide would help you to do this), but you wanna get the settings as factory default, wanna delete and erase all downloaded games and apps and also data (photos, videos etc), you can do the Reset (usually called as Master Reset, Hard Reset or Factory Data Reset). There are some choices on performing this Reset depend on what the settings that you wanna reset. According to page 152, you can do Reset All settings, Reset networks settings, Reset the keyboard dictionary, Reset the Homescreen layout and Reset location warning.

It seems that the Master Reset follow what been said of the instructions tutorial how to do reset All settings. Here are the steps that you had to follow: Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings > Done. Simple, isn’t it?

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser. This is an iOS 6 Software Manual. For older version of iOS 5.0 or 5.1 get it on PDF Download section tab.

iPhone 4S iOS 5 Software Specifications

Another enhancement on this iPhone 4S is the 3G Data networks that can be used up to 14.4Mbps for HSDPA and HSUPA 5.8 Mbps (compare to iPhone 4 that only supports 7.2Mbps. Of course Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and support for portable Wi-Fi hotspot also ready on this Apple Smartphone. Bluetooth version 4.0 and USB version 2.0 support for HDMI also included. For the color body casing, it’s available for two colors; Black skin and White skin.

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5 Software Specifications

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5 Software and Quick Start Guide - Specifications

For the internal storage memory (there is no external memory slot), you can choose the iPhone 4S for 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. This built in storage memory would price higher for the higher size.

Dual Camera. Yes, iPhone 4S has dual camera on the rear and front facing. The back side has 8 Megapixel Camera which capable to record HD Video Recording up to 1080p@30fps, and has Video Stabilization, LED Video Light and Geo Tagging. Moreover, Autofocus for Photo Capture, LED Flash Light, Touch Focus, and Face Detection also supported.

This iPhone 4S is a “world phone”. This also means that the version of iPhone 4S available for both CDMA and GSM version with all unlocked version. Additional features: iMessage just like BBM in Blackberry for Chatting with Apple product from iOS 5 to iOS 5 (whether it iPod, iPad, or iPhone), iCloud, Digital compas, AGPS, and the best of all, the Battery claimed to be able for 8 hours usage (this is something compare to Android Smartphone that seems to be has shorter time usage – for example Samsung Galaxy S2).

For further reading, you can visit Apple iPhone 4S official specs page at here.

Table of Contents of iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5 Software

iPhone at a Glace
Getting Started
Game Center
iTunes Store
App Store
Voice Memos
Nike + iPod
Airplane mode
Location Services
Personal Hotspot
Sounds and the Ring / Silent switch
Settings for apps,
Appendix A
Appendix B

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5 Software Quick Start Guide PDF Download

iPhone 4s is an unlocked Phone, therefore you can use it with almost all the Carrier in which it available in your area / country. Although the version should be follow the type of the Data networks. If you carrier use CDMA you had to have the iPhone 4s with CDMA supports, these condition also applied for GSM Data network carrier.

Furthermore, because it need a SIM Card (Carrier), you might want to know how you can insert the SIM Card (Install it) and if you wanna change to other SIM Card Carrier that your previous one, you might need to eject or remove you old SIM card from your iPhone 4S. To make this easy, just follow the instructional image that we gave you on the figure below. It consists how you can insert and eject SIM Card and also some basic understanding such as how to Power On or Turn Off the iPhone 4S and how to use Ring / Silent and Volume Down or Volume Up.

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5.0 Software Install Insert Eject Remove SIM Card Turn Power On Off Ring Silent Volume Down Up PDF Download

iPhone 4S Manual User Guide iOS 5.0 Software - Install Insert Eject Remove SIM Card Turn Power On Off Ring Silent Volume Down Up - PDF Download

Although it been available in multi language, the User Guide of iPhone 4S that we shared here, we choose to 3 version language only. English, Spanish and French. If you wanna download others language such as Germany, Dutch, Malaysian, Indonesia, Chinese, Korean, Japan, Swedish, Portuguese, and more, please visit here (click language down arrow to open the multi language options).

Note: Already upgrade to iOS5? Whether its iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, you also need this UG/UM? Just download it!

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