LG Banter Touch MN510 User Manual & Datasheet Specifications for MetroPCS

LG Banter Touch MN510 is the Phone that has both Touch Screen and Slide Qwerty Keyboard as its main User Interface. This also means that even the name is Banter “Touch”, the Phone not merely use Touch Screen User Interface but also equipped with Slide Qwerty Keyboard. This would make us able to decided that the LG Banter Touch used Slide Side (Landscape) Form Factor. The Touch Screen Displays installed with 3″ (3 inch) Diagonal Display Screen with 260.000 Color TFT at 400 x 240 pixels. The MetroPCS as the Carrier of Banter Touch means that the Phone use CDMA Technology 1.9GHz, 800 MHz ( Digital Dual Band, support EVDO).

LG Banter Touch attached with 2 Megapixel Camera with Multi Shot, Video Recording aka Camcorder, 2x Digital Zoom both Video and Camera Picture, Print to Bluetooh Printer directly, and Image Editor Tool. For the Storage Memory, the Banter also has 85 MB internal memory and support external microSD memory up to 16GB (not included / sold separately).

LG Banter Touch MN510 User Guide Manual Datasheet MetroPCS PDF

LG Banter Touch MN510 User Guide Owner's Manual Datasheet MetroPCS

Others Tool and Feature embedded along with LG Banter Touch you can learn by downloading the Datasheet PD File below and read it by yourself. For example Banter Touch equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 Data Connectivity (Stereo headset enable), Text to Speech, Voice Memo, Notepad, Facebook, USB supported, IMAP and POP3 email mobile client, Instant Messaging, MP3, WMA, AAC and ACC+ for playable audio music supported formats and Video formats of 3GP and 3G2, Charging via Computer with USB, Simutaneous GPS, Maps, and many more.

Datasheet Technical Specification of LG Banter Touch | Language: English | PDF Size: 1.69 MB | Pages: 2

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LG Banter Touch MN510 User Guide Owner’s Manual Datasheet MetroPCS PDF Download

LG Banter Touch MN510 Owners Manual  User Guide Phone Overview Keys PDF

LG Banter Touch MN510 Owner's Manual User Guide Phone - Overview Keys PDF

LG Banter Touch MN510 User Guide Owner’s Manual Datasheet MetroPCS Summary

As we share the links of PDF File Download above, there are two available User Guide (Officially said as Owner’s Manual) of LG Banter Touch MN510: English Version and Spanish Version. We just wanna make a short resume on English version, but you still able to get the Spanish Espanol Version.

Let open the page 84 of the Banter Owner’s Manual, and you’ll find the help and instruction guide on how to use Touch Setting such as how to make calibration and use Touch Effect. If you like to study how to use Music, Album and also store music file on memory card (recommended for microSD upto 16GB) you can learn on Entertainment Chapter at page 62. How about tutorial on using Camera to take Photo and Video? just open page 56 and also page 59 of the Manual.

For complete tutorial on how to use the LG Banter you can read it by your self. And at the last paragraph of this page, you can also get some short table of contents that would help you to determine whether you’ll read or not the manual or even wanna know the features and tool before you decide to buy this phone from MetroPCS.

Table of Contents of LG Banter Touch MN510 Owner’s Manual Metro PCS

Important Safety Precautions
Table of Contents
Technical Details
Phone Overview
Menus Overview
Getting Started with Your Phone
Quick Access to Convenient Features
Entering and Editing Information
Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory
Using Phone Menus;
Call History
Speed Dials
New Text Message
New Contact
Take Photo
Record Video
My Stuff
@metro App Store
Record Voice
My Playlists
Voice Command
Alarm Clock
World Clock
Drawing Panel
Sound, Display, Call Setting
Touch Setting
Phone Settings
USB Mass Storage
Limited Warranty Statement

Source: www.lg.com
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    • egg says

      Just go to your aplications page and look for ( usb mass storage ) and put it to ON while your phone is connected to the computer. It should the pop up on your computer screen.

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