LG Cosmos Touch VN270 User Manual & Datasheet Specs for Verizon Wireless

We still got confused why LG named this Mobile Phone (better called as SmartPhone though) as LG Cosmos Touch while the User Interface used by this VN270 Series are both Touch Screen and Physical Qwerty Keyboard (slider). It just exactly like Banter Touch that also used Touchscreen and Qwerty Slider but still named by using merely “Touch” term. OK, forget about it, it not really important discussing the name of the mobile product, it absolutely LG’s authority! Let discuss the Features and Specification of LG Cosmos Touch VN270.

Just like what we said above, Cosmos Touch by LG used Slider form factor (Side Slide Out Landscape 4 row Qwerty Keyboard and WQVGA TouchScreen User Interface in 2.8″ (inch) Display Screen’s Diameter, 262,000 Color TFT at 400 x 240 pixels) with rounder corner design body (see the image). In US the Cosmos Touch VN270 available along with Verizon Wireless that used CDMA Technology networks under Dual Band Frequency 1.9 GHz CDMA PCS and 800 MHz CDMA.

LG Cosmos Touch VN270 Manual User Guide Datasheet Specs Verizon Wireless PDF

LG Cosmos Touch VN270 Manual User Guide Datasheet Specs Verizon Wireless

The Cosmos also equipped with 1.3 Megapixel Camera, Image Editor, 2x Digital Zoom, and Self Timer Shot. Another Features in this Phone are Bluetooth version 2.1 plus EDR, USB Charging and Data Connectivity, sGPS (Simutaneous GPS), Text to Speech, VZ Navigator for turn by turn navigation, support external microSD memory up to 16GB, Supports Audio Music MP3, WMA formats, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter Client, and many more.

If you like to find out more about this Specification Detail of the LG Cosmos Touch VN270, we recommend you to download the Datasheet PDF File of this Phone at link below:

Datasheet LG Cosmos Touch VN270 | Page: 2 | Language: English | Size PDF: 850 KB

Unavailable features (no features): WiFi, YouTube, PDF Reader, Microsoft Office Document Viewer / Reader, and supported AAC, AAC+ Audio and Video formats. Absolutely not recommend to use the Phone as Video Recorder / Camcorder due to the poor Feature of the Camera. And one else, we could find what the Operating System used by LG Cosmos Touch is.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG Cosmos Touch VN270 User Guide Manual Specs Verizon Wireless PDF Download

LG Cosmos Touch VN270 User Guide Keys Phone Overview Verizon PDF

LG Cosmos Touch VN270 User Guide - Keys Phone Overview Verizon

LG Cosmos Touch VN270 User Guide Manual Specs Verizon Wireless PDF Resume

Though there are two available User Guide of LG Cosmos Touch (English Edition and Spanish Edition), we just wanna make resume on the English Edition of the Cosmos User Guide. For the table of contents you can read at the bottom of this article.

We got a little mis-direction on reading the User Guide of LG Cosmos. It supposed that Media Center (that contain how to use Music, Ring Tone, Sound, etc) had to be used as main Chapter, but in the UG the Media Center placed under the Chapter of Camera Features as sub Chapter (see page 64). And the “problem” also happen on Games Guidance on page 78 that also placed as sub Chapter of Camera Features. Another misplaced also happenned for Mobile Web, Extra, Browser and Download and Info. It had to be fixed soon by LG support that handle on creating the PDF User Guide / Manual of LG Cosmos.

For the rest, it seems wrote it well. If you like to know how to use VZ navigator for trun by turn direction even wiht auto rerouting you can learn from VZ Navigator Chapter at page 82. There a lot of help and tutorial available in User Guide of Cosmos, such as using My Verizon, Voice Command, Using Notepad and Drawing Pad, Getting started with Cosmos Phone; installing the Sim card or memory card and battery, Understanding Keys and Parts of the Phone (pictured), Pairing the Bluetooth step by step instruction, Using USB to charge directly by using PC (Personal Computer), and many more.

Table of Contents of LG Cosmos Touch VN270 Final User Guide Verizon

Important Safety and Precautions
Table of Contents
Technical Details
Phone Overview
Quick Glace of the Touch Screen
Getting Started with Your Phone
Calibrating the Touch Screen
Shortcuts Menu
Entering and Editing Information
Menu Tree
Shortcuts Menu on the Touch Screen
Quick Access to Convenient Features
Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory
Camera Features
Limited Warranty Statement

Source: www.lg.com
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