LG dLite GD570 User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Datasheet Specs for T-Mobile

First of all, take a look for a while at the figure of LG dLite GD5700 that we provided below, and what in your mind about the “design look”? In our opinion, the phone that also available in twocolor body (Pink, and Blue), is designed for Stylish Woman purpose. The Clamshell form factor (flip out) with sleek colorful body design is the reason behind it. Of course by using Colorful Interface combine with physical Numeric Keypad and 2.8 inch Display Screen diameter with 262K Color TFT at 240 x 400 Resolution pixels, make this phone very suitable for Young woman who love to be modern and fashioned.

Let discuss the others features of LG dLite. Watch the Rear body of the dLite. You can see the Camera that been installed in the back of the body and it has capability to create up to 2.0 Megapixel Images or we can said that the dLite has 2.0 MP Camera. Although there is no Flash light that would help you to create image in “dark” place, the GD5700 Cam has quite good picture editor and also capable to make up to 2x Digital Zoom, Continuous Shot, and also Video Recording.

LG dLite GD570 User Manual Quick Start Guide DataSheet Specifications T Mobile PDF

LG dLite GD570 User Manual Quick Start Guide DataSheet Specifications T Mobile PDF

Data Sheet Specification LG dLite | Language: English US | PDF Size: 0.344 MB | Pages: 2

Before we continue this discussion, we prompt you to download the Datasheet Specification of LG dLite that we gave in the link above. It consists of many Information about the GD570, including the Tech Specs and Features. If you already download the PDF Datasheet above, you can ignore the review that we gave you below.

For Multimedia, the dLite also equipped with Music Player that capable to play these following formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+ and also WMA, and of course also installed with Video Player that supports MP4 and 3GP formats. One clue that might help you regarding the Music Player: You can plays the music player and listening the Music / Audio using your Headsets (Bluetooth A2DP supported) at the same time run others dLite Application (browse the Internet fro example). It because the dLite supports Multitasking.

Others features in dLite that you might interest: Bluetooth Version 2.1, 90MB Internal User Memory, Alarm, Notepad, Unit converter, aGPS with Telenav GPS Navigation (Spoken Voice turn by turn navigation), Google Maps and Where, Supports 3G HSDPA, Available in US with T-Mobile Carrier, USB supports, Java MIDP 2.1, Email Client (Yahoo, AOL, GMail etc), facebook, twitter, Youtube, supports microSD (microSDHC) up to 16GB, and many more.

Lack: No Wi-Fi.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser. The page 1 and 2, shown white page. just scroll it, use Chrome Browser for best view.

LG dLite GD570 User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet Specs T-Mobile English Spanish Review and PDF Download

LG dLite GD570 User Manual Quick Start Guide Keys Function TMobile PDF

LG dLite GD570 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Keys Function T-Mobile

LG dLite GD570 User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet Specs T-Mobile English Spanish Review
Quick Start Guide PDF File of LG dLite GD570 above, would guide you “in fast way” on how to use the Phone and understanding the Phone. On the other hand, the Owner’s Manual (in the official page of LG Manual it called as User Manual but in the PDF Acrobat file it been called as Owner’s Manual –title– and User Guide — at footer page) consist of deep understanding and step by step instruction on how to use the dLite. For the User Manual File, it available in two languages: English and Spanish. Let discuss the English one.

Learning the Phone for the first time, after you bought from the Carrier or others second hand Store, you have to know how to assembling the piece by piece of the Phone’s parts. Such as installing the Memory card, battery, and SIM card to the Phone which could be found inside Owners Manual of dLite at page 41 to page 45 under Getting Started Chapter.

Wanna known how to update the Software? Just read at page 132. For Learning how to use the 2MP Camera for Video or Taking Picture you an learn at page 147. Downloading Games and Application? Just go to page 164. For overview of the Manual, you can read the Table of Content below. Enjoy!

Table of Contents of LG dLite GD570 User Guide Manual English

For Your Safety
Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Call Functions
Menu Navigation
Entering Text
Understanding Your Contacts
Changing Your Settings
Web2goSM Browsing
Software Update
FCC Hearing – Aid Compatibility (HAC) Regulations for Wireless Devices

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. sailor says

    I need to record my voicemail greeting and find the instructions I have wholly lacking – how do I do this?
    I had fumbled my way onto it and at one point was asked to say my name which I did not knowing this would be used as my greeting which I am frustrated about.

    • dave says

      I have a LG GD570

      I need to change the APN setting . How do I go about doing that.

      There is nothing describing how to in the User Manual


  2. francomano laura says

    necesitaria saber que tipo de auriculares debo utilizar, he intentado con muchos modelos… pero ninguno me funciona….

  3. ginger street says

    No manual to teach me how to use this phone. The quick start guide isn”t that useful!I’m kinda sorry I bought this phone, it wasn’t cheap.

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